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Team Canada at Sochi 2014

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Kudos to the Canadian coach for helping the Russian x-country skier with replacing the busted ski so he could finish the race. It's stories like this that I love coming out of the games! Bravo!

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OTTAWA -- Canadian athletes keep racking up medals at the Sochi Olympics, and now more money is coming their way to keep them on the podium.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's latest budget -- released Tuesday while many Canadians were likely more interested on the Winter Games -- includes a $23-million annual boost in sports funding, starting next year.
Of that, $11 million will be set aside for winter sports through Own the Podium, a not-for-profit group created to boost Canada's Olympic performances.
The goal of Own the Podium is to prioritize funding on the Olympic and Paralympic sports in which Canada has the best shot at winning medals.
It was born from the country's crushing disappointment at failing to win gold medals on home turf at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and then again at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.
Canada went on to win a record 14 gold medals at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and a total of 18 medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
The Canadian Olympic Committee's goal for the Sochi Games is to improve on Vancouver's medal haul and finish at the top of the table for overall medals. So far, Canada has four more medals than at this point at the 2010 Games.
On Tuesday, Canada trailed only Norway in the standings.
Freestyle skier Dara Howell won Canada's fourth gold of the Sochi Games in the women's slopestyle event, while her teammate Kim Lamarre won the bronze.
That brought Canada's medal count to nine -- four gold, three silver and two bronze. Only Norway, with 11 medals, has won more medals in Sochi.
The rest of the $23 million in Flaherty's budget will be divvied up between team sports, the Canadian Paralympic Committee and Special Olympics Canada.
In addition to that money, Special Olympics Canada is getting another $10.8-million spread over four years.
"All Canadians are cheering on our Canadian athletes and coaches and celebrating their outstanding accomplishments at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia," the budget says.
Also included in the budget is a measure aimed at retirement savings for amateur athletes.
The measure would allow any income amateur athletes contributes to a trust to count as earned income for the purpose of determining their annual RRSP limit.
Right now, any income contributed to an amateur athlete trust doesn't count as earned income, which limits the amount they can contribute to an RRSP.


Interesting nothing for Summer sports.

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We haven't really had a surprising medal yet. Well, I guess Lamarre wasn't expected, but we did get two medals at the last worlds and infostrada had us for two in slopestyle, even though it was Turski with Howell. Hopefully someone can come through tomorrow, keep the ride going!

Pretty nice of Gilmore to give up his 1000m spot for Morrison, seems like a great story to finish with a happy ending :)

And faster, if you like poor medal predictions, the AP is really having a great time; I think they've got the US with as many medals missed as they've won so far.

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Doubles sled with a track record! But 3 teams beat their time :(

They are still 0.064 behind. Anything can happen. Look at the second German sled, who would have thought they would be 9th. Look at the Vancouver results from first to second run. Hope they can lay down another great run and let the cards fall as they may.

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Great stuff from Morrison! Thrilled for him :)

Luge team got the error from the Austrians in front they needed, but the Latvians got past them, now two fourth places for the luge program, they must be gutted; should be an interesting team relay, the question will probably be how much Edney gives up to Demchenko and Zoeggeler. Austria and Italy didn't have a woman in the top 10, that'll be where Canada will have to make up a lot of time.

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Any medal hopes for tomorrow?

Long Shot: JP Le Guellec in Men's 20km biathlon. Probably 1/10

Long Shot: Alex Beauliue-Marchand in Men's Ski Slopestyle, he has 2 impressive results, one very recently and he just watched 6 of his teammates take away medals. 3/10

Great Shot: Luge Team Relay. I am praying for this medal. Canada has spent a lot of time, money and effort on luge and it would be just amazing for Canada to win a medal. Germany is going to get the gold, you have Austria, Canada, USA, Italy, Russia and Latvia all in with a chance. I hope so much for this medal.

Good Chance: Women's 500m Short Track. Hopefully the beautiful Marianne St. Gelais and Valerie Maltais can both get into the final. Both have tough quarterfinal draws. But I think this is a very good chance.

I have no idea Chance: Christine Nesbitt. Hopefully she is back in form from years previously. Unfortunately she is not ranked highly and in a bad pair. She would have to lay down a track record and wait for 22 more skaters to race.

Hopefully 2 medals.

Should add that Walker/Snith are still young, they still have another Olympics in them. Hopefully Luge continues to get the same funding and development and in Korea they can be on the podium.

Denny Morrison's medal is probably the most unexpected medal since Jeffrey Buttle's bemusing bronze from Torino. All 26 medals in Vancouver were expected/predicted/thought of as possibilities.

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Alex's top world cup score in the last two seasons should make him a contender.

Alex just got 20.00 on his first qualifying run. Not a good way to start.

He finished 16th at the X Games in Aspen. 15th the year before.

Unless he puts down a surprising run, he's definitely not a contender.

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