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yeah, i was pulling for those black lesbian candidates myself, but what can you do.

honestly, faster.

Oh, I've always been aware of the "fond regard" Chilenos and Argentinos have for each other!

It was so funny, Mansbridge was going on about something, said it was black and than it went unnaturally white.

I thought so at first, too - but the Vatican's chemist did a brilliant job this time. ;) Pure, heavy white smoke - just like the black smoke which was pitch perfect.

The thing is that rarely the clear favourite (which Scola apparently became in the last two days) becomes Pope. But I think it will be definitely one of the few who were constantly named as "papabile". My rough guess is Cardinal Scherer from Brazil. Maybe because it would be (sort of) a German pope again. ;)

Are bells ringing at your place, too? Here in Guetersloh, Germany (the new city where I now work and live) which has a rather Protestant tradition but now has a fairly even split between Protestants and Catholics, the bells are quite distinct.

Or I should say: They were distinct. They have stopped ringing meanwhile. ;)

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Jorge Maria Bergoglio becomes Francis I. And Faster had neither name on his list. Booooooooo! ;)

faster, i think this bungle means you need to abdicate - or at least take a long sabbatical - from the position of gamesbids.com/forums sweepstakes coordinator. we will shortly be announcing a date for the conclave to elect your successor.

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I had read at first somewhere that he is modestly conservative and got many votes by liberal Cardinals in the last conclave in 2005, where he apparently was Ratzinger's strongest contender.

At least he seems to have a strong profile as "Cardinal of the poor". But that doesn't help completely if he forbids those poor people to use condoms, for example.

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Jorge Maria Bergoglio becomes Francis I. And Faster had neither name on his list. Booooooooo! ;)

Sorry, Jorge Mario.

I guess Danny was closest. Viva Argentina! Viva Frankie the First!

The next Catholic Saint


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My (urgh) Argentina won (urgh)... Not my very candidate, but, I'm happy Argentina finally won something!

Apocalypse is coming... The Pope is Argentine!!!


Well, he is of Italian extraction. So that's the closest thing to the genuine thing. The Brazilians must be tearing their hair out now!!

At least people around here are very well humoured, Facebook have been funny as HELL in the last few hours!!!

The Pope can be Argentine, but God is Brazilian. ;)

Argh. Was happy at first but apparently he is extremely conservative! Anti gay marriage and said gay adoption is unfair to the kids

Add to the list: born in Argentina... :rolleyes:

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