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IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013

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Usain Bolt Wins Men's 200 Meters at Worlds

Bolt coasted to his third straight 200-meter world title with the race basically wrapped as soon as he entered the finishing straight Saturday.

Jamaican teammate Warren Weir never got close to Bolt's world-leading mark of 19.66 seconds, but crossing .13 seconds later for silver still left him enough time to join Bolt in a reggae dance to Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds."

Curtis Mitchell of the United States took bronze in 20.24 seconds but was never in the hunt for gold.

Now Bolt will go for his fourth triple gold at a major championship when he joins the Jamaican team for the 4x100 relay Sunday.



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And no one mentioned the gay rights champion of the week - beautiful (inside and out) Nick Symmonds of the United States:



And with that, we leave Russia for a few months, the country of stupidly babbling Putin-loving pole vaulters (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/we-are-normal-russians-pole-vaulter-yelena-isinbayeva-defends-antigay-laws-8764393.html) and people who are sadly rather indifferent towards the great stronghold of Russian sports, namely athletics. But besides, those were enjoyable World Championships, especially from a German point of view with four gold medals, the best German result at the IAAF WCHs since Seville 1999.

And now: On to Sochi - only six months to go.

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Wow, apparently our women's team have just been announced as bronze medallists as the French have been DQd.

That's a three hour delay....I missed that race as I was watching Spurs...what happened?

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Rough Olympic warmup for Russia at track worlds - San Diego Union Tribune

Sounds like they may have recruited the bus drivers from 1996 Atlanta. :lol:

"The driver didn't know where he was going and took us for a trip around Moscow," New Zealand runner Zane Robertson said about his three-hour trip from the airport to the hotel, a distance of about 20 miles. "We were frustrated. We were almost pounding the seats. It took longer than it did to fly here from Switzerland."

Shuttles between some official competition hotels and Luzhniki Stadium often took up to 90 minutes because of wandering drivers.

Kevin Barnett of Newport Beach, Calif., was inclined to be forgiving of low-level irritations.

"Look, it's the former Soviet Union," Barnett said. "You can't complain too much."

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I'd love to know why it took 40 minutes to disqualify Great Britain when the infringement was obvious so quickly. I'd also like to know how America were not disqualified when Gatlin clearly ran out of his lane. Total nonsense.

They had to check Interpol's "Maybe Gay-maybe NOT Gay" database to see if any winning athletes were on that list. Dat's Y!! ;)

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Wow, glad I saved my recording to go back and look at that. He really did step over into the Jamaican lane, which I totally missed when I first watched it because I was focusing on Gatlin possibly making contact with Bolt with his arm. A clear miss by the officials and the Jamaicans felt no need to protest.

I'm sad to see another edition of the worlds come and go so quickly. It is always an enjoyable week, more so in a year like this when big international sporting events are scarce. It's one of the few big sporting events that I can honestly say that I've watched every edition from that first Sunday of competition in Helsinki thirty years ago right up until today. Congratulations to all the world champions, you've given us many a thrill and I hope there is no reason to erase your achievements somewhere down the line as sadly has had to be done way too many times in the past. Congrats to the two nations that won their first (and second) IAAF world medals, namely Cote d'Ivoire and Serbia.

Just two years and four days until we return to the Birds Nest. Beijing 22-30 August, 2015.

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IAAF says 7 track athletes who competed at world championships in Moscow failed doping tests

MONACO — The IAAF says seven athletes who competed at the world championships in Moscow last month failed doping tests and have been sanctioned or provisionally suspended.

Three competitors tested positive for EPO: Race walkers Ayman Kozhakhmetova of Kazakhstan and Ebrahim Rahimian of Iran, and marathon runner Jeremias Saloj of Guatemala.

A steroid was found in the urine samples of javelin thrower Roman Avramenko of Ukraine and sprinters Yelena Ryabova of Turkmenistan and Elyzaveta Bryzgina of Ukraine.

Afghani sprinter Massoud Azizi tested positive for a metabolite of nandrolone.

The IAAF says 538 athletes had their urine tested during the worlds, along with 132 before the event.



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