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IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013

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Any logo of Moscow 2013 yet?

The logo, Mascot and the promotional video from the handover ceremony in Daegu is in the first post of this topic
and here it is again:
Progress report
Moscow 2013 LOC presented its final report during the IAAF Counsil Meeting in Moscow
LOC was represented by the President of the All-Russia Athletics Federation Valentin Balakhnichev, the director of the Directorate of sports and entertainment events of Moscow Alexandr Polinskiy, The ARAF General Secretary and Moscow 2013 chief coordinator Mikhail Butov, the first Vice-President of the ARAF and Moscow 2013 Competition Director vadim Zelichenok and Moscow 2013 Coordinator Elena Orlova.
The report covered the following main aspects: preparation of the competition facilities, promotion, visa support and ticket sales.
Valentin Balakhnichev emphasized that all accredited persons will be subject to simplified visa application process: they will be able to apply to any Russian Consulate in the world, not necessarily in the country of their citizenship.
Mikhail Butov announced that the new stage of the promotional campaign for Moscow 2013 has just started in April with the launch of social media accounts of the event in Facebook, Twitter and Russian social network vKontakte.
Alexandr Polinskiy reassured that all the official Moscow 2013 vehicles will benefit from the use of the dedicated lanes and stressed that in August the traffic in Moscow wouldn’t be that intense due to many Muscovites being on a vacation. Polinskiy also stated that the number of event’s volunteers will reach 3500.
ARAF and the Ministry of Sports of Russia are developing a ticketing program for young athletes and kids’ athletics coaches from regions of Russia. Kids and their coaches will be able to attend the competition for free.
The Council seemed satisfied with the report. The first IAAF Vice-President and Coordination Commission member Robert Hersh said that Moscow 2013 could become one of the most successful IAAF World Championships in history. The IAAF Vice-President Sebastian Coe admitted that he still has warm feelings towards the Luznhiki stadium, where he won his Olympic gold in 1980 and expressed the confidence in the quality of the future event.
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Sorry, but that's a load of bull. Athletics still are the focal point of each Olympics, and London's Olympic Stadium was a constant sell-out during the athletic competitions. If there's a surrounding

Mikhail Butov:"The opening ceremony will be breathtaking. And we want it to be a surprise!" 21.02.2013 ARAF General Secretary Mikhail Butov talks about preparations for the Moscow 2013 an

IAAF president Lamine Diack has criticised Russian officials, including President Putin, for lack of promotion for Moscow World Champs. Moscow World Champs have sold just 23,000 tickets for 9 days a

Diack: "Moscow will deliver a wonderful championships"



Following a two-day meeting of the IAAF Council held in Moscow last weekend IAAF President Lamine Diack on Monday (8 April) chaired an IAAF Press Conference with the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of Moscow 2013 in the Radisson Royal Hotel.

Joining President Diack were IAAF Vice President Sergey Bubka, Head of Moscow Sports Committee Aleksey Vorobyov, Valentin Balakhnichev IAAF Treasurer & President of the All Russian Athletics Federation, Aleksandr Polinskiy Executive Director of the Moscow 2013 LOC and Director of Moscow Directorate of sports and entertainment events.

The IAAF President reviewed the results Counsil meeting, one of which was an approval of IAAF strategic plan until 2016. Lamine Diack also thanked the LOC for the hospitality and good working conditions for the meeting and gave a high estimate to the Moscow 2013 progress report.

“There is an exceptional level of cooperation between the IAAF and the Local Organising Committee (of Moscow 2013), and the organisational structure for the Championships is strong. It is not often at sporting events that you find the athletes staying in 4 star hotels. Everyone will live like kings this August. I don’t see any issues with the organisation of these World Championships and we are confident that Moscow will deliver a wonderful championships.”

The IAAF President also called for more proactive approach in terms of promotional activities. “We are doing a lot to organize this event. And you, journalists, in your turn, need to write about the event to attract more spectators. I was surprised when one month before Berlin 2009 I hadn’t seen any event advertising in Berlin airport. And it was the event where Usain Bolt set his world record! Last year in London there were no issues with promotion and you saw how full the stands were for every session”.

Sergey Bubka, who heads the IAAF Co-ordination Commission for Moscow 2013, emphasized that the preparation process goes according to plan.

“The technical preparations are on schedule to deliver a great Championships, Luzhniki Stadium which hosted the 1980 Olympic Games is one of the iconic sports venues of the world, and the competition facilities are of the highest level. The stadium’s main track and the warm-up track are being renewed, with 90% of the work on the main arena having been completed. The Olympic Complex also has three other 400m tracks for warm-up.”

“Our promotional plan is built on the firm foundations that Russia is an established Athletics country. Russian athletes lead the world, coming second only to the USA in the medal tables in London and at the last World Championships in Daegu. Our aim is to create a young enthusiastic atmosphere in the stadium by introducing the youth of Russia to our sport live, building the next generation of Athletics fans. We are backing that campaign by using athletics legends such as Wilson Kipketer, Mike Powell and many others as special IAAF Ambassadors for Moscow 2013, giving youth master-classes in Russia in the build-up to the championships”.

Aleksey Vorobyov thanked the IAAF representatives for the positive estimate of LOC activities and took time to reassure the media that the official vehicles of the event will benefit from the use of the dedicated lanes to avoid Moscow’s heavy traffic. The final transportation scheme will be developed by the end of May.

Alexandr Polinskiy noted that the advertising campaign for Moscow 2013 started as early as last year and it keeps getting more and more extensive. The advertising will be all around: on the TV, on the radio, in movie theatres, on the Web, on billboards. He also announced that the LOC is working on a simplified visa procedures for the accredited persons. “Moreover, the document that would advise to all the Consulates to apply a fee waiver for Moscow 2013 participants and guests is now being discussed by the Russian Government. I hope that this document will soon be approved”, Polinskiy stated.

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Edmonton is in Canada not America.

No, no... My bad. *the Americas' :lol: Rio as well, could be a great option. (Though I would prefer Rio for FINA WC :P)

Are you serious?! That logo is a copy of Moscow's 2012 bidding logo :lol: LOL

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I think they are serious .. no need for new logo
Moscow 2012 logo + Yelena Isinbayeva + Russian flag background is enough :P

At least it's economically sensible in these times of austerity. Maybe those are the consequences of the expensive building works they had/have to undertake in Sochi. ;)

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Edmonton already hosted the IAAF World Champs in 2001

You're right... I forgot it :P But it is one of the few cities in the continent that can host such event, Rio or even Buenos Aures (renovate River's Stadium) could try too...
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You're right... I forgot it :P But it is one of the few cities in the continent that can host such event, Rio or even Buenos Aures (renovate River's Stadium) could try too...

Sudbury and Moncton have hosted the world juniors, but those venues are too small.

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You're right... I forgot it :P But it is one of the few cities in the continent that can host such event, Rio or even Buenos Aures (renovate River's Stadium) could try too...

There were plan to renovate River Plate venue, some upgrades and the stadium will be ready to host an Athletics World Championship.

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I have just decided to go to the Moscow World Athletics Championships!

Compared to London 2012, it is absurdly cheap!

I literally paid more for an ice-cream at London 2012 than I could get a ticket for, for the Men's 100m final in Moscow!!

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All about Luzhniki

Luzhniki Deputry Director General Boris Megrelidze talks about Moscow 2013 venues, new pitch, fan zones and IAAF visits
- Do you remember your reaction to the news about Moscow getting the World Championships in Athletics?
- We were excited. IAAF World Championships is among the top-3 sports events in the world, along with FIFA World Cup and Olympics. And we felt that responsibility at once. But we kind of expected to get the Worlds. The question was when – 2011 or 2013.
- Did you imagine back than what was lying ahead in terms of preparation?
- Our sports complex holds many events of the highest level. We’d hosted the Olympics, the USSR competitions – the major competitions. We’d also hosted athletics dual meets USSR vs. USA. So we had a idea about what to expect.
- But time goes by and the requirements for the facilities change.
- Concerning the technical requirements, we did have some problems. The requirements for the media work places, for the TV equipment are way more serious now. The same for the hospitality facilities. For the VIP persons and IAAF guests the World Championships is a place to show their status, to communicate with sponsors. The organizational aspects of training process and competition has also become more complicated.
- How many institutions are involved in the organization of the event?
- The main institution is the Moscow Sports Committee represented by the Directorate of sports and entertainment events of Moscow. But there are many aspects that involve other institutions. Safety aspects, in the first place, where we have Ministry of Home Affairs, Federal Security Service and Federal Guard Service involved. Then, it’s the medical services for participants and spectators. We have our own service in Luzhniki, but it’s not enough for an event this big, so we got Moscow Public Health Department and Federal Medical-Biological Agency involved. Russian Emergencies Ministry also plays a big role. The LOC also works with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue visas. The Ministry of Transport is responsible for airports, train stations and railways. And Customs Committee will also have a lot of work to do, as a big amount of equipment will be imported, the majority of which will be imported only temporarily. And all the documentation should be processed fast and acuurately.
- As a journalist I must ask about the media facilities…
- The main press center will be located at the Small Sports Arena. The press-center of the Big Sports Arena will be a sub press-center. The IAAF media staff will also have offices at the Small Arena. Media representatives will benefit from catering facilities.
- What about the athletes?
- The track and field competitions will be held at the Big Sports Arena. The South Sports Arena will be a training venue for the throwers. Sportgorodok will be another training venue, while the North Sports Arena will be used as a warm-up area.
- How will the athletes get from the warm-up area to the competition area?
- We will use the shuttles, but if the athletes will want, they’ll be able to walk along a dedicated path, it will take no more than 3-minutes.
- Will there be enough space for everyone at the warm-up and training areas?
- Just in case we have a football pitches near the North Sports Arena that can be used for warm-up purposes for throwers. So we’ll have three spacious zones around the Big Arena for warm-up and training.
- All the facilities in Luzhniki were built for 1980 Olympics. Did they require renovation?
- We replaced the track at the South Arena and built 500-seats stands. We made the locker rooms more spacious, they have air conditioning, internet, video surveillance system. We renovated the North Arena as well. Currently we’re renovating Sportgorodok. All the venues had the water- and energy-supply systems fixed. In fact, we have three new sports facilities that will be used for athletics after the event.
- What about the Big Arena preparation?
- We had strict deadlines. In June the Big Arena will host the rugby-7 world championships. So we started the renovation last summer. Both IAAF and rugby required the natural pitch, so on 11 May we’ll start replacing the artificial pitch.
- Where will you get the pitch from?
- It’s been cultivated in a nursery-garden in Tula for 2,5 years now. By the time we bring it to Moscow it’ll be a three-year-old, well sprouted pitch with a dense sod.
- Won’t the rugby players destroy it?
- It is a concern indeed. They’ll play for three days from 9 to 9. If it rains, it can be a disaster for the grass. So we have extra grass to replace the bad one during the nights. Anyway we’ll have more than a month after the rugby.
- Big Sports Arena also hosts a number of soccer games…
- “Spartak”’s game on 11 May will be the last one.
- You have another big event coming up – the FIFA World Cup 2018. Will the track be removed after the IAAF World Championships?
- It’s not decided yet. Anyway, there is no point in doing a full renovation of the venue before Moscow 2013. But we did a redecoration of all the areas that will be used during the event.
- What’s your main concern now?
- It is something that the participants and spectators won’t actually see. Many temporary objects will be built in Luzhniki. All of those objects need service lines and safety control.
- Will the spectators benefit from fan-zones with big screens?
- There will be two score boards on the Big Arena and a huge screen that’s being build on the C-tribune. We won’t build screens outside the arena. When spectators enter Luzhniki, they’ll get to the Market-street with partners’ stalls. The atmosphere all around the stadium will be festive atmosphere. There will be contests for the spectators, kids and family athletics mini-competitions.
- Will the territory of Luzhniki be open for non ticket-holders?
- Sure. You’ll be able to go and have a walk around there, you’ll only have to pass through a metal detector.
-You’ve had numerous IAAF visits lately…
- Yes, they used to come like 5-6 times a month. Now it’s almost every day. It’s beneficial for us. Now we’re working on opening and closing ceremonies, victory ceremonies and other protocol-related things.
- Did IAAF President Lamine Diack visited Luzhniki?
- Many times. He likes the arena. I don’t mean to brag, but all the visitors gave the stadium a high estimate. For now, everything goes according to plan.
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Visa fee waiver
Participants and accredited guests of Moscow 2013 will benefit from free Russian visas
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree stating that: “In order to facilitate the organization of the IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013 Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to issue the entry visas for the foreign accredited participants and guests without collecting the visa fees”.


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Eugene may bid to host the 2019 edition.
the 2019 bidding process did not start yet.

Hayward Field has a seating capacity of 10,500 and would have to add at least 20,000 more seats to even be considered to host the 2019 IAAF World Championships. That seems unlikely with Autzen Stadium nearby. Out of all of the IAAF World Championships, the stadium with the Smallest Capacity out of the host venues was Helsinki's Olympic Stadium with 40,000.

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Hayward Field has a seating capacity of 10,500 and would have to add at least 20,000 more seats to even be considered to host the 2019 IAAF World Championships. That seems unlikely with Autzen Stadium nearby. Out of all of the IAAF World Championships, the stadium with the Smallest Capacity out of the host venues was Helsinki's Olympic Stadium with 40,000.

But Autzen is a football stadium. Can it fit a track? The thing with Hayward Field is that it is part of the Univ of Oregon (so that might have more dorm space..and which is why USA Track & Field always hold their Olympic trials there.

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What is interesting is the rules of USA Track and Field in regards to the new "you get a bye to the upcoming World Championships if you won a gold medal in the last World Championships" rule that was implemented in 2011.

USA Track and Field says that even if you have a bye you have to at least compete at the US Outdoor Championships to actually make the team, unless granted by IAAF a wild card spot, like LaShawn Merritt did in 2011.

But Autzen is a football stadium. Can it fit a track? The thing with Hayward Field is that it is part of the Univ of Oregon (so that might have more dorm space..and which is why USA Track & Field always hold their Olympic trials there.

Autzen cannot fit a track.

Hayward would have to expand to 30,000 if it was to host the IAAF World Championships. It's a perfect venue for Olympic Trials, US Outdoor Championships and Junior Worlds (like it will be next year). But it's not big enough to actually host a World Championship.

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Marathon test event

On Saturday, 27 April, Moscow hosted a test event for the 14th IAAF World Championships - the Russian Marathon Championships.
The main goal of the organisers was to test the operation of judges, volunteers, media services, doping control, event presentation team, refreshment and mist stations, security and other services involved in the race organisation.
There were 43 participants in the men's race and 27 participants in the women's race. The gun for male runners went off at 12 pm, for women - 15 minutes later. The participants were lucky with the weather , it was sunny, quiet and not too cold - about +13oC. The first 600 m of the World Championships' marathon course are run on the track of the Luzhniki Bog Sports Arena, then the runners complete four laps along the embankment of the Moskva river (from Luzhniki to Kremlin and back) to return on the track for the last 300 m.
The main goal of the runners was to achieve the national World Championships qualification standards which are higher than the IAAF ones. The men's standard in Russia is 2:13:00 (the IAAF standard equals 2:17:00), the women's one is 2:30:00 (the IAAF standard is 2:43:00). Unfortunately none of the winners managed to run fast enough. The favourite of the men's race, European 2010 bronze medallist Dmitriy Safronov, took and early lead, but on the second half of the distance he realised that he can't keep the necessary pace to achieve the standard and decided to drop out. In his absence the gold medal was taken by 21-year-old Artyom Aplachkin with 2:15:23. Marina Kovalyova took an impressive win in the women's race with 2:35:03. The leaders of the Russian women's marathon running Liliya Shobukhova and Tatyana Petrova-Arkhipova are skipping the season due to pregnancy.
Both Russian champions noted that the course is good in terms of profile and predicted fast times for Moscow 2013 marathon races. Everyone was also taking about the course, that passes by a number of famous Moscow sights, being scenic and attractive for spectators.
As of 27 April only four runners have achieved the Russian qualification standards for Moscow 2013: one man (Aleksey Reunkov) and three women (Alevtina Biktimirova, Mariya Konovalova and Albina Mayorova), but the official composition of the national team for marathon is still to be announced.
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Autzen cannot fit a track.

Hayward would have to expand to 30,000 if it was to host the IAAF World Championships. It's a perfect venue for Olympic Trials, US Outdoor Championships and Junior Worlds (like it will be next year). But it's not big enough to actually host a World Championship.

Then, why are they bidding for an IAAF World Meet?

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Polinskiy: "This is the event of my life"

The Executive Director of the Moscow 2013 LOC talks about the facilities, team hotels, ticketing, weather and the general thrill of hosting a major event
He has been at the head of the Directorate of sports and entertainment events of Moscow for 10 years now. The Directorate organized around 30 World and European Championships in different sports. Now they are busy getting ready for the 14th IAAF World Championships that will be held in Moscow on 10-18 August 2013
- What steps were the first to be taken when you found out that Moscow has been awarded the IAAF World Championships?
- It was pretty much a routine: the LOC Organising Committee was created, the Minister of Sports Vitaliy Mutko was appointed the Head of the LOC. Then the working group led by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Aleksandr Gorbenko was created as well as other bodies necessary for the organization of such a major event. The relevant documentation was prepared by Moscow and Federal Governments and we started working.
It was obvious that Luzhniki is well suited for the event. Not only the Big Sports Arena as the main competition venue, but other facilities as well. It has three other arenas (South and North Arena and Sportgorodok) for warm-up and training. The football pitch №6 will be used by throwers. The Small Sports Arena will be turned into the Main Press Center, the Druzhba Sports Hall – into the Main Accreditation Center. I want to emphasize that all the venues correspond to IAAF requirements. Then we started picking the hotels and the venue for the IAAF Congress. It is a lot of work.
- Are there any special requirement for the hotels?
- In general they should have 4 stars with convenient twin rooms, Double rooms with king-size beds don’t really work. The “Cosmos” hotel is a perfect fit for the team hotel. It has 4 stars, it is huge, so we booked almost 1500 rooms there.
- What about the food for the participants?
- They will get three meals a day in their hotels. There will be athletes from more than 200 countries, so they will obviously have different tastes. And we are taking it into account. The “Cosmos” hotel has great catering services and always provides rich buffet-style meals. We’ll conform to this high level in other team hotels as well.
- How are you going to deal with the heavy traffic in Moscow?
- The official transport of the event will be able to use the dedicated lanes. Plus the Championships will be held in August, it’s not so much traffic in Moscow during summer.
- What is the situation with the advertising?
- It is on the TV, on the streets, in the movie theatres. The closer the event gets, the more advertising you’ll see. It will reach its peak in July.
- How is the ticketing carried out?
- The ticketing program had been developed a year ago. We started selling the tickets packages online in October. In March we started selling one-day tickets. One can buy them in the Luzhniki ticket offices and via our partners “Arena Market” and “Eventim”
- What about the ticket prices?
To determine the pricing policy we studied the expertise from Berlin and Daegu and worked out the prices in cooperation with the IAAF. As for the ticket speculation, I don’t see any problem there. It appears when there is a real shortage. But we have a huge arena and consequently enough tickets.
- How many seats are on sale?
- Around 45 000.
- But the stadium capacity is about 80000? Where will the rest of the seats go?
- A number of seats are reserved for media, VIP, TV. We’ll also install a huge video screen on the C-tribune.
- Will there be a fan zone in Luzhniki?
- Yes, but it won’t have a video screen. We want the spectators to actually come to the stadium and watch the event from the stands.
- Did you get any unusual requirements from participants?
- Not really. The majority of technical requirement comes from broadcasters and media. At the moments pretty much everything is planned out. But of course some last minute issues will appear and we’ll be dealing with them in the process.
- You’ve organized a number of events in different sports. So you’ve had a chance to meet the Presidents of various international sports federation. How is Lamine Diack compared to them?
- He is a very pleasant person. By the way the IAAF Vice-President Sergey Bubka and the IAAF General Secretary Essar Gabriel are also working with us closely. We are a team. Of course, sometimes we argue, try to prove something to each other. But it doesn’t prevent us from co-operating efficiently.
- The competition results in athletics are influenced by the weather. What does the August forecast look like?
- It’s too early for predictions. We’ll start requesting the forecast in June.
- Do you consider influencing the weather (in Moscow clouds are sometimes dispersed by special chemicals sprayed from the planes)?
- No. The event will be held in any weather.
- Of course you’ll need volunteers. How many and where do they come from?
- Around 3500, mostly the students from Moscow universities.
- The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the IOC President Jacques Roggue are expected to attend the Opening Ceremony. Are you thrilled about that?
- It’s too early to tell. I know that Lamine Diack officially invited Mr Putin. Anyway, we’ll hold the Opening Ceremony at the highest level irrespective of their presence. Of course we’ll be thrilled, we’ll be nervous. I already am nervous. It’s impossible to stay calm organizing such a major event. It is the event of my life. I haven’t yet organized a competition of such a huge scope.
- We’re expecting to see some superstars in Moscow – Bolt, Rudisha, Isinbayeva. Do you know who is coming for sure?
- You understand, this is sports. Anyone can get injured. But as of now they are all going to come. Plus Ivan Ukhov and Andrey Silnov, as well as Mariya Savinova. Well all Russian Olympic Champions are going to compete!
- On 10 May FC “Spartak” will play its last match at the Big Sports Arena and the synthetic pitch will be removed. Where will it go?
- It’s Luzhniki’s propriety, they’ll use it for other pitches of the complex.
- What can spectators expect from the Opening Ceremony?
- I can’t really reveal the secrets, but it will be interesting. I invited all sports fans to Luzhniki and promise that you won’t be disappointed.
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100 days to go: "Luzhniki" complex will become an athletics town
Deputy Director of "Luzhniki" Boris Megrelidze leads a guided tour of sports complex for the "Sovetskiy Sport" newspaper reporter
The IAAF representatives have said that Moscow 2013 will make a history as the most compact event of such a high calibre. All the sports facilities are located within the same sports complex. The Deputy Director of "Luzhniki" Boris Megrelidze is ready to lead a guided tour of all the facilities. It is raining and "Luzhniki" look deserted. But soon it be crowded with construction workers and Moscow 2013 staff.
- We started getting ready for the even a year ago. Replaced the track surface in the first place. Now we only need to finish the markings. We'll do that in July, right after the rugby-7 World Cup.
- The Big Sports Arena hosts many football matches. Don't the players damage the track with their football boots?
- No, boots don't damage the track. We are more concerned about the fires that the supporters throw from the stands. We have cordons of about 50 persons at each bend to put the fires out as quickly as possible. And we pour lots of water on the track before the matches. We had several cases of fires being thrown right on the track, but luckily there was no damage made.
We approach the giant building of Big Sports Arena. The competition will be held here. The South Arena and Sportgorodok will be used for training. The South Arena will be a warm-up venue. All these stadiums also underwent renovation: track and pitch replacements, installation of air conditioning in the locker rooms, CCTV and Wi-Fi. So Moscow will have three mini-stadiums for training, competitions, sports festivals.
Meanwhile we are approaching the "Druzhba" sports hall. It will be turned into the Main Accreditation Center. During the 14th IAAF World Championships it will welcome around 25000 athletes, coaches, judges, guests and journalists.
- The Small Sports Arena will become the Main Press Center. The vast area aroung the swimming pool will be occupied by the big TV-companies with their broadcast trucks, clipping rooms. There will also be many temporary buildings raised in "Luzhniki". At the North Sports Arena we'll set up tents for all the teams with massage tables, fridges, medical equipment. There will also be a two-storey tent at the southern side of the Big Arena for more than 2000 VIP-guests. It will serve as a hospitality area for IAAF parners and LOC guests. The sponsors' hospitality will be located at one of the football pitches. The square near the Lenin monument will be turned into the Market Street. Spectators will be able to buy merchandise there and there will be a dedicated kids' zone with master-classes and special events.
- It sounds like a huge amount of preparations!
- It is a huge amount of preparations. "Luzhniki" will host the last football game of the season ("Spartak" - "Krylya Sovetov") on 10 May. After that it will be closed for reconstruction. We'll have only a few days to replace the synthetic pitch with a natural one. Otherwise the grass won't strike roots in time for rugby cup. The rugby training sessions will begin on 22 June.
- Is it really that important for throws to have the grass instead of synthetic pitch?
- It is the IAAF requirement. The grass helps to measure the results more accurately.
- Does the Moscow Government help you during the preparation process?
- Of course. We work in close co-operation with the Moscow Government, the Moscow Committee of Sports and the Directorate for Sports and Entertainment event of Moscow. We are also interact with the IAAF and the All-Russia Athletics Federation. On 22-25 July "Luzhniki" will host the Russian Championships - Moscow 2013 test event.


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