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Team Canada at Sochi 2014

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They filed the protest too late anyways. I think it's highly unlikely that anything will come of this. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than of this appeal going through.

PS - I forgot to mention in regards to the crash before... I'm glad those boys are alright! The first thing that matters was to make sure that they were safe!

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It'll be 25 medals for Canada. 1 short of Vancouver, but still a pretty good performance by the Canadians.

Looking forward to 2018,I'm confident we'll kill Freestyle skiing (again) in Pyeonchang. LOL. Justine Lapointe, Kingsbury, etc.

hopefully that third lapointe sister will start pulling her weight by then too, instead of being just the personal assistant to her two successful sisters, who also skis herself sometimes i guess.

or maybe they'll just drop her like the bad habit she is.

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I'm sorry, but that protest was incredibly lame. Thank God common sense prevailed.

Even if the Slovene and Canadian NOC's were correct, CAS does not like to change results on technicalities like that. Either way it would never have been successful because of how CAS works and their conservative approach to issues like this.

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I'm gonna miss the Olympics so much! :(

I'm gonna miss this forum!

See you guys in 2 years!

lol this forum doesn't hibernate till 2016.

I'm sorry, but that protest was incredibly lame. Thank God common sense prevailed.

ikr. They knew it wasn't going to go through and spent the money to appeal. Ridiculous.

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Well, might as well go sport by sport:

  • Alpine Skiing: It wasn't Guay and it wasn't Gagnon, but finally Canada has another medal in Alpine after a ridiculous amount of close calls. Women's tech team is promising.
  • Biathlon: no medals, but still some great performances. Very unlucky in the men's pursuit, too. I'm pretty confident someone will step in to fill J.P.'s shoes.
  • Bobsleigh: full marks to Humphries for driving out of her mind, but very disappointing showing by the men's team. A medal was always going to be tough but we weren't even close. Still, Spring, Kripps and Humphries should still be there in four years.
  • Cross-country skiing: disastrous. Not so much that they didn't win any medals, that was always going to be tough, but the entire team just didn't show up. There will be a lot of turnover, and considering how much the women's team has suffered from that I am not too optimistic for the future. Harvey and Valjas are still young and they will probably have to carry the team over the next four years.
  • Curling: full marks, an embarrassing amount of talented teams are waiting in the wings.
  • Figure Skating: Chan let a chance for gold get away from him, but apart from that the team did about as well as it could. Always a sport with a lot of turnover so its really hard to predict how strong the team will be in four years.
  • Freestyle Skiing: Full marks. Two teenagers on the women's side won gold medals and there is a lot of young talent beyond that.
  • Hockey: Full marks once again. Pyeongchang will be tough on the men's side if the NHL doesn't go.
  • Luge: Best performance ever for Canada, but three fourth places are tough to take. If the entire team carries on its hard to imagine there won't be medals in Korea.
  • Nordic Combined: nope.
  • Short Track: Very disappointing performance, and the entire team on the men's side (apart from Charle Cournoyer) could very well retire before the next Olympics. Still, there is a lot of talent waiting in the wings, its just that people of the calibre of Charles Hamelin are darn hard to find. At the end of the day the disappointing medal haul had more to do with bad luck than with lack of talent, though.
  • Skeleton: worse performance ever for Canada on both the men's and women's side. Program needs to rebuild.
  • Ski Jumping: lots of improvements for Canada since 2010 on the men's side and fairly decent results from the women. The team has the potential to stay competitive on the women's side if the proper investments are made.
  • Snowboarding: fairly disappointing, especially in men's slopestyle. Maltais' silver is nice. Maltais, Ricker and Calve will probably all retire and those will be big shoes to fill. Hard to predict who will be competitive in slopestyle in four years.
  • Speed skating: the team has been a disaster all year, so wining two medals is a nice surprise. The men's side has a lot of promising sprinters but I'm not quite as confident for the women. Definitively some rebuilding to be done.

Overall good Olympics for Canada, could have gone a bit better. Will be tough to match in Pyeongchang.

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Just curious why do you think it will be tough to match in 2018?

That's probably just me being pessimistic. But I've heard some mumbling from the French Canadian press that there is a lack of funding at the grassroots level that might lead to some problems down the line.

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Aubut wants the games back in Canada either winter or summer. Looks like Calgary will bid for 2026.

We could host again here in Calgary. The oval is in fantastic shape. Nakiska is in fine shape (I'm probably going to head out there next weekend for a day of skiing). The nordic site in Canmore is in good shape. But...

Canada Olympic Park could use an upgrade/renovation - the 90 meter jump tower is used for a zipline, but the actual jump ramp isn't used. And they can't really use the jump bowl anymore as they installed a chairlift there. The bobsled track could use a renovation. I'd build new jumps in Canmore with the nordic site.

Saddledome - speculation that they may be building a new arena after the flooding last summer. There was water up to the 12th row of seats in there and the Stampede grounds adjacent to it were flooded completely.

But... we could do it again! :)

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