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Sochi 2014 Olympic Media Updates


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For those who are unfortunate to be stuck with Comcast, here is a reward--subscribers with an X1 DVR will be able to watch all of NBC's live internet coverage on their TV. This is a huge breakthrough and is essentially the same as the "Red Button" coverage that has been available on the BBC since 2004:


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It will be finished before the Olympics begin. Ridiculous really that the likes of Amy Childs and Anthea Turner will get to ski jump on TV before any woman has ski jumped at the Olympics.

The BBC have launched their new Winter games website - and for once a new look is an actual improvement - layout is far better than the main site and looks much better. They've also confirmed Clare Balding, who will probably now go down in history as the sole presenter of the London games, will front the Opening Ceremony and daily coverage from 4pm, including the 7pm highlights. Hazel Irvine will commentate on the ceremonies and host the early shift, while Jonathan Edwards hosts from around midday to 4pm. Sue Barker has reduced her role to just commentating on the figure skating.

P.S. Think I might have asked this already but considering most the worlds broadcasters have now dropped it will any Sochi content be available in 3D?

Yes, that would be crazy and ridiculous for the celebs doing that before the real ones take over.

I always thought Balding likes to be at the heart of the action; this gives her that chance here with Hazel Irvine before they head to the studio anchor chair.

Haven't read much of a push for 3DTV these days. Partly because it's to be expected nowdays to have 3D Olympic programming in its arsenal and have greater simulcasting with HD. Did read about Panorama seriously getting involved in that for Russia, though.

RTE News Now will broadcast the Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony on February 7 at 4pm Ireland time and live streaming (whole Ireland island only) on RTE News Now and RTE Player websites and apps


Today NBC will have Lindsay Vonn talking to Matt Lauer in her first interview since pulling out of Sochi due to her injury. Apparently, she just had successful surgery after her announcement. Moreover, on that day Lindsay's got a surprise to reveal when she appears with them that day. We here can easily strongly sense, as we pondered here, what that's very likely to be joining NBC's Sochi team and be in Sochi after all as a skiing analyst. Gotta be a worst kept secret. If this is the case, NBC can market her Vonn in a different way than previously. Because we all know NBC would still like to have her involved now even with her not competing and still promote her to American TV viewers for NBC's coverage.

Schweizer Radio 4--SRF4 News--has a series of radio segment pertaining to Sochi and the issues related to and impacting it and Russia and Olympic history of Russian-hosted Olympics now archived that came during the week of January 6-10:


Getting ready for some hockey? This Mexican guy in this commercial surely is. Too bad and turns out he's in a Mexico City square far from an ice rink...and having his skates shined! Meant to capture the outlandishness of Mexico being in the Winter Olympics, a nation of course not known for Winter Olympic success, in this Canal 22 Mexico City promo


Network Ten announces its Sochi 2014 On TEN Olympic app for Australian mobile consumers:


It will send a team of 80 to Sochi but, interestingly, EVERYTHING in the four tons of freight intended to be shipped from Network Ten months in advance to Sochi, Russia had to be listed individually by stringent Russian customs. Even the number of pens. Starbucks and other catering weren't included (like NBC did)


ARD Olympia promo video overviewing its Sochi 2014 coverage plans, its sportscasters, and how to access it with the help of two German kids and an ARD ski-goggle wearing matryuska doll. The girl seems to be wearing a jacket something straight out of the German Olympic Team 2014 jackets. All to Moby.


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Australian worker appalled at Sochi Olympic Games conditions

WHEN the Australian Olympic Committee held an event to mark 100 days to go until the Sochi Winter Olympics, Australia's chef de mission Ian Chesterman was glowing in his praise for the facilities in the Russian city.

"They are easily the best I've seen anywhere in the world," the five-time chef de mission declared of the $50 billion worth of new infrastructure.

"The money's been spent and you can see where it's been spent," Mr Chesterman added.

But an Australian course worker at the Sochi Winter Olympics has painted a bleak picture of the area just two weeks out from the Games, describing dodgy construction, poor accommodation and questionable employment conditions - all the while preparing not to be paid.

Sydney-raised Johnnie Balfour, who is accredited as a shaping expert by the Russian Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, was contracted to build a course at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. He arrived in Sochi earlier this week but hasn't had too many nice things to say about the Games city.

"Nothing is finished here and there is piles of garbage everywhere," Balfour wrote on his tumblr blog, confirming its contents with via email.

"Muddy water is pouring off the mountain and flowing through the streets and the cobblestone pavers are all lifting up or disappearing into sink holes.

"This entire place was built in the last few years, it looks nice at first glance but look a little closer and you can see that it was just thrown together.

"Most of the buildings are not finished and with only two weeks to go before the Games start, they never will be finished. It is pouring rain and close to 10 degrees above zero. The little snow they have is rapidly disappearing."

He wasn't exactly impressed with his accommodation either.

"The toilet flushes muddy water, there is no hot water, the shower floor is covered in dirt and mud, there was piss all over the toilet, the water is undrinkable (it's brown), it's even sketchy to brush your teeth with it and the idea of having internet in this place is a joke," he wrote.

Balfour, a former soldier in the Australian Army, is a renowned shaper of snowboard cross and ski cross courses, and built the site at Cypress Mountain for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. He now thinks it's unlikely he will even get paid after saying the terms of his service were changed so payment would be received 10 days after he returned to his base in Canada.

Balfour blogged one line on Thursday: "I've just been told to shut up."

Ian Chesterman remained upbeat yesterday about the venues in Sochi, especially in the mountainous area where Mr Balfour has been working, saying forecasts of warm weather and muddy courses were of no concern.

"I have been involved in winter sports for a long time and I've learned never to listen to the weather forecast," he said.

"They will be prepared for it. They had good early snow... I reckon Sochi will get through with no problems.


There always seems to be a story like this that comes out in the month leading up to the games.

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I need to visit that Newscast Studios website more often. Always intrigued by the evolution of newsrooms over the years to make themselves presentable and become more eye candy. NBC's set does look pretty in what's in store. BTW, where's the link to the Sochi IBC map.

Just paid a visit to SuperSport's TV schedule for the Olympics. As of this writing, its TV schedule goes to February 9. From the looks of things, it will largely be on SuperSport HD6 that act as the 24-hour home of Sochi 2014 with SuperSport HD5 coming in at times, and coverage will start live on February 6 with all the events scheduled on that day--women's moguls qualification, men's and women's snowboard slopestyle, and team figure skating (men's and pairs short programs) at 7:55-21:00 (7:55am-9pm) South Africa time. Replays of these kind of events are going to be happen. Olympic news will be on there as well. The Opening Ceremony will be live on SSHD6 at 18 (6pm) with an immediate encore presentation three hours later. All will be imported from the world IOC feed.

But overall SuperSport's Winter Olympic coverage apparently isn't going to be as comprehensive many of us might have thought like we are witnessing in many of the traditional Winter Olympic nations with largely just only SSHD6 out of its multichannel arsenal doing the honors. No ice hockey or curling televised--yet. Why it neglected the team sports for now at least is beyond me. Maybe it's waiting for the NHL going on its break to show some hockey when the women are kicking things off. Curling is fun and could earn a South African cult following through TV exposure. On the other hand, if this was the Summer Olympics, SuperSport would no doubt go all out in this, showing everything in many of its channels even in Portuguese with the SuperSport Maximo channels; Africa is not expected to win a medal in the Winter Olympics for the forseeable future, and the focus is placed on events where it may be popular to many sub-Saharan Africans and not just South Africans. Besides, there's lots of sports going on filling SuperSport's stable at this time, especially on weekends, devoting its priority like the ABSA SA Premier League, EPL, La Liga, NBA, NHL, the African Nations Cup, golf, motorcross, African basketball, test cricket series, Aviva Premiership Rugby, the Bundesliga, tennis, motorcycling, France Top 14 rugby, KFC Big Bash T20 cricket, SA cricket, extreme sports, Serie A, IAAF, and even the Japan Premier Rugby League. So, and given how very late its agreement that it reached with the IOC for Sochi was, SuperSport can't be truly comprehensive on the TV side as it may like. Maybe it's online through them for the other non-televised sports. Must check. But overall it's an improvement from last time with Vancouver, when it showed nothing.

TV Globo plans to show select events from Sochi with TV Record handling the bulk of the coverage as the Brazilian official rights holders. But no curling, as previously speculated. With a team of 17 reporters out of a 72-team including from the Slav and Globoesporte.com.br led by Renato Ribeiro, Carlos Gil, Andrei Kampff, and Kiko Menezes, Globo's planned Olympic coverage will be just alpine skiing and snowboarding with men's snowboarding (February 8), men's alpine skiing and women's snowboarding (February 9), women's alpine skiing (February 15), men's alpine skiing and women's snowboarding (February 16), and finally with men's and women's snowboarding (February 22). TV Record and TV Bandierantes both have yet to announce its Sochi transmission plans, though we do now know that some of the Record Sochi coverage will head towards Record News and Bandeirantes will send all of its to Band Sports.


RTR/VGTRK's Sport 1's basic Sochi 2014 coverage plans are that it will show everything in its portion in HD and will kickstart its coverage with team figure skating on February 6--and most of Sport1's daily broadcasting then will be devoted to Sochi 2014 heneceforth. After the Opening Ceremony, where I'm sure it will be simulcasted on Sport 1, VGTRK/RTR's sports channel will bring forth the home Russian women's hockey team in their Sochi debut match against Slovakia the following day on the 8th. Then also on February 8 it'll show the biathlon (10K sprint), where RTR's biathlon sportscaster Dmitry Guberniev will do his usual thing. On February 10, it will show curling, likely with just the Russians if not everyone else and on 11th women's biathlon pursuit. February 12 is headlined with pairs figure skating. Sport1 will have as its Olympic what to watch for for February 17 the women's hockey semifinals that may involve Russia - a high chance. February 19 will show the final team sprint cross country skiers. Then Russian fans can get a chance to cheer for Victor Ana on the 21st on Sport1 in short track. Guberniev returns on February 22 for his call on the biathlon relay 4 7.5.


At last, I can now give you, thanks to the link from the article above, a Russian promo from one of the Russian broadcasters for Sochi 2014. And it comes from VGTRK/RTR's Sport1. If it weren't for the fact that I can't type in Cyrillic, I certainly would have done this earlier...

Also wanted to check up on Westwood One Sports Radio's coverage for Sochi. Does have its Countdown to Sochi profiles on US Winter Olympians to listen and just a schedule almost entirely for the US men's hockey team with a women's gold medal game thrown in there:



Ten is more than eager to have Samsung Electronics Australia, PharmaCare Laboratories, Fiat Chrysler Group (Jeep brand), McDonald's Australia, Optus and Maurice Blackburn as its Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic TV sponsors with another one coming on the way with the Sochi train about to leave the station:


CCTV-5 and CCTV-5+, the sports channels out of the CCTV family, will show Sochi 2014 for the People's Republic of China. Following is the CCTV-5 TV promo spot, starting with the Opening Ceremony on February 7

Yesterday at 10pm (22:00 Austria CET time), ORF2 showed an Im Zentrum report with ORF's Ingrid Thurnher on Putin's Olympics: Between Fame and Rubles with interviews and criticism of him and his authoritarian policies, debates on boycotts, corruption, and terrorist concerns with Sochi looming quick from Austrian Olympic Committee's President, former skiing legend and a Putin critic, the documentary's producer, ORF's Moscow bureau reporter, an Austrian biathlete and Olympic hopeful, and an Austrian Russian expert.


Behind the scenes report on the upcoming CT Sochi ZOH 2014 promo for its coverage on CT2 and CT Sport starring its sportscasting team like Petr Vichnar (skiing), Jiri Holzl (freestyle skiing), Petr Kubasek (reporter), Jan Holicky (alpine skiing), Robert Zaruba (hockey), Martin Hostak (hockey), and featuring legendary Czech Winter Olympic gold medalists now as CT analysts Kveta Jeriova, Dominic Hasek, Katerina Neumann (German, actually), Pavel Ploc, and Ales Valenta all reenacting their moments of golden exhaultations that was directed by Jakub Motejzik.


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Things are definitely heating up with newer and fresher Olympic media details rapidly forthcoming from all around the world as we get closer and closer to start on February 6, especially in the European nations as it typically does with Olympic coverage.

From usually 6am-8:50pm (or 6-20:50) Swiss time daily, Swiss viewers can watch 250 hours of French language coverage of Sochi 2014 live and on HD on RTS Sport through RTS 2, starting with the Opening Ceremony hosted by Massimo Lorenzi and Marie-Laure Viola. Your RTS Sport Olympic studio anchors are Pascal Droz, Jean-François Rossé, Philippe von Burg, and Christopher Cerf. At 8:50pm, Philippe Poullier hosts Journal Games in a daily summary of the day's Olympic action. RTS Player will make its return with three additional Olympic streams, including one directly taken from RTS' TV coverage and another with no commentary along with the two other Swiss languages, and will be made available on smartphones and tablets. RTS Sport press release tells everything in the general sense including the RTS French-Swiss sportscasters for each Olympic sport and brief daily news flashes throughout the day on TV and radio. Not to mention the IOC once again appointed the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation for the Olympic alpine skiing world feed.


Late last week's RTS Sport's press conference on its general Sochi 2014 coverage plans on TV, online, radio, national video player, and mobile apps:


Hungarian Sochi 2014 TV coverage will come from the national public channels m1, m2, and Duna TV. M1's coverage will hold the bulk of the daily coverage that will end around at 17:25 in Hungary from 7 in the morning. M2 will opt for at least 2-hour broadcasts and may show events replays from m1's daytime coverage (likely summaries) or those that weren't shown. Duna TV will show the entire Olympic hockey tournaments. This article also mentions another reason why Eurosport decided to opt out of the 2014-2016 Olympic window: it did not agree with the ever-increasing asking price the IOC wished for. Some posters are concerned that the Hungarian coverage from m1, m2, and Duna TV will be terrible like it was to them back with London with more than a few are discussing about opting to go watch the German coverage on ZDF, ARD, and Sport1's hockey.


Romania's TVR has a three-part Olympic preview series airing now on TVR 2, TVR1, and TVR+ online co-hosted by Alina Alexei and Cristin Mindreu called "Vina Olimpice Alba: Sochi 2014" (translated to "The White [meaning snow and ice] Olympics Are Coming: Sochi 2014") that is airing in the last three weeks before its 500 hours of coverage from Sochi. The three episodes deal with the state of Romanian hockey (first week), luge, bobsled, skeleton, biathlon (second week), and skating (third week).



Without further adieu, the TVR Sochi Olympic promo was just uploaded hours ago

Since London 2012, Belarus TV since got itself its own national sports channel called Belarus 5 to go along with Belarus 1 and Belarus 2 that will, for the duration of Sochi 2014, be a part of the coverage and act as the Olympic Channel for 19+ hours with all the interesting events featuring Belarussian Olympians and those from other nations with lots of various sports events. Total coverage will be over 400 TV hours between Belarus 1, Belarus 2, and Belarus 5 with a sportscasting team led by Vladimir Novitysky, Pavel Baranov, Alexander Kazukevich, Sergey Matskevich, Alexander Dmitriyev and Alexander Tsvechkovsky as part of a 25-person Sochi-bound team. Belarus 1 will air both ceremonies, the gold medal hockey final, daily Olympic Diaries, which will be aired after The Panorama program that will tell the audience about the most interesting and exciting moments of the Games, and Olympic stories presented in news editions of TV Infoservice. Belarus 2 will showcase the Belarussian Olympians with the more significant hockey matches and other interesting events. Belarus 5 will air its own daily news summary program. All starting on February 7.



Sports Express in Russia reports that Russians living in the European portion (that is, over to the Ural Mountains) will have to watch the hockey games on TV, online, tablets, and smartphones in the morning with the biathlon at primetime and figure skating at late night to avoid "family fighting TV Olympic choices". Along with that, we get the complete list of the Russian sportscasters in each Winter Olympic sport for Sochi for Channel One, RTR/VGTRK, and NTV Plus. Interestingly, there's going to be a marked difference in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies sequence simulcasting between Russia 1 and the First Channel.


Ola Westrom, Goran Zachrisson, and Anja Persson will all co-host the Opening Ceremony live from Sochi's Fisht Olympic Stadium for Viasat, TV3, and TV10.

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Well, our speculation turned out to be right about NBC and Lindsay Vonn. We don't need her to announce it tomorrow morning on NBC Today here on these boards. But she'll reveal more then.


I've been putting on Today in the mornings to try and catch their Sochi stories. I didn't see Vonn at all, but I could have missed it. I did see a story on the mothers of Davis & White.

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Saw that Davis and White and their mothers segment too this morning after I woke up. Easily a Proctor & Gamble Thank You Mom Olympic segment if it were. Likely Vonn's announcement came during the first hour.

Taking a break today from the massive Sochi 2014 announcements and analysis that are still forthcoming--and there will be definitely much more as we no doubt get closer to what seems like Christmas Day for us Olympic fans next Thursday! :) Here, I'll focus on the promos for today as I organize what I'll write later--Ireland, Australia, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, South Korea, Latvia, and Norway are all among them.

Not sure why TVA Sports hasn't yet uploaded any of their Sochi 2014 promos that surely have been broadcasted--and it's going to broadcast more hours on TV than RDS will this time. It's got the abundance of hockey in both men and women and figure skating on its Sochi 2014 schedule to surely promote! Back to RDS, there's another one I'll show. Same one (sound effects too and all) as all the other but has Canada's first ever gold medalist as the home team who broke that dubious duck back in Vancouver, freestyle skiier Alexandre Biladeau!

TVE's counting down to Sochi for the Spanish coverage. At this one it was 12 days to go

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Given that I live in the US and Canada region, those entities (and a few others) are far more easier to get coverage than many others, like those equipped with the Cyrillic alphabet. Some nations' coverage and news can get difficult and you have to wait awhile for them. Hey, speculation and debate here in every detail and nook and cranny can be part of the fun! I wholeheartedly enjoy doing this!

Dentsu came to terms with Hong Kong's TVB to be the exclusive Hong Kong broadcaster for Sochi 2014. TVB is the television, subscription TV, online, and mobile apps home for Sochi to commemorate Hong Kong's first-ever male Winter Olympian headed to Sochi, 1500m speed skater Barton Lui Pan-To. I expected to be I-Cable to continue this again following Vancouver; with Rio De Janiero coming in more than two years, maybe it will then. But I guess that has more to do with Vancouver and its very strong Chinese community there, many of them with direct Hong Kong/southern China ties. The TVB channels plan daily live coverage and event highlights including skating, skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and more. In addition, there will be live streaming on TVB.com and extensive coverage by TVB Network Vision. All starts with the Opening Ceremony on a simulcast live on the TVB Jade, TVB HD Jade and TVB Pearl channels from midnight on 7 February, Friday Hong Kong time.


CBC's Sochi 2014 Olympic TV schedule with all the specialty networks TSN, TSN2, Rogers Sportsnet, and Sportsnet ONE now here!


So is the Radio-Canada Television, Radio-Canada Premiere, RDI, RDS, TVA Sports, Explora, and ARTV's French coverage Sochi 2014 TV schedule! Interesting in the fact the French coverage doesn't go all out extensively on the first day of competition with the three events going on at the 6th and having a preview show AFTER the Opening Ceremony:


Estonia's Sochi coverage coming from ETV and ETV2 on the TV side (with Marko Kaljuveer, Lembitu Kuuse, Tarmo Tiisler, Anu Säärits, Helar Osila ja Kristjan Kalkun) and Vikker Radio (with reporters Taavi Libe and Joosep Susi) that both starts on February 7 with the live coverage of the Opening Ceremony. No hockey. That's reserved for the Estonian version of MTG's TV3 and TV6 and the Viasat Sport Baltic Olympic channels.


Good thing Sky Sport NZ confronts the wrong Olympic button printing error on some TV guide publications well ahead of the Sochi start:


Watch to see the documentary Putin's Games? This must be German in orgin that's being shown at least across Europe in various languages like Sweden's TV10 with different voiceovers in multiple languages. May get pulled as we get closer. Not sure though.

Panasonic goes all out state-of-the-art Opening Ceremony 4K video recording in Sochi:


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Thanks again for all your efforts Durban Sandshark. It can be difficult enough sometimes to find info about coverage in just your own country, never mind around the world, so the amount of effort you put into this thread really is appreciated.

Second that. Durban, I know I get on your case sometimes for a lack of timeliness and especially on your occasional lack of knowledge about actual physical Olympic coverage, but it still amazes me how you can pull all this information from every corner of the Earth and share it with us. For that, I applaud your efforts.

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CBC's Sochi 2014 Olympic TV schedule with all the specialty networks TSN, TSN2, Rogers Sportsnet, and Sportsnet ONE now here!


So is the Radio-Canada Television, Radio-Canada Premiere, RDI, RDS, TVA Sports, Explora, and ARTV's French coverage Sochi 2014 TV schedule! Interesting in the fact the French coverage doesn't go all out extensively on the first day of competition with the three events going on at the 6th and having a preview show AFTER the Opening Ceremony:


Thanks for posting the schedules for Canada!

Regarding the Opening Ceremony, Radio-Canada (ICI Tele) will start its coverage one hour ahead of the other French networks for a preview show, which will be then re-broadcast at 11pm ET.

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Estonia's Sochi coverage coming from ETV and ETV2 on the TV side (with Marko Kaljuveer, Lembitu Kuuse, Tarmo Tiisler, Anu Säärits, Helar Osila ja Kristjan Kalkun) and Vikker Radio (with reporters Taavi Libe and Joosep Susi) that both starts on February 7 with the live coverage of the Opening Ceremony. No hockey. That's reserved for the Estonian version of MTG's TV3 and TV6 and the Viasat Sport Baltic Olympic channels.


19.00-21.35 ETV2 Jäähoki, Tšehhi-Rootsi

Jäähoki is ice hockey

Estonian and Lithuanian TV3 chose to show figure skating in those channels.

Only in Latvian TV3 and TV6 will be ice hockey tournament games

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BBC1's "The One Show" just had an interview with presenter Clare Balding, who confirmed, among other things, that she will be fronting the BBC2 nightly primetime Olympic roundup from Sochi, not from a UK studio- and that one of the reasons is her participation in the informal movement to get as many notable LGBT personalities into Sochi as possible over the next few weeks.

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Note though when Canada quote the hours they're quoting English and French hours. When the US quote the hours they're quoting recorded coverage. One thing that is interesting from all the info from some of these broadcasters around the world is that many of them are actually pledging more hours of coverage than there is actual competitive action.

Would be nice to see a full schedule from the BBC - they don't seem to have released that in detail yet. All events are presumably live on one of the six channels on the BBC Sport app. I'd imagine between the two interactive channels and BBC2's coverage most things will be available live too - indeed in terms of streams to events even for those without access to the online channels the coverage is actually far more comprehensive than for London.

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One of several Ceske Televize Sochi ZOH 2014 promos. Not the one with all the CT sportscasters. Surely that's coming very soon. But this details all the events, athletes, and medals to be won in Sochi


After I printed out and later read the ETV and ETV2 Sochi 2014 schedule, I quickly realized my mistake in what I wrote yesterday. ETV WILL show Olympic hockey; with the gold medal game as the only one from the women's portion on ETV but lots from the men's. Very likely a different story on Viasat with its 6 channels being involved on the subscription side of things. Also I realized that at that time TV3 Eesti will show the figure skating. Am going to get to TV3 today but couldn't back then as I had to hit for work in the evening. Already mentioned earlier that TV3 Lietuva will cover the figure skating too (remember my mentioning about that Lithuanian skating pair on that)

You may have noticed from Wikipedia's entry on the List of the 2014 Winter Olympics Broadcasters regarding Lithuania's broadcasters. It has LNK as a part of this with TV3, the Viasat channels, and Lietuvos Rytas TV (MTG owns TV3 and Viasat). What's LNK's role as largely an entertainment and commercial channel (and not known for showing sports) for the Lithuanian Sochi 2014 broadcast. Just both the Opening and Closing ceremonies like ATV in Austria is doing too and what TF1 did in London for both. The LNK TV link detailing its plans includes promo, also detailing it will also be shown on LNK GO. Interesting it shows largely the local Aboriginal tribes from the Vancouver area and not show the Lithuanians marching in the Opening Ceremony.


Lietuvos Rytas TV will broadcast much of the Sochi 2014 sports in Lithuania on the free-to-air side, except for the figure skating that's on TV3 and TV6 Lietuva and the ceremonies that LNK holds. It's going to be a little strange like it would be for Swedes and Norwegians to start watching the Olympics completely on commercial TV. Longtime broadcaster LRT lost out simply because it was outbid by its commercial rivals, who have more options, on the IOC media rights offered through Sportfive and the Lithuanian government refused to pony up for LRT and prefer to save amid austerity issues. Once it was named to offer the rights across Europe outside of the bigger European nations instead of the EBU, that changed everything in some places like in the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Turkey. Of all the three Baltic nations, Lithuania's coverage is completely on commercial TV. All the broadcasters promise better quality and more content than what LRT offered. The Winter Olympics aren't as a big deal to Lithuanians in viewership as its summer counterpart is, especially with basketball there. But there will be an increase in viewership; when Viasat announced that it has the subscription TV rights with 6 additional Olympic channels (and an all-Olympic News Channel) to Sochi and Rio De Janiero, subscription membership jumped to around 100,000 and growing. Viasat Sport Baltic has 220 hours alone for Sochi. As for concerns for advertising, none of the channels and Viasat will interrupt the competition going on in Sochi but will have more ads than usual to justify this expensive project. But the Olympic ad revenue split among Lietuvos Rytas TV, LNK, TV3 and TV6 Lietuva, and Viasat might have a negative impact but still attract many viewers.


Denmark's DR3 kicks off the Danish Sochi 2014 coverage on February 6 with the men's and women's snowboarding slopestyle qualifiers, making it among the latest TV broadcaster in a minority to show Olympic coverage prior to the Opening Ceremony. Curiously, DR opts not to show the team figure skating competition (men's and pairs short program) and the women's moguls qualification. On this Danish Olympic TV guide link, DR allows TV2 Norge to do those on that day. Languages are similiar to each other, yes, but surely why can't TV 2 do those too on that day. DR1 will broadcast the Opening Ceremony live the next day on February 7, and after that, it's DR1, DR2, DR3, TV2, and TV2 Zulu sharing the Sochi 2014 coverage everyday. Even TV2 Norge pops in occasionally. For its part, TV2 will show up to 400+ hours from TV2, TV2 Zulu, and TV 2 PLAY live and will attempt to cover as many Winter Olympic sports as possible. The Danish Sochi 2014 TV schedule isn't complete as of this writing--it goes up to the 13th. Holds some about TV2 but DR and a little on the 2014 Danish Olympic Team. And yes, all those channels will broadcast the Games to Greenland instead of its own like in Vancouver.


RTV Slovenia's Sochi 2014 website. It's the exclusive TV, online, and radio Slovenian home for Sochi 2014 coverage. Been up for several days:


As the exclusive Slovenian home for Sochi, RTV SLO will broadcast 230 TV hours live and in HD on TV SLO 2 from the early morning to the evening daily and send a team of 50 people to Sochi in a team of 70 overall for this project, starting on February 7 with the Opening Ceremony, hosted by Urban Laurenčič, who will also comment on the closing, speed skating, and men's alpine skiing with professional commentator Matjaz Vrhovnik. Its reporters will be everywhere there are Slovenians Winter Olympians involved. MMC will have a special portal devoted just for hockey and the Slovenian hockey team. Before Sochi's start, TV SLO 2 will broadcast three documentaries in series called Before Sochi, chronicling the Winter Olympics history with a special emphasis on the Slovenian Winter Olympians.

Studio anchors are Ervin Čurlič, Bojana Prince and Thomas Kovšca. Sasa Jerkovic and central guest award will Franci Petek will be there everyday. Thomas Hudomalj will be comment on speed skating, skeleton and women's downhill skiing. Ex-skier Ana Kobal will join Hudomalj as an analyst on women's downhill skiing. Tomas Globočnik and Marjan Fortin will comment on the biathlon with Globocnik doing the same for cross country skiing. Aleš Potočnik and Jelko Grosom will do ski jumping. Radijka Anja Hlača Ferjančič will talk to the Slovenian athletes and other Olympians after the competitions as a reporter. Andrej Stare will comment on hockey. Jolanda Bertola is the figure skating broadcaster. Radijec Dare Rupar will cover cross country skiing (with Peter Kavcic) and Nordic combined. Zoran Radisavljević does double Olympic commenting duty with hockey and curling. Leon Andrejka will be there for the TV broadcasts covering bobsledding, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, luge, and skeleton. Marko Pangerc comments on hockey and freestyle skiing on the radio side. Radio Slovenia and Val 202 have some Olympic stuff planned before the Games and already aired as well as forthcoming to go along with their upcoming coverage like with Bostjan Reberšak on ski jumping, with the latter producing exclusive downloads and sound clips. Ales Smrekar and Igor Tominec are part of that 7-person Val 202 team that also includes Uros Wolf as its Val 202 reporter for biathlon, snowboard and Ski Cross.


TVSLO 2's Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic TV schedule is now here. For all those Slovenians who want to cheer on Tina Maze and Anze Kopitar and his fellow Slovenian hockey teammates, among Slovenia 66-strong team in Sochi. MMC TV's online coverage has yet to made public, but it does say with RTV 4, Slovenians can get live and on-demand 24-hour coverage and catch events that TV SLO2 can't cover due to overlapping with Slavko Jeric being at the venues, for instance:


BREAKING NEWS! Fox Sports Latin America just now acquires the additional Spanish-speaking subscription-TV rights to Sochi 2014 from America Movil and will transmit those Sochi Winter Olympics--and Rio's. Very interesting. How it will co-exist in coverage with the new Claro Sports for Sochi is something to watch. Assuming this will go across Latin America and not just South America (excluding Brazil), will it share the coverage and show some sports that Claro Sport won't or can't cover on its schedule? Or will it be the same with some differences here and there like we saw with ESPN Latin America, TVC Deportes, Televisa Deportes, and SKY Latin America? Article deals more with FOX Sports Latin America's plans for Rio De Janiero upon the acquisition, though, because of the high LA broadcasting interest there.



Ten just got its newest Sochi 2014 Olympic sponsorship team for its coverage with the included membership of Optus Communications to join Samsung Australia, PharmaCare Laboratories, Fiat Chrysler Group (Jeep Brand), McDonald’s Australia, and Maurice Blackburn. Had FOXTEL, which is partially owned by Optus rival Telstra, had the subscription TV rights to Sochi and Rio De Janeiro, there would be absolutely no way FOXTEL would've allowed Optus to join. More companies are due to follow very soon as Ten sponsors.


In a related story, Samsung is to endorse Roy and HG's Russian Revolution live in Sochi and also seen on the Samsung Stadium app. Just thinking about the possible intros to that makes me chuckle! :D It has unleashed its Australian Sochi 2014 ad marketing blitz with Alex "Chumpy" Pallin, Scotty James, and Paralympian Jessica Gallagher encouraging how they "design their moment".


Every Winter Olympic sport is done as a collective it seems with France 3's upcoming Sochi 2014 coverage

About time to bring more of the Japan Consortium into this. I'll start with the TBS (instantly like this because it instantly reminds me of old school Superstation WTBS from Atlanta with its sports coverage). Their Sochi 2014 coverage appears on February 8-9, 11, 16,19, 20, and 22 and will focus on snowboarding with a sprinkling of figure skating, nordic combined, ski jumping, and the women's moguls final--something just over 31 hours. Much of it will be live, especially with the snowboarding. Consequently, TBS Olympic profiles center on the Japanese snowboarding team and the sole Japanese nordic combined member. But its figure skating footage won't. Anyway, I tried to do some translating since my Japanese reading isn't up to snuff, but I got mixed results. TBS sportscasting team is headed by a duo. The male co-anchor, Nakai Masahiro, is doing his sixth consecutive Olympics. The female co-anchor is Naoko Takahashi, Sydney 2000 gold medalist in the women's marathon. The rest of the team, as it seems to be throughout Japanese TV, is made up of 4 cute Japanese young women who may or not know much about the sports they'll cover and will be in Sochi. Still slowly learning much about the whole Japanese TV landscape. TBS' mascot is that cartoonish black pig currently holding the Olympic torch.





Coming up is Fuji TV's Sochi 2014 website. Fuji TV's focus lies on women's sports with the majority sport being men's and women's free skate for the most part. Fuji TV jumps in on February 9, 11, 14, 18, and 20-21 with women's 3000m speed skating, women's slopestyle skiing, Japan women's hockey game vs. hosts Russia, the aforementioned men's and women's figure skating free skate, women's short track speed skating, and women's slopstyle skiing halfpipe. Fuji TV will air around 25 TV hours in total. Its official Sochi 2014 theme song is Ayaka's single "Number One".



TV Tokyo's mascot is a banana. And that banana is getting into the Olympic spirit for Sochi. TV Tokyo's Sochi website is just now up with its TV schedule consists of nordic hill combined, speed skating, Japanese women's curling taking on Team USA, and 2-man bobsled first half from the period of February 10-22, including the Sochi 2014 Olympic bulletins and reairings on TV Tokyo's satelitte channel BS Japan. The translations can be a little funny from Japanese. TV Tokyo will have its announcer Tsinghua and former Japanese Olympian Tsugihare Ogihara with reporter Satoshi Nagakawa. TV Tokyo's Sochi 2014 theme is Every Little Thing's "Start"




Let's also add Ceske Televize to the list of those who will broadcast on February 6 through CT Sport. All the Ceske Televize Sochi 2014 TV schedules are here with CT 2, and CT Sport! Nova TV is coming soon!


In case you missed it, this is the full RTVS Slovakia Sochi 2014 TV schedule that's mostly on Dvojka with Jednotka coming in as indicated:


The Slovakian Olympic hockey TV coverage on Markiza (Slovakia's games) and Dajto with additional info on Radio Slovakia's Olympic hockey coverage plans. Was hoping for some women's hockey from them. Not to be:


As for South Asia--you know, India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, and Bhutan, Star Sports seems to be, at this writing, to be the only broadcaster for Sochi 2014. We know now that the Sochi 2014 coverage will come on Star Sports 4 and Star Sports HD2. It's still expected that local broadcasters will acquire the FTA rights to them, like perhaps Doordarshan and DD Sports.

We finally getting some at last Olympic TV and online developments from the Turkish camp. You remember that from several years ago that FOX Turkey acquired the rights to broadcast Sochi 2014 and the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics in 2016. We heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from FOX Turkey in the years since! I checked periodically to FOX Turkley's website and saw absolutely no references to Sochi forthcoming. Surely, FOX Turkey has its own sports network, like it has seemingly around the globe, and use to cover it. Maybe it's waiting for full use for Rio De Janiero. So apparently, FOX Turkey sold the 2014 Winter Olympic rights to TRT, where it should never have left in the first place. Given that there's not much interest in the Winter Olympics to Turks.

TRT will have TRT3 Spor and TRT HD broadcasting from Sochi. Details are forthcoming very soon.

CCTV will very likely have CCTV-1 to televise both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in China to go along with the Chinese Sochi 2014 coverage amply supplied by CCTV-5 and CCTV-5+, which is actually an additional sports TV channel for CCTV created back in 2008 in time for Beijing actually on CCTV 22. Hopefully, we'll get the coverage will be like from it.

Thank goodness the Sochi 2014 Olympic Broadcasting list is now up, so it can assist us in discovering what TV and Pay-TV subcription entities are broadcasting where and not just rely on Wikipedia's entry! Could use the radio ones too. Now the IOC has its own Olympic TV app for tablets and smartphones. Surely this will be updated as we go along! Furthermore, I'm glad I printed off the London 2012 Olympic Broadcasting list that was since taken down.


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Yoshi, I don't think that Russia moves it time back or forward an hour in the autumn and spring like many places do. I noticed that tonight when I was looking at the Formula One schedule and there is an eight hour difference between my time zone and Sochi time for the Russian GP in October, yet the difference is nine hours for the Olympics.

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BBC OC coverage starts at 3:30 WTF. I thought Sochi was on GMT+3 :unsure:

No, Thursday 3:30pm GMT marks BBC's first live coverage of sports on Day 0. The OC is the next day, at the expected time.

The UK and Canada are two of the few countries with actual live TV coverage of sports on Thursday Feb 6th.

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A quick comparison of Olympic coverage in France, UK, USA and Canada.

I have to say, the Winter Games are definitely a much bigger deal in Canada than anywhere else.


The UK TV coverage is just over 200 hours on BBC2, plus two Red Button channels, which could potentially add nearly 500 hours more, if they are used to present highlights in the evenings as well as live coverage.

BBC OC coverage starts at 3:30 WTF. I thought Sochi was on GMT+3 :unsure:

Google says "Moscow Time Zone (UTC+04:00)"- I think Moscow got moved into Sochi's "natural" timezone from its old Soviet-era GMT+3.

No, Thursday 3:30pm GMT marks BBC's first live coverage of sports on Day 0. The OC is the next day, at the expected time.

The UK and Canada are two of the few countries with actual live TV coverage of sports on Thursday Feb 6th.

I can't see any BBC2 or BBC1 coverage from Sochi on the afternoon of 6 February. Are you looking at the BBC Sochi Schedule page? That is a list of events, not coverage.

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