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Team Canada at Sochi 2014

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I mean there is a lot of possibilities but something about the recent rash of injuries and what happened in Vancouver. I definitely do not think the Americans will win 44 medals. That is ridiculous.

February 8

Men's Slopestyle: Mark McMorris, Maxence Parrot and Sebastian Toutant are all medal possibilities. I just realized that unlike previous editions where a biathlon medal was the first awarded, this medal will be circa 5am EST

Canada plays Switzerland at 8am EST

Women's Moguls: Chloe, Justine and Maxine Dufour-Lapointe are all medal possibilities (would love them to sweep, imagine the family fights years later, oh well I won the gold)

February 9

Men's Downhill: Erik Guay, here's hoping for an end to a 20yr drought

Men's 30km Skiathlon: A long shot, but one of those early events that could indicate where Canada is heading.

Men's Luge: Another longish shot, but Sam Edney would be possible. The 4 run nature of the event means it is more doubtful because it requires consistency.

Team Trophy: Canada should medal, actually it would be utterly shocking if they didn't medal.

Women's Slopestyle: Spencer O'Brien is the current World Champion, and X Games bronze medalist.

February 10

Women's Super Combined: A relatively new medal prospect; Marie-Michele Gagnon. Another early event that will be indicative of Canada's overall performance

Men's 1500m Short Track: Charles Hamelin and honestly even Michael Gilday could medal. DQs and probably the weakest Korean team in two decades.

Men's 500m Long Track: I personally disagree with this event being a medal possibility, but its possible.

Men's Moguls: Probably one of the surest double medal events. Alexandre Bilodeau and Mikael Kingsbury

February 11

Men's Sprint; Cross-Country: Harvey and Kershaw. Here's hoping

Women's Ski Slopestyle: Dara Howell and Kaya Turski are strong medal probabilities a repeat of Voss would be outstanding

Women's Luge: Alex Gough, but only a silver medal in field without a top German is not a strong indicator of success

February 12

Pairs Figure Skating: Duhamel and Radford are a decent medal chance but the longest shot in figure skating

Luge Doubles: A long shot, but they did medal this season. (Walker and Snith)

Men's 1000m Long Track: Denny Morrison, hopefully he can be the skater he can be

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221 athletes from 9 provinces and 2 territories. New Brunswick and Nunavut are the odd ones out.

Incidentally the closest a New Brunswicker got to qualifying for the games was Travis Jayner, who finished sixth in the US Short Track Olympic trials. He was also the only Olympian from New Brunswick in 2010 (again representing the US).

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Doesnt look like the 2003 Canada Games left a legacy lol. Anyways 93 of 98 events are represented by Canada. Nordic combined womena aerials and one more. Not sure which one.

Also agree with Faster the 500m is a crapshoot especially at sea level.

Men's 10000m in speed skating. Women's Mass Start in Biathlon is a crapshoot, men's is likely but not guaranteed.

There are like 8 different people that can realistically win the men's 500m in long track. I wouldn't be surprised with a gold for Canada or no Canadians in top 8. A medal is a little under 50/50 in that event IMO.

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Here are my medal predictions for Canada.

Alpine skiing. Hard to predict but at least one medal is what I think will happen. Eric Guay and Marie-Michèle Gagnon are medal contenders. Marie won one race however she didn't medal in the two races in the prior season. Benjamin Thomsen also win a silver at a test even in 2012, which could prove valuable at the Olympics. Prediction: 0-1 medals.

Biathlon: Nathan Smith and JPL need to have a perfect race and luck to have any hopes to win a medal. The women individually are highly unlikely to win a medal. The women's relay team did finish fourth at a world cup this season. However I don't think this team will win a medal. Prediction: 0-1 medals.

Bobsleigh: Moyse/Humphries start of good and struggle on the second run during the world cup. If they can fix that they should easily win a medal. The men's team has qualified the maximum amount of sleds, though I believe the quality has gone down since Vancouver. Prediction: 1-2 medals.

Cross Country skiing: Alex Harvery is peaking into form for the Olympics. He is Canada's only realistic medal contender. Devon Kershaw if he is healthy can probably win a medal as well. Chandra Crawford in her last games will compete in the classical sprint, the event she stunned the skiing world by winning in 2006. Prediction: 0-2 medals.

Curling: Both teams should win medals. Prediction: 2 medals.

Figure skating: Patrick Chan, Virtue/Moir and team trophy are all certain of medals (barring some sort of catastrophe). There is a small outside chance in the pairs event for a medal as well. Prediction: 3-4 medals.

Freestyle skiing: Bilodeau/Kingsbury should medal in the men's moguls. 1,2 or even all 3 Dufor-Lapointe sisters should medal. Travis Gerrits has a high score this season in the men's aerials and if he can replicate it, he should medal. In ski cross I think 1-2 medals (at most 1 from each event) can be reasonably expected from any of the 6 that is on the team. In the halfpipe I don't expect a medal both men and women. Men's slopestyle no medal but Dara Howell in the women's should medal. Prediction: 5-9 medals.

Hockey: The women will win a medal. The men I am not too sure but in the end I think they will medal. Prediction: 2 medals.

Luge: Barring a DQ the relay team should win a medal. Alex Gough also with a good race medal and win the first medal by a non-European in the women's event. Prediction: 2 medals.

Short track speed skating: Hardest sport to predict. Charles Hamelin has won world cup medals in all three individual distances this season. So at least two would be reasonably expected. The men's relay should medal. The women's relay will be in tough to medal. An individual medal for women would also be a stretch. Prediction: 3-5 medals.

Skeleton: All four athletes are in tough to medal. However Fairbain and Reid have medalled in the world cup this year. Prediction: 0-1 medals.

Ski Jumping: The women's team are a long shot to medal. Prediction: 0 medals.

Snowboarding: Men's slopestyle I expect two medals. The women probably won't medal. In women's Snowboard cross one medal, men's has an outside shot. Parallel slalom for women is an outside shot. Men if further back. Halfpipe won't medal for both. Prediction: 3-6 medals.

19 - 37 medals.

I forgot:

Speed Skating: Women's team pursuit should medal. Men's team pursuit, 500m, and Christine Nesbitt x2 all have outside shots. Prediction: 1-5 medals

So total being 20-42 medals.

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Women's relay has been pretty even with Italy this year. Agreed that Roz and Turski are both looking good as per their X games form.

There is a potential for a sweep in women's ski slopestyle, but its a bit of a longshot.

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February 13

Luge: Team Relay; Edney, Gough, Snith and Walker; I am hoping for this medal more than most. I really want the amount of time, money and energy spent on luge since 2002 to have been worth something. This medal would elevate Canadian luge to a place where it becomes a core part of future Olympic plans.

Speed Skating; Short Track Women's 500m. Anything can happen in this event but St. Gelais is a threat, especially without Wang in the mix.

Speed Skating: Long Track Women's 1000m. Nesbitt, here's hoping she can get it together

February 14

Figure Skating: Men's. Patrick Chan, hopefully Chan can finally overcome the jinx this event is for Canadians

Skeleton; Women's. It could happen, would be nice to see Hollingsworth on the podium after what happened in Vancouver.

February 15

Short Track; Men's 1000m and Women's 1500m. Hamelin and Maltais could both medal this night.

Skeleton; Men's. It could happen, no one expected Montgomery to win or even medal.

Speed Skating; Men's 1500m. I made a mistake in a previous post, this is the event Morrison could medal in. Doubtful as it is

February 16

Snowboarding: Cross; Maltais and Ricker are both potential medalist.

Speed Skating; Women's 1500m. Again Nesbitt could medal here, but unlikely

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Canada's Pretorious has withdrawn from the women's ski jumping event due to injury (realistically our only medal hope in the sport). Canada's team size is down to 220 now.

Are they not replacing her? Its past the time where another country can pick up the quota, no?

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Are they not replacing her? Its past the time where another country can pick up the quota, no?

Yea they won't and yes its past the deadline. However there is a late athlete replacement policy, which includes injury so they could have replaced her if they had wanted.

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Yea they won't and yes its past the deadline. However there is a late athlete replacement policy, which includes injury so they could have replaced her if they had wanted.

I know Canada could have replaced her, though the other 2 women on the national team are pretty young and inexperienced. A bit of a bummer they won't replace her, that means there only will be 29 women there.

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I know Canada could have replaced her, though the other 2 women on the national team are pretty young and inexperienced. A bit of a bummer they won't replace her, that means there only will be 29 women there.

She was replaced with a Norwegian actually.

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Mr. White... It's easy to find excuses to pull out of a contest when you think you can't win...
— Sebastien Toutant (@SebToots)

Shaun knows he won't be able to win the slopes, thats why he pulled out. He's scared!
— Maxence Parrot (@MaxParrot)


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SI's Canada predictions

Bronze - Erik Guay - Men's Downhill - February 9

Silver - Marie-Michele Gagnon - Women's Combined - February 10

Gold - Kaillie Humphries - Women's Bobsleigh - February 19

Bronze - Alex Harvey - Men's 1.4k Spring - February 11

Gold - Canada - Men's Curling - February 21

Bronze - Canada - Women's Curling - February 20

Silver - Patrick Chan - Men's Figure Skating - February 14 (I guess I am not the only one that believes in the jinx)

Silver - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - Ice Dance - February 17

Gold - Canada - Team Trophy - February 9

Gold - Mikael Kingsbury - Men's Moguls - February 10

Silver - Alex Bilodeau - Men's Moguls - February 10

Gold - David Duncan - Men's Ski Cross - February 13 (mentions that Canada chould sweep this event)

Bronze - Justin Dorey - Men's Ski Halfpipe - February 18

Silver - Justine Dufour-Lapointe - Women's Moguls - February 8

Bronze - Chloe Dufour-Lapointe - Women's Moguls - February 8

Gold - Marielle Thompson - Women's Ski Cross - February 21

Gold - Dara Howell - Women's Ski Slopestyle - February 11

Bronze - Canada - Men's Ice Hockey - February 23

Silver - Canada - Women's Ice Hockey - February 20

Bronze - Alex Gough - Women's Luge - February 11

Gold - Mark McMorris - Men's Slopestyle - February 8

Bronze - Sebastien Toutant - Men's Slopestyle - February 8

Silver - Spencer O'Brien - Women's Slopestyle - February 9

Gold - Maelle Ricker - Women's Snowboard Cross - February 16

Bronze - Dominique Maltais - Women's Snowboard Cross - February 16

Bronze - Canada - Women's Team Pursuit - February 22

Silver - Charles Hamelin - Men's 500m Short Track - February 21

Gold - Charles Hamelin - Men's 1000m Short Track - February 10

Gold - Charles Hamelin - Men's 1500m Short Track - February 15

Gold - Canada - Men's 5000m Relay Short Track - February 21

Bronze - Valerie Maltais - Women's 1500m Short Track - February 15

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Great results in Female Moguls.

I'm thinking Hannah Kearney of the USA will win Gold, Silver and Bronze are going to 2 of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters.

Results update.

Chloe, Justine and Maxime Dufour-Lapointe along with Audrey Robichaud have qualified to Final 1.

Sebastien Toutant and Max Parrot have qualified to the Slopestyle Final.

What happened to Mark McMorris? I missed Slopestyle.

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