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USOC reaching out to US cities for potential 2024 bid

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Good thinking. Maybe 2028 is better for NYC as the mayor would be more midterm than lame duck. It would also give time to make it into a long term regeneration project than a one shot glory hunt

It's easy to forget.. Dan Doctoroff and company initially were targeting the 2008 Olympics rather than 2012. It certainly helped his cause, especially with long-term planning, that there was a sports-friendly mayor in office who'd likely be seeking a 2nd term. Contrast that to now where, yes, you very much have a lame duck mayor and a lot of uncertainty over who might be in the mayor's office this time next year. All in all, not the best time to start such a project there doesn't seem to be much, if any interest in. To that end..

I feel like NYC is more preoccupied with the Mayoral Election. Perhaps they are still in the "finding people to be a part of the Exploratory Committee" stage, and that is why they haven't said anything.

As much as the mayoral election would affect a long-term project like an Olympics, this is a pretty darn big city we're talking about here. Surely someone, if they were so inclined, could focus some time on this rather than everyone thinking about the election.

And to your second point.. seriously? There is an organization established in New York called the New York City Sports Commission. Do you honestly think that a city of the size and scale of New York would form an exploratory committee and then not be able to find people to back it more than a month after the USOC letter? That's extremely far-fetched.

Again, remember how the 2012 Olympic bid from New York started. It wasn't someone from the city that said "we should campaign to bring the Olympics here." It started with someone with no real connections to the city who propositions then Mayor Giuliani and asked if he was interested. So to me, that's the most likely genesis for a future Olympic bid in New York. It's also a very plausible explanation why we haven't heard anything from New York.. they're waiting to see if someone will come to them to get it off the ground. That's why they're not taking the Chicago route of having the mayor say an outright "no." That said.. at this point, if it hasn't happened yet, it's not going to. Just because New York hasn't shut the door completely, it doesn't mean they are expecting someone to walk through, especially for 2024. I have a feeling they're not going to say anything and a point will come that the USOC will move on without having heard much of anything from them.

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Any US city will possibly be up against Paris, so really I think it boils down to NY or LA ... and LA have the slight negative of having held as recently as 1984.

Having dipped out of 2020 which in retrospect maybe should have occured, 2028 or 2032 might be a better bet.

A public consultation almost smacks of desperation

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