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in which city am i most likely to...  

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  1. 1. Get mugged and spit on by a group of teens in knock-off Nike clothing at 10 pm?

    • Rio
    • Sochi
  2. 2. Get charged for two extra drinks I didn't have at the local bar?

    • Rio
    • Sochi
  3. 3. Get into an argument with a petty civil servant, get taken to the police station, kept overnight, and be made to pay a $3,000 cash bail?

    • Rio
    • Sochi

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we all take lots of care not to get robbed while on vacation—especially at a mark heaven like the olympics—but it's sometimes unavoidable. occasionally, traveling in groups, avoiding unlit areas, and securing valuables just isn't enough.

given that lots of us will be traveling to these 2 fine, second-world cities in the next few years, we should have a thoughtful and completely sensationalistic discussion on which of the most likely street crimes we should watch out for in each city.

this isn't to say that these crimes will happen to you when you visit these cities, but, rather, where are they more likely to happen to you? (and fyi, they probably will happen to you when you visit these cities).

because this forum is lame, i had 3 more questions that wouldn't fit. answer in the comments, please:

...Receive a call from the credit card i've been using reporting identity theft and strange purchases?

...Get charged $90 for the same cab ride that usually costs $30?

...Lose my watch to a sticky-fingered maid?

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