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Super Bowl XLVII

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Yes, we're rapidly approaching that time in that sports calendar that lots of Americans and even Canadians eagerly anticipate every year--even those across the globe. Yes, I'm talking about that Super Bowl! Down in N'awlins again at the Mercedes Benz Louisiana Superdome! It is almost a de facto secular national sports holiday here with all the hype it gets. Next Sunday pitting the NFC champs San Francisco 49ERS and the AFC champs Baltimore Ravens. I would like to take this moment to thank, congratulate, and salute the Ravens on thankfully eliminating of that morally corrupt, arrogant, wicked, hateful, oppressive, and wretched Evil Empire New England in that Stadium of Evil in front of those worshippers of that evil, and need to be taught a valuable and painful and humiliating lesson with their second half comeback and henceforth. They did the world a tremendous amount of good on that; without that evil franchise, there's no need for anxiety in the Super Bowl. Now they're back in that hateful and dark hole where they emerged from! It really should've been the Ravens and the Houston Texans for the AFC title down at Reliant Stadium in Houston, but I digress...

What we got right now is going to be dubbed the HarBowl, the SuperBaugh, the Brother Bowl, or the Harbuagh Bowl between brother coaches Jim from San Francisco and older bro John from Baltimore. Though close, both surely are competitive dating from their youth with their sibling rivalries and football family background. This will be a first Super Bowl that will have opposing brothers. Brother in law Tom Creen, head of the Indiana Hoosiers men's basketball team, surely will attend. I expect this to be another ratings blockbuster with, say, at least 200 million US viewers watching. I also expect a tight one here that will go down the wire.

You know also what else we're here for when we talk about the Superbowl? The halftime show! Who's it going to be?! Well, it's going to be Beyonce Knowles, Miss Bootylicious herself! Yes, she's fine and a great singer! Rumour has it that there could be a Destiny's Child reunion that could be a start to a reunion album after almost a decade away. Also, her husband Jay-Z, the Jiggaman, is rumoured to appear too. I think we could all that. Alicia Keys will sing the national anthem and plans to do it outside of the traditional manner.

And that's definitely not all! We wanna know about those upcoming Super Bowl commercials that make people everywhere want to stay for! Thuink about it: the going rate for a Super Bowl commercial now hit the $4 million barrier! With that it's like, Recession? What recession? I won't go into a lot of them right now, but I got this planned lineup, which will be constantly updated up until late next week, from SuperBowl Ads on what to mexpect from the time slots:

The Lineup of Advertisers for Super Bowl 2013 and Spoilers

ico-time.pngJanuary 17, 2013

This is our look into the advertisers and creative previews of what to expect from the commercials that will air during Super Bowl XLVII.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Anheuser-Busch’s newest brands, Budweiser Black Crown and Beck’s Sapphire, will be making their national television debut during four and a half minutes of Anheuser-Busch ads. For Bud Light 2 :60 second ads “Journey” and “Lucky Chair” The two ads are the culmination of the brand’s successful “Superstitious” campaign, which portrays the traditions and rituals NFL fans employ to help their teams win. Both ads are set in New Orleans, tying the creative closely to the Super Bowl. For Budweiser 1 :60 second ad “Brotherhood” the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales are back in an ad that chronicles the bond a Clydesdale foal shares with his trainer. For Budweiser Black Crown 2 :30 second ads “Coronation” and “Celebration”. “Coronation” will air in the first spot after kickoff. For Beck’s Sapphire 1 :30 second ad “Serenade”. The ad celebrates Beck’s Sapphire’s sleek, one-of-a-kind black bottle, and features a surprise admirer that is mesmerized by its beauty.

Audi of America 1 :60 second commercial – A young man heads to prom dateless but confident because he’s driving his fathers 2013 Audi S6

AXE 1 :30 second spot entitled “Lifeguard,” that includes a “twist” at the end that “aligns with a creative campaign” that will kick off in the new year. Axe is also running a promotion that will send lucky fans to outer space and hired Buzz Aldrin to help promote the contest. Watch the spot “AXE Apollo Fireman”

Best Buy Possibly a continuation of their ongoing campaign “Gifts That Do”

Cars.com 1 :30 second ad in first quarter, will show consumers how buying is “Drama Free” at Cars.com See the preview ad.

Coca-Cola 3 :30 second spots You decide who wins the Coca-Cola see the preview ad and join in on the contest

Century 21 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter, 3 pre-game spots and a sponsoring 1 hour of the pre-game broadcast

Fiat 1 :30 second ad

Ford-Lincoln 1 :60 second ad will promote 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan to ‘younger’ viewers. Jimmy Fallon helped create the ad, but will not appear in it.

Gildan’s Activewear 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter “Getaway” shows what a guy will go through to get his favorite shirt. See the preview

GoDaddy.com 2 :30 second spots – One after the 2-minute warning in the 4th quarter will again promote “.CO” with Danica Patrick. See the ads’ sneak peek now. The other in the second spot of the second break during the first quarter will show us “what sexy is” and star Dana Patrick and Bar Refaeli in a spot called “Perfect Match”

Hyundai 2 :30 second ads

Kia Motor 1 :30 second spot in the third quarter for the Forte and 1 :60 second spot in the fourth quarter for the Sorento

Kraft’s MiO 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter will feature Tracy Morgan in comedic look at things that have changed in America, including sports drinks

M&M’s Mars Chocolate North America 1 :30 second ad in the 1st quarter

Mercedes-Benz 1 :60 Second ad in 4th quarter – Kate Upton and Usher will star in the spot to showcase how far will one go to get their “heart’s desire” See the five commercial sneak peeks

Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) 1 :30 second ad in 2nd quarter Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson shows how far a father will go to make sure his children have milk for their breakfast cereal.

Oreo 1 :30 in first half will promote their 100th year anniversary.

Paramount Pictures “Star Trek Into Darkness” Star Trek will advertise a second time during the Super Bowl (also in 2009) Announced augmented reality app partnership with Qualcomm. The :30 second ad will be in the second quarter.

PepsiCo Beverages Along with sponsoring the halftime show Pepsi will have a 2 new :30 second commercials, In the spot that airs just before halftime, Beyonce and photos of consumers from their online contest. The other will showcase Pepsi Next.

PepsiCo Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” contest winners ads. See the top five commercials from the contest.


Skechers 2 :30 second spots – In “Man vs. Cheetah” :30 second spot at 2:00 minute warning before halftime Skechers GOrun2 help Man catch Cheetah? See the preview. In Skechers second spot during the second quarter football legend Joe Montana will pitch SKECHERS Relaxed Fit collection

SodaStream 1 :30 second ad in the 4th quarter. The ad will be based on the company’s current spot showing scenes of soda bottles suddenly disappearing as people make their own soda with SodaStream.

Taco Bell 1 :60 second ad in the 3rd quarter “Viva Young” 87 year-old Bernie Goldblatt, along with his friends, take viewers on an unforgettable night depicting that anyone at any age can Live Mas. Watch the preview.

Tide – Proctor and Gamble 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter. The spot will feature both teams playing in the Super Bowl, a testament to Tide’s “Always-On” strategic approach.

Toyota 1 :30 second ad in the 1st quarter will star Kaley Cuoco and on lucky fan from online contest.

Universal Pictures

Volkswagen 1 :60 second in the second quarter. “Get Happy” See the preview featuring Jimmy Cliff (No Darth Vader?) and some youtube misfits and their meltdowns

Walt Disney Pictures

Wonderful Pistachios Psy of YouTube “Gangam Style” fame will star in ad to show how he opens his Pistacios


In recent years, even the pre-game programming and festivities managed to get some lucrative Super Bowl ad spots! So that's when you have to make sure you catch things early. Visit http://superbowl-ads.com/article_archive/ periodically to see the latest news and archives in all the development of the Super Bowl commercials. Interestingly, General Motors decided not to advertise this year when it is fully capable to do so. I do feel showing some commercials online on You Tube early on could, to a point, spoil the surprise and anticipation factor involved. But that's the reality, I guess.

Game and pre-game stuff will be shown live on CBS for the 18th time in the US carried by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms with pregame day coverage starting on CBS Sports Network at 6am next Sunday with two hours of Super Bowl Live and http://sportsmedianews.com/cbs-announces-super-bowl-xlvii-programming/'>later on CBS at 10am, the earliest CBS has ever done for a Super Sunday. Game will be free of charge on cbssports.com unlike March Madness on Demand nowdays! :) Elementary will carry on a tradition used since 1983 when NBC immediately premiered the A-Team after the Super Bowl that year as the lead out TV show for CBS in a special episode. CTV will show the game live in Canada from CBS' feed with a TSN simulcast--TSN and likely CTV will import ESPN's Super Bowl coverage. The BBC and Sky Sports in the UK will cover it themselves. Germany will have Sport 1+, Sat. 1, and ESPN America airing it.

More is coming next week.

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What we got right now is going to be dubbed the HarBowl, the SuperBaugh, the Brother Bowl, or the Harbuagh Bowl between brother coaches Jim from San Francisco and older bro John from Baltimore. Though close, both surely are competitive dating from their youth with their sibling rivalries and football family background. This will be a first Super Bowl that will have opposing brothers. Brother in law Tom Creen, head of the Indiana Hoosiers men's basketball team, surely will attend. I expect this to be another ratings blockbuster with, say, at least 200 million US viewers watching. I also expect a tight one here that will go down the wire.

200 million is not happening. The record for total viewership in the United States is 166.8 million set last year (it's the 5th straight year they've set a new record). Note also the average viewership had never broken 100 million until 3 years ago. That number is also on a 5 year streak of having broken the record, last year hitting 111.3 million.

170 million may happen, but this year's Super Bowl lacks the type of brand name quarterbacks virtually every game has had the past few years. So it wouldn't surprise me in the last to see the number drop a little bit from last year.

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That number was my mistake. It will likely be more in the 113-115 million viewer vicinity.

Superbowl Ads can now confirm the Beyonce setlist AND the fact she'll re-team with Destiny's Child for a medley reunion for the halftime show:


Emmitt Smith brought on now as Lincoln's new "brand ambassador" to attract younger audiences to lure into the lap of Lincoln luxury:


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Today's Media Day during Super Bowl week! All the craziness and silliness that comes with it.

Live Media Day coverage: http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/47/live/tuesday

NFL's Super Bowl 47 website. Live streaming will be there too : http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/47

CBS Sports, the US broadcaster of Super Bowl, has wall-to-wall coverage on its website. The game will be streaming free and live there...including all the upcoming commercials! http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/superbowl/

Here's how CTV and TSN in Canada will deal with its Canadian Super Bowl coverage for Sunday. TSN will import ESPN's coverage as CTV takes CBS'. It includes a Canadian-exclusive Pepsi commercial during the halftime show something about an exciting new brand of Lays chips, live RDS French-language coverage beginning at 4:30pm (US/Canada CST time), free live streaming at CTV.ca, Nissan, Labbatt, Ford, General Motors, and PepsiCo (all of Canada here) all returning as major Super Bowl sponsors, a top-second 30-second promo used to announce the international host(s) for this year's Juno Awards, and the world premiere of the CTV original series Motive immediately after the Super Bowl.


But Michelle Williams denies the report that Destiny's Child, though interested in getting back together, will perform at halftime. But they did record a song "before the holidays". Besides, Michelle is presently doing the Fela! musical. Still no confirmation on Jay-Z.


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Referee for this Super Bowl is Jerome Boger, only the second African-American to ever do so after Mike Carey five years ago. But he's not well-regarded as a good ref, I heard.

Dial Global Sports, you may remember as the US radio rights holders to the 2012 London Summer Olympics, will carry the Super Bowl live with Kevin Harlan (play-by-play), Boomer Esiason (color analyst), James Lofton, and Mark Malone (sideline reporters) that will also be simulcasted in Canada through TSN Radio. Univision Radio will carry the Spanish-Ianguage radio coverage. Surely, CBS will offer SAP audio for the Super Bowl live on TV. For Baltimore, WIYY and WBAL will carry the game in Baltimore, with Gerry Sandusky (no, not THAT one) on play-by-play and Stan White and Qadry Ismail on color commentary. Meanwhile in San Francisco, the game will be broadcast on KSAN-FM and KNBR with Ted Robinson on play-by-play, Eric Davis on color commentary, and Rod Brooks reporting from the sidelines. Both WBAL and KNBR are clear channel stations, meaning both will allow the local commentaries to be heard throughout the Eastern and Western United States, respectively.


There's some controversy with an upcoming Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagon form some quarters indicating that it's racist. I saw this and I don't see that at all. This is about when you're really happy and with good vibes, you end up, like the characters in the commercial, talking in a Caribbean (often it seems to many as Jamaican) accent. How can that be racist, even if the apparent stereotype seems to be flattering. "Dave", the main protagonist in this, is a white guy at work--though of course the accents are from Jamaican diaspora actors--spreading good cheer making it into a "don't worry. be happy" culture. So far, the ad has produced immensely positive feedback. Here's what a lot of Americans don't know about Jamaican and the rest of the West Indies (but may be something known to many of us on these boards): there are plenty of white people hailing from those islands and can actually talk like that. Jamaica had a couple of white PMs in Michael Manley and Edward Seaga. Cindy Breakspeare, a former Miss World Jamaica, and one of the mothers to Bob Marley's kids, is white. I recently met a couple of white middle-aged guys shopping at the mall who are from Barbados and we talked about this and of the last names adopted in that nation like Braithwaite. There are South Asians and Chinese in Trinidad & Tobago. Even Jamaica holds a significant Chinese and Indian influence in its society. Lots of us in the US don't know all this; we tend to assume they're all full of blacks. Just one of the many narrow assumptions that can become dangerous if not checked.

There is a downside to that and it's factually dubious on the eternally positive vibrations that is in part encouraged by the Jamaican tourism for Americans to come. Jamaica, as one of the poorest nations in the world--and violent--society in spite of the immense tourist dollars it gets. So, Jamaica's not really a happy place, according to the UN Happiness Index.



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Lots of Super Bowl parties all over going on up until tomorrow night. That city surely, no need to mention, knows how to party. New Orleans is such a great and legendary city to host it, as perhaps the #1 to host it for so many years (outside of Mwhich also includes the years Tulane Stadium was used before the Mercedes-Benz Louisiana Superdome was built. It's very much a city unlike many that you can walk all around with distractions from cars to get where you want to go at least in the downtown area.

The big media giants like ESPN and FOX Sports are all out there with wall-to-wall coverage seemingly.

My pick will the San Francisco 49ERS to win it because I feel they have the more talented defense corps. Though I will not be surprised to see Baltimore end up winning it all on the strength and emotion with its own defense, though not as stellar as it was previously known for, and will be insprired to win it for Ray Lewis and go off into the sunset. It will be a close one for sure, I strongly believe.

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Do we have some people from Miami around on GB ???

I am actually visiting Florida and staying in Miami for the week-end.

Could someone suggest me a restaurant where i could have a good diner and follow the super bowl ???

Should be an amazing experience to live it in the US !

And monday evening.. NBA Games with the Miami Heat... Yeah !!!

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