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Team Canada at Sochi 2014

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I was sure that Maltais would have gotten DQed for that pass on Brockhoff, but nope. Unfortunately Jacobellis is out, given her history and injuries if it wasn't Maltais or Ricker, I'd have liked it to be Jacobellis.

Honestly, it takes a lot to get DQed in snowboardcross. Not really surprised by the top 2, Samkova and Maltais have clearly been the two best racers this year (in that order). The French rider wining bronze is a huge surprise.

Hudec getting bronze is great - after so many close calls, finally another alpine medal for Canada.

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Its funny

Torino, Ricker crashes, Maltais medals

Vancouver, Maltais craches, Ricker medals

Sochi, Ricker crashes, Maltais medals.

Going into the weekend 3 medals would have been great, but no gold given the men's 1000m short track and women's snowboardcross is disappointing.

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SI's Canada predictions

Bronze - Erik Guay - Men's Downhill - February 9 Nope

Silver - Marie-Michele Gagnon - Women's Combined - February 10 HAHA Nope

Gold - Kaillie Humphries - Women's Bobsleigh - February 19

Bronze - Alex Harvey - Men's 1.4k Spring - February 11 Not even close

Gold - Canada - Men's Curling - February 21

Bronze - Canada - Women's Curling - February 20

Silver - Patrick Chan - Men's Figure Skating - February 14 (I guess I am not the only one that believes in the jinx) And it continues

Silver - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - Ice Dance - February 17

Gold - Canada - Team Trophy - February 9 Silver

Gold - Mikael Kingsbury - Men's Moguls - February 10 Silver

Silver - Alex Bilodeau - Men's Moguls - February 10 Gold

Gold - David Duncan - Men's Ski Cross - February 13 (mentions that Canada could sweep this event)

Bronze - Justin Dorey - Men's Ski Halfpipe - February 18

Silver - Justine Dufour-Lapointe - Women's Moguls - February 8 Gold

Bronze - Chloe Dufour-Lapointe - Women's Moguls - February 8 Silver

Gold - Marielle Thompson - Women's Ski Cross - February 21

Gold - Dara Howell - Women's Ski Slopestyle - February 11 Spot on

Bronze - Canada - Men's Ice Hockey - February 23

Silver - Canada - Women's Ice Hockey - February 20

Bronze - Alex Gough - Women's Luge - February 11 Unfortunately no

Gold - Mark McMorris - Men's Slopestyle - February 8 Not with that bullsh!t judging

Bronze - Sebastien Toutant - Men's Slopestyle - February 8 Right colour, wrong Canadian

Silver - Spencer O'Brien - Women's Slopestyle - February 9 Nope

Gold - Maelle Ricker - Women's Snowboard Cross - February 16 Crash and burn

Bronze - Dominique Maltais - Women's Snowboard Cross - February 16 One better, Silver

Bronze - Canada - Women's Team Pursuit - February 22 Already calling this as hell no

Silver - Charles Hamelin - Men's 500m Short Track - February 21

Gold - Charles Hamelin - Men's 1000m Short Track - February 10 And he's out of there

Gold - Charles Hamelin - Men's 1500m Short Track - February 15 Spot on

Gold - Canada - Men's 5000m Relay Short Track - February 21 Karma

Bronze - Valerie Maltais - Women's 1500m Short Track - February 15 Nope

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Too bad for her. She wasn't even a medal contender.

Looks like no medal in the women's 1500m :(

Nesbitt has fallen off.

Looks like no medal in the women's 1500m :(

Nesbitt has fallen off.

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2-man bobsleigh: Canada 3 sits in 4th place, only 0.12 out of second. Only 0.38 separates 2nd from 10th. So two good runs by any team (including the 3 Canadian sleds) could get you on the podium.

Figure skating; Ice Dance: Should be a silver medal day for Virtue and Moir

Freestyle Skiing; Men's Aerials: Travis Gerrits goes tomorrow with a strong medal chance. A consistent performance will see him land in the medal hunt.

Hockey: Canada plays Switzerland in the semi-finals, a win and at least silver.

Men's Snowboard Cross: Not sure how this is going to go, but Canada could medal.

A potential of 5 medals (4 in count, 1 guaranteed). If Canada can do well tomorrow it would go a long way to putting the team in position to challenge the 26 medals from Vancouver.

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So I just finished watching the Ice dance on CBC and they are insinuating that the figure skating scores are being fixed for Americans to win gold in ice dance and Russia for the Team event. I wonder if this will have legs?

They also showed a tweet from one of those people who created the new judging system who says that Virtue/Moir should be in the lead

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  • The person who tweeted that was the creator of the Finnstep sequence; he said Virtue/Moir had superior steps and should've have been underscored

Virtue and Moir's performance of the short dance was their best of the season, but their score wasn't

Almost every skating couple in the top 10 got a new personal best, except Virtue and Moir

The 2 point difference separating V/M and D/W give further slack for the judges tomorrow

D/W could realistically make a mistake and V/M could skate clean; the judges will still award gold to Davis/White with peace of mind

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