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Sochi 2014 Olympic Media Updates


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Tom Hammond is still doing figure skating this year with Scott Hamilton, Sandra Bezic, and Tracy Wilson. I think this will be Tom's last Winter Olympics. He turns 70 next year, and he renewed his contract with NBC last year in a reduced role through 2016. He's not doing Notre Dame football anymore and is just focusing on figure skating, track & field, and horse racing. I agree that Terry Gannon will likely take over the figure skating coverage after 2014--he's more or less been the voice of figure skating in the U.S. since the mid-90s. It will be interesting to see who is going to do long-track speed skating this year--maybe Ted Robinson will pull double duty with short-track and long-track since none of the sessions overlap and the venues are next door to each other.

A couple of them come pretty close to overlapping though, so I don't know how smart it would be for him to do both sports. Fortunately we should know soon enough since there is pre-Olympics coverage of both long track and short track, so I'm guessing whoever does that coverage will also be doing the Olympics, especially if it's someone other than Robinson who will have his obligations to the 49ers probably into January.

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Tom Hammond is still doing figure skating this year with Scott Hamilton, Sandra Bezic, and Tracy Wilson. I think this will be Tom's last Winter Olympics. He turns 70 next year, and he renewed his contract with NBC last year in a reduced role through 2016. He's not doing Notre Dame football anymore and is just focusing on figure skating, track & field, and horse racing. I agree that Terry Gannon will likely take over the figure skating coverage after 2014--he's more or less been the voice of figure skating in the U.S. since the mid-90s. It will be interesting to see who is going to do long-track speed skating this year--maybe Ted Robinson will pull double duty with short-track and long-track since none of the sessions overlap and the venues are next door to each other.

Interesting re: Tom. I have a love/hate relationship with him. Not exactly my favorite, but he's been there so long he's sort of an institution at this point.

I also agree that surely Scott/Sandra will be on the broadcast events, and Johnny/Tara/Tanith doing streaming content or human interest stories, etc. I found it interesting - Scott and Sandra commentated at Skate America two weeks ago, but this past weekend NBC had Johnny commentate on the men's singles and Tara on the ladies' singles. It was almost as if they were trying them out to see how it went. I must say, while I was not very impressed by Tara, I really thought Johnny did a good job. Honestly, we'll see how he does at the rest of the Grand Prix events this year, but I daresay I'd like to see him in an expanded role with NBC. Scott's commentary has seemingly gotten worse over the years to the point where he is now totally incoherent sometimes - often at crucial moments in a competition! Johnny really did quite well, and as a skater who, you know, actually has experience under the new IJS, I think he brought something particularly interesting to the table.

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Maybe we could see Olympic Ice return on the NBC networks--it wasn't there during Vancouver--but along with Bracelona_'92 believing that new faces Lapinski and Weir being involved with Terry Gannon with the live NBCOlympics.com version, I also think where would NBC put the potential Olympic Ice 2014 version? Never mind figure skating is the crown jewel of the Winter Olympics (that should go without saying) and its passionate fans here in the US would like to supllemental coverage and news outside of the competition. Safe to assume that NBC Sports Network will be the designated hub of Team USA, especially with hockey. Surely CNBC, MSNBC (with plenty of hockey of its own), and Telemundo will have their share of coverage, but due to the need for its more important programming, they won't find space for Olympic Ice. Maybe Olympic Ice could be return to Oxygen, but that network never apparently has in the plans for showing sports like with the USA Network in recent years, ASFAIK. Bravo seems to me as the best bet for it. Still, Lapinski and Weir would co-host it. You brought up a great point about Weir involving the IJS and how he can analyze and experienced that as an interesting angle for him, Breathesgelatin. Based on that, would indeed like an expanded role for him.

Yeah, Terry Gannon got the US broadcasting face of figure skating on lock now since the mid-90s and will likely take over from Hammonds come Pyongchang. Perhaps Hammonds can be a venue studio host for figure skating at the seating with analysts with him like in hockey and basketball these days.

Highly unlikely, Don Cherry will head to Rio De Janeiro in 2016, Olympicsfan97, unless he's willing to take the risk of learning to call an "aptypical" sport for him like team handball. :P And I do think that since Bell Media Canada is involved, I do believe there will be Brian Williams hosting as the evening host on TSN unless indicated otherwise. I also expect, unless their TSN Sportscentre committments will prevent them, Kate Beirness and Darren Dutchyshen to be TSN Olympic studio hosts anchors there in Sochi too.

The Ukrainian Cabinet allocated 21 million hryvnia (presently US$2,569,122.57) to the State Committee of Radio and Television for the broadcast rights to Sochi 2014 and Rio De Janeiro 2016 on the First National Television Channel Ukraine in September


Brace yourself for 500+ promos for NBC's Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics coverage well ahead of time


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Heads up, Aussies! Network Ten Australia made their plans knows about their broadcast of Sochi 2014, the biggest Winter Olympics FTA coverage ever on Australian TV. Network Ten promises to show at least 550 hours of live Olympic coverage from Sochi, Russia (360 live hours on Ten, 24 hours live and tape-delayed daily on its digital channel One) with TENPlay, its new digital online platform channel, presenting 8 live and on-demand Olympic streaming channels. Sochi Tonight will spearhead the network's nightly prime-time coverage from 6pm with co-hosts Ten's sports anchor Stephen Quartermain and Alisa Camplin, but they will host from Ten's Melbourne studio instead of being at Sochi. Sochi Live, helmed by new sports recruit for Ten Mel McLaughlin, will take up live coverage, running from 8:30pm with Brad McEwan taking things over through events until 6am. Channel 10's new breakfast program, Wake Up--premiering on November 4--will cut between its "surf city studio" to the Sochi snow from the Winter Olympic host capital, offering viewers the first window each day into the international sporting spectacular. Ten's Ten's other new mornings offering, Studio Ten, like with Wake Up, will cross to Sochi for updates from newsreader Nuala Hafner and reporters Magdalena Roze and Mazoe Ford. For One, Nicole Livingstone and Greg Rust will co-host the channel's live coverage from 6pm-6am, giving viewers the chance to watch even more Winter Olympic action. Though it is not Roy and HG's Ice Dream, Network Ten will offer The Project, airing weeknights at 6:30pm, as its comic and colorful take on the Games with its own on-ground presenters. On the interactive and social networking/media front, Australia joins Sweden with apps and an interactive website for the XBOX and Zeebox will be also involved. Also, the Australian Olympic Committee plans to have a Sochi 2014 100-day Olympic Countdown press conference tomorrow.


Nova TV Group seeks to sell its exclusive Sochi Olympic hockey coverage to CT not out of generosity but because of its economic issues, after acquiring the Czech Republic Olympic hockey rights last fall from Sportfive (but will allow select Olympic hockey games on Nova Sport pay-TV and Voyo online). Nova should've planned for the long-term financial woes it is suffering from before even acquiring hockey



Just a little friendly reminder about the upcoming 1-hour CBC Sochi 2014 100-Day Countdown Celebration inside the Barbara Frum Atrium at the CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre. It will be streaming live at www.cbc.ca/olympics from 11am-12pm Canada/US CST. Vancouver's version of the 100-day countdown will go from 7-9:30pm Canada/US CST, which will be a sort of nice ceremonial transition from the previous and great Winter Olympics host Vancouver to the current one in Sochi. I'm seriously thinking that event will be streaming live too at www.cbc.ca/bc for viewers. Hopefully both will be on demand since work tomorrow may play a role against me watching them.

A sneak preview at the 100-Day Countdown setup at the Barbara Frum Atrium from CBC Olympics' Facebook page


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Yes, NBCOlympics gets a relaunch too at the 100-day mark today. All Winter Olympic Games competition (15 sports and 98 medal-winning events) will go live streamed to Americans online for the first time. NBC Sports Xtra app is back...and the authentification process is too.


Nederland 1 is once again the official Dutch Olympic channel for Sochi 2014 out of NOS, "the official Olympic broadcaster". For the first time in the Winter Olympics, NOS, through Nederland 1, will have a daily Olympic talkshow airing at 9:30pm Dutch time during its primetime in its massive event programming, with the Netherlands being three hours behind Sochi, called Talkshow Sotsji. It will be co-hosted by Henry Schut and Erben Wenermanns. Since this is The Netherlands we're dealing with, speed skating is the Dutch's big Winter Olympic sport that garners a lot of attention, and the Dutch in Oranje will no doubt be strong. Nederland 1 though plans to broadcast several other Winter Olympic sports outside its beloved speed skating like hockey, snowboarding, figure skating, short track speed skating, bobsledding, skiing, curling, and luge. Dione De Graaf, Rintje Ritsma, and Paulien van Deutekom will all be there at the Adler Arena Skating Center reporting, play-by-playing, and analyzing the speed skating races.


Sverige Viasat 14HD is the place to be for Swedish Olympic fans for reliving the greatest Swedish and more general Winter Olympic Games moments, news, past Olympic highlights, documentaries, interviews, magazine-style news and profiles of Olympic athletes



Susanne Nystrom just wrote a column about the concerns and the transition of Olympic broadcasting from public broadcasters to private and more commercial ones. Included in play too is the need for what TV programming is very worthy and restricted to and for the public service and interest. And of both government's and public broadcaster's attempt to raise the bar. In this case, Sweden's from SVT to the Modern Times Group. I will tap into that soon. But what is of interest right now in this column to me is that Radiosporten, from the Sverige Radio family, just announced that it will provide Swedish radio Olympic coverage to both Sochi and Rio De Janeiro. Bear in mind that the required FTA coverage may still not be just TV6 but may indeed have all the MTG FTA channels involved.



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CBC's announces its team of world-class broadcasters who have covered and/or competed in more than 180 Olympic Games and have won 30 Olympic medals

CBC/Radio-Canada's team of broadcasters will bring Canadians more hours of Olympic competition and coverage than ever before

Earlier today, CBC unveiled the network's broadcast team for the SOCHI 2014 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES at a public event at the Toronto Broadcast Centre. It was a celebration of the 100-day countdown to the Opening Ceremony on February 7, 2014. Several members of the broadcast team were on hand for the announcement, including the event's hosts, CBC's Ron MacLean and Scott Russell, who introduced their fellow team members. The impressive lineup includes CBC television and radio and news personalities from across Canada, and well known Canadian athletes who will serve as analysts for their individual sports.

**Click here for a video preview of CBC/Radio-Canada's coverage of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games**

Hubert T. Lacroix, president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, and Neil McEneaney, interim executive vice-president of CBC English Services, were on hand to officially kick off the network's 100-day countdown celebration and welcome the broadcast team.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the talented group of hosts, journalists, commentators and analysts we've assembled to bring the Olympic Games home to Canadians this February," said McEneaney. "As Canada's official broadcaster for Sochi 2014, CBC/Radio-Canada is covering the Olympic Games like never before. The breadth of knowledge and expertise of this incredible broadcast team plays a major part in allowing us to do just that."

CBC's all-star broadcast team has been to more than 180 Olympic Games combined either as broadcasters or competitors and have won 30 Olympic medals. This incredible wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge will translate into the world-class storytelling and coverage Canadians expect and value from an Olympic broadcast on CBC. The group consists of trusted CBC personalities known to Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast, as well as regional CBC broadcasters from all across the country who are known and respected by their local audiences.

Diana Swain of CBC's The National pairs with CBC's Hockey Night in Canada's David Amber to hostOlympic Morning from 6-10 a.m. ET (3-7 a.m. PT) followed by Russell as he hosts Olympic Daytimefrom 10 a.m.-3 p.m. ET (7 a.m.-12 p.m. PT) every day throughout the Games. MacLean hostsOlympic Primetime in the evenings from 7-11 p.m. across Canada outside of Alberta (6-10 p.m.) and British Columbia (5-9 p.m.) while Andi Petrillo from CBC's Hockey Night in Canada teams with CBC News Montreal's Andrew Chang to host Olympic Overnight in Pacific primetime from 12-6 a.m. ET (9 p.m.-3 a.m. PT). Together, this team will guide viewers through the events and storylines playing out each day. In addition, the Opening Ceremony on February 7 will be co-hosted by MacLean andThe National's Peter Mansbridge from Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi.

CBC News keeps Canadians informed of breaking stories from Sochi and around the world on The National with host Peter Mansbridge, and CBC News Network with Heather Hiscox and Ian Hanomansing and their respective teams of reporters. CBC Radio will also be well represented in Sochi with Jian Ghomeshi traveling to Russia to host Q while Olympic Report airs each hour throughout the day across Canada with hosts Matt Galloway and Scott Regehr, with updates from CBC News reporters. The full CBC broadcast team is listed below.

With more events and more hours of competition than ever before, Canadians won't miss a minute of the action and excitement of the Games with coverage available on multiple platforms. CBC/Radio-Canada will provide access to live broadcasts, updates, news and more on TV, radio, online, on tablets and through mobile devices, allowing Canadians to access what they want when they want it, from anywhere in Canada.

To ensure Canadians can see every competition, CBC has partnered with TSN, TSN2, TSN Radio, Sportsnet and Sportsnet One, to provide extended broadcast hours of CBC's coverage of the Olympic Winter Games. Further programming details and scheduling information will be made available closer to the start of Sochi 2014.

In addition to world-class storytelling and the best sport coverage available through CBC/Radio-Canada, Canadians can engage with the broadcasts throughout the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games online in English at the newly redesigned cbc.ca/olympics, which officially launched earlier today. The website offers news, notes, results and analysis from pre-Olympic competitions around the world, featuring Canadian athletes as well as international competitors looking to make an impact in Sochi. Users will also find live streaming content during Sochi 2014 as well as informative and entertaining video content leading up to the Olympic Winter Games. Closer to the start of Sochi 2014, the website will also include an interactive programming schedule that will ensure viewers will know exactly when and how they can watch the competitions and programming that are of most interest to them.

Viewers can also connect with the broadcast using Twitter in English @cbcolympics (#cbcolympics) and at facebook.com/cbcolympics, and in French at ici.radio-canada.ca/olympiques, on Twitter at@RC_Sports (#RColympiques) and on Facebook at facebook.com/radiocanada.sports.

CBC/Radio-Canada also introduced two interactive initiatives today, designed to get Canadians in the Olympic spirit and increase the connection with and support for Canadian athletes via social media. The #OurAthlete initiative encourages Canadians to tweet inspirational messages to Olympic hopefuls, and to share how they are getting into the spirit of the Games via Twitter and Instagram using #OurAthlete.

The second initiative, called 'Hoist the Flag,' gives Canadians the opportunity to take a patriotic photo of themselves holding a Canadian flag in front of a Sochi 2014 backdrop that they then can share socially. Each CBC centre across the country will give Canadians the chance to 'Hoist the Flag' at community events leading up to and throughout the Olympic Games in February.

CBC/Radio Canada's full English-language broadcast team for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is as follows:

Studio Broadcast Team (International Broadcast Centre):

David Amber - co-host, Olympic Morning

Andrew Chang - co-host, Olympic Overnight

Ron MacLean - host, Olympic Primetime

Andi Petrillo - co-host, Olympic Overnight

Scott Russell - host, Olympic Daytime

Diana Swain - co-host, Olympic Morning

Sport Specialists:


Kerrin Lee-Gartner - analyst

Scott Oake - commentator


Mike Harris - analyst

Joan McCusker - analyst

Bruce Rainnie - commentator

Figure Skating:

Kurt Browning - analyst

Brenda Irving - commentator

Carol Lane - analyst


Jeff Bean - analyst

Jennifer Heil - analyst, moguls

Mitch Peacock - commentator

Ice Hockey:

Jennifer Botterill - analyst, women's

Cassie Campbell-Pascall - analyst, men's and women's

Don Cherry - analyst, men's

Elliotte Friedman - reporter, men's

Glenn Healy - analyst, men's

Kelly Hrudey - analyst, men's

Jim Hughson - commentator, men's

Mark Lee - commentator, men's and women's

Ron MacLean - host

Craig Simpson - analyst, men's


Rob Keith - analyst, ski jumping

Karin Larsen - commentator, cross country and Nordic combined

Jack Sasseville - analyst, cross country and Nordic combined

Beckie Scott - analyst, cross country and biathlon


Jeff Christie - analyst, luge

Mark Connolly - commentator

Helen Upperton - analyst, bobsleigh and skeleton


Craig McMorris, analyst

Rob Snoek, commentator

Speed Skating:

Steve Armitage - commentator

Kristina Groves - analyst, long track speed skating

Special Studio Analysts:

Jennifer Heil - Two-time Olympian, two-time Olympic medalist in freestyle mogul skiing

Clara Hughes - Six-time Olympian, six-time Olympic medalist

Rosie MacLennan - Two-time Olympian, 2012 Olympic gold medalist in trampoline

Kelly VanderBeek - 2006 Olympian in alpine skiing

Adam van Koeverden - Three-time Olympian, four-time Olympic medalist in kayak


Carly Agro - reporter, Mountain Cluster

Doug Gelevan - reporter, Mountain Cluster

Colleen Jones - reporter, Coastal Cluster

Sonali Karnick - reporter, Coastal Cluster

CBC News and CBC Radio:

Peter Armstrong - reporter, radio and reporter, CBC News Network/The National

Adrienne Arsenault - reporter, The National

Nahlah Ayed - reporter, The National

David Common - host/reporter, radio and reporter, CBC News Network/The National

Matt Galloway - host, Morning Olympic Report

Jian Ghomeshi - host, Q

Ian Hanomansing - host, CBC News Network

Heather Hiscox - host, CBC News Network

Peter Mansbridge - chief anchor, The National

Nick Purdon - reporter, radio and reporter, CBC News Network/The National

Scott Regehr - host, Afternoon Olympic Report and reporter, CBC News Network

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Nastia Liukin joins the NBC's Olympic team as a reporter for Sochi and present daily features for the Olympic Zone. No doubt her direct Russian ties--she holds dual US-Russian citizenship--got her hired. I sensed that she will join NBC because of that but never mentioned that here. Looks to me she'll guide Americans TV viewers, as someone who walks between both worlds, learn about Russian culture and Russian life with stories.


Radio-Canada Television announced today in Montreal its own Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic coverage just like in Toronto hours ago with 335 hours in total from them proper going on for 21 hours a day with 1200 hours total from the entire French contingent. Former Canadian speed skater Gaetan Boucher is going to be there too as his sport's analyst. You can read more here (in French):

La fébrilité était palpable mercredi matin dans les studios montréalais d'Ici Radio-Canada, où le compte à rebours olympique a officiellement commencé, à 100 jours des Jeux d'hiver de Sotchi.

Le diffuseur public, qui renoue avec sa tradition olympique, a présenté un aperçu de sa couverture. Toutes les plateformes seront mises à contribution – ICI Radio-Canada Télé, ICI Radio-Canada Première, Ici Radio-Canada.ca, RDI, Explora, ARTV et toutes les applications mobiles.

ICI Radio-Canada Télé consacrera plus de 335 heures aux Jeux de Sotchi 2014. Du 6 au 23 février, c'est généralement 21 heures par jour qui seront consacrées aux compétitions et à tout ce qui les entoure.

Les chefs d'antenne Martin Labrosse, Marie-José Turcotte et Guy D'Aoust se relaieront pour présenter les Jeux de minuit à 17 h. Marc Durand présentera un résumé des épreuves de 17 h à 18 h. France Beaudoin et Dany Dubé animeront tous les soirs Bons baisers de Sotchi, une émission de deux heures centrées sur les athlètes et les personnalités présentes à Sotchi, des rencontres ponctuées par la revue des meilleurs moments de la journée.

Les performances des athlètes canadiens seront bien sûr au coeur de la couverture de Radio-Canada. Et ces performances seront présentées et analysées par une équipe de journalistes et de commentateurs aguerris, épaulés par quelques nouveaux visages.

On retrouvera entre autres Alain Goldberg, Jean-Paul Baert, Nathalie Lambert, Gaétan Boucher et Pierre Harvey. Du côté des « recrues », soulignons la présence du journaliste Alain Gravel. Passionné de cyclisme et de sport amateur, l'animateur d'Enquête décrira les épreuves de ski de fond.

L'équipe d'analystes de Radio-Canada compte 19 athlètes olympiques, qui ont remporté 11 médailles.

Et l'incontournable Jean-René Dufort sera à Sotchi pour préparer à sa manière des capsules quotidiennes sur les aspects sociaux, culturels ou sportifs qui retiendront son attention.

Pour la durée des Jeux, l'émission hebdomadaire Culture physique, animée par Robert Frosi sur ICI Radio-Canada Première, déménage à Sotchi. Elle devient une quotidienne du lundi au samedi à 15 h. Les dimanches, à 14 h, elle sera une spéciale de deux heures.

RDI, Explora et ARTV seront également à l'heure olympique. Louis Lemieux et l'ex-patineuse Isabelle Charest animeront chaque jour La cérémonie des champions, à 11 h sur RDI. Explora présentera chaque soir les compétitions de sports de glisse, tandis que les cérémonies d'ouverture et de clôture seront diffusées sur ARTV.

En plus de pouvoir suivre toutes les émissions de la télé et de la radio en direct, les internautes auront accès aux 1200 heures de couverture des compétitions produites par le diffuseur du Comité international olympique, sur radio-canada.ca/olympiques.

Le site offrira de plus une foule de renseignements utiles. Il présentera un tableau des médailles en temps réel, l'horaire détaillé des compétitions, des reportages télé, des biographies des athlètes canadiens et internationaux, des informations sur la Russie et sur les installations olympiques.


TVA Sports is going with 311 hours (average 19 hours daily) for Sochi led by Jean Page and Paul Houde as anchors with lots of hockey (46+ in men's and women's hockey) and its coverage and of course a strong focus on Quebec and Canadian Olympians.



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Nastia Liukin joins the NBC's Olympic team as a reporter for Sochi and present daily features for the Olympic Zone. No doubt her direct Russian ties--she holds dual US-Russian citizenship--got her hired. I sensed that she will join NBC because of that but never mentioned that here. Looks to me she'll guide Americans TV viewers, as someone who walks between both worlds, learn about Russian culture and Russian life with stories.


It's also easy for NBC since she's already on the payroll. Nastia replaced Elfi Schlegel as NBC's lead female analyst for gymnastics this year.

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Did not know that Liukin replaced Schlegel as led female gymnastics analyst and is already on NBC's payroll. Then again, I haven't watched much gymnastics these days. Might be a good thing as Liukin doesn't have much distance from the current crop of gymnasts to analyze over, especially with her Olympic gymnastics debut coming up in over two years time.

YLE will give Finns 350 hours of coverage from Sochi on television from YLE TV2 and it Swedish language TV channel YLE Fem (YLE5, formerely FST5), 500 hours of Internet coverage, and 200 hours from YLE news and current affairs radio stations YLE Puha and RadioVega (Swedish). YLE introduces yesterday during the 100-day countdown gathering with the Finnish Olympic and Sports Committe at the Helsinki Central Railway Station the Sotshi Areena, an Interactive online service with versatility to keep track of the events of the days in Sochi and offer live and on-demand Sochi Olympics events and video clips from there on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Available in both Finnish and Swedish.

Names to the YLE Sochi 2014 Olympic broadcast team is actually being added and negotiated into it. Right now, what YLE has are a mix between veterans and new faces: Kalle Palander (alpine skiing), Pirjo Muranen and Reijo Jylhä (cross country skiing), Laura Lepistö and Anuliisa Uotila (figure skating), Tommi Nikunen (ski jumping), Tuomas Nieminen (speed skating), Sami Saarenpää (snowboarding), Jarmo Punkkinen (biathlon), Kai Suikkanen (ice hockey), and Hannu Saintula (women's hockey). Actor Ville Haapasalo will present glimpses of Russian culture to its next door neighbors and is likely to be involved in YLE's coverage of both ceremonies and the even the intros.



Looks as though TV2 Norway's Sochi 2014 Olympic team is now complete. Kari Traa and France's Raphael Poiree headline the newest batches to the TV2 Norge OL 2014 team bound for Russia, announced just hours ago. The photgentic Traa will be the freestyle skiing and moguls analyst with Poiree being the biathlon expert. Not surprising for both. You can see the full list of the team on the accompanying first article--I take that back because if you look, there's nobody repping for downhill alpine skiing yet. But that should change soon. Media Campaign reports that TV2 will broadcast 692 hours combined morning to night live and free from TV2, TV2 Zulu, and TV2 Sport. Breakdown goes like this: the main TV2 itself will show 212 hours with 309 coming from TV2 Sport and 171 hours on TV2 Zulu with a pledge to show everything from Sochi on all its platforms. TV2 will have a combined 16 hours of Late Night With Sochi. But it WILL charge for online viewing with a campaign forthcoming on TV2 Sumo during the Olympics. 140 people repping TV2 Norway paid a visit to Sochi last week to scope out the scene for the network. Online and mobile coverage on TV2 surely will come soon.



At a time when the Polish Olympic community is excited with cross country skiier Justyna Kowalczyk, its ski jumpers (Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot, Piotr Zyla, David Kubacki and Kamil Stochand), speed skaters (Zbigniew Beard and the team of men and women), and its biathletes (Krystyna Palka, Monika Hojnisz and Magdalena Gwizdoń) for Sochi 2014 with its largest Winter Olympic team in recent memory, TVP announced at the 100-day countdown yesterday it will show what looks like 546 hours (TVP Sport 350 hours, TVP 1 and 2 showing a combined 180, even the TVP Info will show 16 hours) now that it's the only Polish Olympic broadcaster with Eurosport gone, at least now. TVP will send a 30-person team of broadcasters, cameramen, reporters, producers, and technicians to Sochi that will include Vladimir Szaranowicz (TVP Sport chief of staff and ski jump commentator), Marek Jóźwik, Mark Rudzinski, Dariusz Szapkowski, and Krzysztof Wyrzykowski. TVP1 and TVP2 will go from 9am-8pm Poland time with events emphasizing the Polish Olympians, notably in ski jumping, speed skating, biathlon, cross-country skiing, accompanied by periodcal appearances of support shows "Hello, This Is Sochi" covering the latest news and more. TVP Info will come on after midday from 7.00 to 22.00, and reappears at 23.00 with the 25-minute "Olympic Night". TVP SPORT turns into an Olympic channel: with transmissions and retransmissions present after midday from 6am to 2am at night. TVP's main studio will be at the Olympic Woronicza.



This article also includes TVP's Sochi 2014 online info plans that includes 15 streaming channels that will those from the TVP TV channels that total 700 hours combined with lots of great interactive stuff and information, gallery, live performance, multimedia encyclopedia on Olympic sports, video blogs commentators, and interactive transmission plan. VOD and a special app for tablets and smartphones with social media interactions through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


Nederland 1 broadcasted, and mostly livestreamed on NOS, the 2013 NK speed skating trials this past weekend through its NOS Studio Sport.



Radiosporten's Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics radio broadcast schedule:


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For those who missed the CBC Sochi 2014 100-Day Olympic Countdown yesterday at Toronto's Barbara Frum Atrium in the CBC Broadcast Centre, you can check it here. You can defintely tell the graphics used here are going to be a part of the intro and graphics with the familiar CBC Olympic theme back:


The English translation (to the best of Google's abilities) of what Radio-Canada Television, Explora, ARTV, and RDI plan for Sochi


From Slovenia, TV SLO2, the MMC online website, and RTV SLO's pop and rock radio station Val 202 will all be involved in the Slovenian Olympic coverage in the hopes of seeing the likes of Tina Maze doing her thing en route to Olympic glory in alpine skiing and Antze Kopitar and his fellow Slovenian hockey making their Olympic debut as the first former Yugoslavian hockey team in it since Yugoslavia's only appearance in 1984 hosts. It's going to be from morning to late night live for Slovenians for 20 hours daily on TV SLO2 from 8-3am. TV SLO2 is currently doing some heavy alpine skiing coverage up to Sochi and afterwards in this new season. Former alpine skiier Ana Kobal and commentators Tomasz Hudomalj, Urban Laurencic, Matjaz Vrhonik are all expected to be a part of the broadcasting team. Val 202 will focus on the Slovenian athletes before, during, and after the competitions with interviews and the like on the radio. Alec Smrekar and Igor Tominec plans to be there on the radio side in alpine skiing. MMC got plans for a new Sochi 2014 Olympic website: www.rtvslo.si/oi2014 with lots of goodies like number of attractions, interviews, chats, videos, with live HD streaming coverage of all the events from 8-22 Slovenia time.


Add Sport TV, not to be confused with Brazil's Sportv, as the latest Sportfive rights buyer for Sochi 2014 and Rio De Janeiro 2016 in Europe for the Portuguese Olympic rights after years of RTP's control.



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5. For those who love Olympic hockey, set your DVRs to MSNBC. The network will air live hockey on 11 of its 12 days of broadcasting during the Olympics, including medal round games as well as three games involving Team Canada. (The U.S. men's hockey games are expected to air on NBCSN.) NBC Sports will announce this week that CNBC, MSNBC, and USA Network will televise 124 hours of live coverage of Winter Games this February from Sochi, Russia. Here's a quick breakdown:

5a. CNBC will air 36 hours of curling coverage including the men's and women's finals. The coverage starts Feb. 10 and concludes Feb. 21. (CNBC's curling show will air daily from 5-8 p.m. ET from Feb. 10-21, except for Sunday, Feb. 16, when coverage will air from 4-7 p.m. ET.)

5b. MSNBC will carry 45 hours of live Olympic hockey and curling over 12 days beginning on Feb. 8 with live women's hockey featuring Canada-Switzerland at 8 a.m. ET.

5c. USA Network will air live hockey and live curling including the medal rounds of both sports. Most appetizingly, USA Network will air three men's hockey games featuring Team Canada. The channel will televise 43 hours of live coverage over nine days starting on Feb. 10 with women's curling featuring U.S.-Switzerland. The men's hockey coverage includes a Feb. 16 game between Canada-Finland.

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Lol is curling really that popular in the US that three networks need to dedicate coverage to it?

Also, ironic that the Team Canada games will be on "USA Network"

The article is a little deceiving.. it's not 3 networks dedicating coverage so much as 3 networks being involved on various days based on the schedule. There are some days where there are 2 hockey games and curling going on simultaneously, so they do what they need to to make sure all of those are on TV somewhere.

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I too noticed the irony of Canada games on the USA Network for Sochi 2014. Glad to see USA back in this; thought they were completely out of sports for good having lost the US Open. The reduction of Olympic programming hours from them is a clear sign of the addition and growing prominence of the NBC Sports Network now that it's THE NBC Sports cable sports hub for Sochi, where we will see Team USA hockey games (at least in the men's). Got to be at least the 320+ hours plateau from it overall. Never expected an all-hockey Olympic channel.

YLE has its Sochi 2014 webpages up:


ORF returns to the Osterreicher-Haus, this time for Sochi located at Krasnaya Polyana, as its primary studio home for its coverage of Sochi 2014, which ORF reveals the television coverage will be 250 live hours on ORF1 and 150 live hours at ORF Sport+ (in the latter, no Austrians and non-marquee events) for a combined 400 hours. Remember, ATV only has both ceremonies on Austrian television.


SKY Italia grants 100 hours of its Sochi 2014 coverage to Mediaset's young people's channel Italia 1 to go along with RAI's highlights-only footage. Its known sports rights in Italy has been the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Super Cup, Superbiking, and formerly Grand Prix Motorcycling.


Here's hoping Ron MacLean gets enough sleep and thus the energy to report from Sochi with all that time zone difference from there to Canada


BBC's Jake Humphrey and Hazel Irvine along with actress and Big Breakfast host Denise Van Outen all hosted the 2013 British Olympic Ball Tuesday. Irvine will be there for Sochi and has been in every BBC-broadcast Winter Olympics since Lillehammer 1994.



TV Globo in Brazil plans for broad and live coverage of its portion of Sochi 2014 like curling, an exclusive to TV Record in Vancouver. Maybe it'll garner a cult following in Brazil. It's part of the non-exclusive free-to-air Olympic broadcasting rights for 2014-2016 that it has teamed up with Bandeirantes


From last year, the Swiss Broadcasting Company will produce all the alpine skiing events' world IOC footage, signal, and sound through 100 people from the SBC's staff


As the official host medianews agency and photobank for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, RIA Novosti has a lot of things to offer for covering the Sochi Winter Olympics next year with some special association with Channel One. You can read what's in store in the following, even including a notable iconic member from the famed 1980 Miracle On Ice team acting as a bridge between the USA and Russia helping them cover it.







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Westwood One Radio's Sochi 2014 coverage project is pretty much, like with London, bare bones. Multiple 2-minute updates during the day with a 2-hour nighttime news and review show. Only Team USA hockey games will get some full treatment along with the men's and women's gold medal games. Plus there's a 2-minute Countdown To Sochi starting from January 6 to February 6. Wish it was a little more comprehensive on the American radio side of things like in several other countries and possibly carry both ceremonies. Fact is, we Americans prefer to see the Olympic action instead of hearing it when sports radio stations that carry it hold other and more regular sports priorities at that time in the sports calendar. Just a sales docket but does give a strong idea of what to expect from Westwood One Radio.


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NBC is very optimistic about Sochi--interest in the Winter Games is at a high, and they are expecting strong ratings for the coverage:


I had heard they were doing well in terms of ad sales, but I didn't think they were doing this well. So I'm surprised at this, but I'm not. I had said for a while I thought Sochi might see a big drop-off in interest from Vancouver. Then again, how many of us were thinking the same thing about London after Beijing.

So a little over 3 months from now, we'll start hearing the usual chorus of how NBC sucks and they're ruining the Olympics and #nbcfail and blah blah blah like we haven't heard it every Olympics for years and years now. If the ratings hold steady or if they go up a little as they did with London, let the record show that there is growing interest in the Olympics when they come around and you have to think that NBC maybe, just maybe, has a little something to do with that increased interest.

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Jian Ghomeshi and Q on CBC Radio explains why the show is going to Sochi, Russia for the Olympics and what they plan to do there during those broadcasts:


Carlos Slim's America Movil just struck its first Sochi 2014 sublicensing TV deal from its ONE Internet TV channel in Latin America, excluding Brazil, with Slim's native Mexico. Canal 22 XEIMT-TV, Mexico's cultural and educational channel, returns to Winter Olympics broadcasting from Vancouver and will get the Mexican broadcasting rights to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Official announcement is tomorrow in Mexico City. But this is likely a direct result of Slim's strained and shunning relationship with fellow Mexican communications rivals Emilio Azcarraga and Ricardo Salinas Pliego instead of seliing the TV rights to TV Azteca and Televisa. Didn't expect either one to get those rights; outside of figure skating and skiing, Winter Olympic sports aren't as huge as they are in Mexico's northern neighbors. This could be the first step for Slim to hold a stake in Mexican sports media rights with the expected Slim-owned private TV channel looming, possibly with Rio De Janiero.



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I had heard they were doing well in terms of ad sales, but I didn't think they were doing this well. So I'm surprised at this, but I'm not. I had said for a while I thought Sochi might see a big drop-off in interest from Vancouver. Then again, how many of us were thinking the same thing about London after Beijing.

So a little over 3 months from now, we'll start hearing the usual chorus of how NBC sucks and they're ruining the Olympics and #nbcfail and blah blah blah like we haven't heard it every Olympics for years and years now. If the ratings hold steady or if they go up a little as they did with London, let the record show that there is growing interest in the Olympics when they come around and you have to think that NBC maybe, just maybe, has a little something to do with that increased interest.

I read in another article (which I can't find now) that NBC has guaranteed a 14.0 rating to advertisers, which is slightly higher than the average for Vancouver. A couple of years ago, I thought NBC might be lucky to match the Torino ratings for Sochi, but I do think now that if the hyped U.S. athletes perform well, NBC could actually beat the Vancouver ratings. I anticipate high ratings for the opening ceremony, which should carry over at least into the first week of the Games.

NBC does so much more promotional advertising now in advance of the Games than they did 10 years ago. I have to think that the increased promotion is driving interest and getting Americans thinking about the Games more than a week an advance.

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Despite what was previously mentioned here, Modern Times Group designates TV3 and TV10 as the Modern Times Group free-to-air channels to broadcast Sochi 2014 and not TV6. Makes sense with TV3 getting the primary bulk of the coverage in that realm because of its wide 9 out of 10 reach in Swedish households and of the Dreaming of Sochi documentary series slated for its January premiere. TV10, the documentary channel which goes to 3 out of 4 in Sweden's TV reach, will compliment TV3's portion. Mostly from morning to night live from 6am-10pm on TV3 with an emphasis on the Swedish Winter Olympians (TV10 will be more around the clock with its coverage). This Sydsvenskan article also reports that Grammy-winning singer and former snowboarder Lisa Miskovsky will cover snowboarding for Viasat Sweden's Olympic coverage, injured alpine skiier Jens Byggmark will be there for the alpine skiing analysis, and former biathlete Helena Ekholm joins for the biathlon analysis.




Viasat Sweden's Sochi 2014 OS sportscasting team..so far. Resulting from the press conference. Noticed Sweden is in Olympic women's hockey too but there's no women from that portion to bring along for it as an analyst. Not a big complaint from me though.


I am critical of the of the idea of severe restricting media access of TV, online, radio, magazines, and newspapers that don't have the official rights to the Olympics Games and thus are restricted to outside the Olympic zones. I don't think it's democratic. But I believe it's something that the IOC is doing supposedly in the name to help boost its monetary value with increasing rights fees over the past four decades once it became lucrative. Surely, there's got to be greed involved. I strongly feel there should be national laws installed to show as much video footage to overturn that punitive IOC policy of restricting them to, what, a few seconds or minutes of moving images a day as much as possible to cover the events (including from past events) instead of non-rights holder left to photos. It's not going to harm and lose value to the Olympic product this way. Well now, Sweden has gotten imbroiled in this controversy with a political debate brewing whether major sports events should be restricted from pat-TV with MTG's Viasat now the current Olympic rights holders up to Rio De Janeiro 2016 and longtime former holders SVT and TV4 (aired some select basketball and soccer games from Athens 2004) are restricted in their Olympic coverage with no accreditation, so they can't send its reps to Sochi, and refused out of the MTG plan for more minutes of reporting with more money and are concerned there won't be critical and objective coverage in contrast to the Swedish Olympic Committee's very open media policy. Indeed, SVT's omission from the Olympics is on the cover to today's Expressen. Maybe the Swedish government could impose a law like their Finnish neighbors in making sure both Olympics are only shown FTA TV and on public broadcasters. Which raises its own issues. We might know come November 15 with the Swedish government issuing its events list exclusive for public broadcast.



TSN, CTV2, and RDS showed curling's Capital One Road To The Roar, a Canadian Olympic Pre-Trial, in Kitchener, Ontario this past weekend before the Winnipeg Tim Horton's Road To The Roar Canadian Curling Trials in December.


RTR Sports editor and Rossiya 2 Olympic sports anchor and biathlon commentator Dmitry Guberniev says he can't wait to being with Rossiya 1 daytime news host Anastasia Chernobrovina to host the Sochi Opening Ceremony live on Russia 1, saying it will be a "dream" and to successfully work with her again after doing it so well for the Kazan 2013 Universiade Opening Ceremony earlier this year


SKY and Telecom Italia reached an agreement to offer Italian broadband access to SKY Italia's Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics coverage exclusively through TIM's broadband and ultrabroadband under SKY's Big Ticket Events banner with all of the Sky Olympic channels that will be available for computers, 3G+ and LTE smartphones, and tablets live and on-demand, broadening its client access to Telecom Italia customers for exclusive SKY Sport content. This could very well be the beginning for the two with Telecom Italia fibre optic expansion in Italy underway.



YLE explains its YLE Sochi Areena 800+-hour online coverage and features like its downloadable app forms (from Apple Store, Window Marketplace, and Android Market), Finnish and Swedish langauge options, and looking at key moments or full rewind to the start even if the live event transmission isn't complete


New IOC President Thomas Bach may visit the broadcast center for non-IOC accredited sports media in Sochi


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