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Another bidding competition?

2026 Commonwealth Games  

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  1. 1. Do you want a 2026 Commonwealth Games competition?

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Fixed on my deviantart page!

Get them in NOW! It's 9:42 pm where I'm at, so I'll leave it until I wake up in around 9 hours time, get them in NOW! Otherwise, it's Darwin vs Wellington.

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Announcing the bid from Wellington - New Zealand The logo represents the letter W for Wellington and also represents the weaving patterns of the Maori culture and is based on a green colour to em


Both? I'd say we could only do cities who have never bid to make it more interesting

Good! That officially makes 3 entries. A voting page will be setup once I get home (later today say 8 hours from now), that might allow for super last minute entries!

Otherwise it's Darwin vs Singapore vs Wellington.

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78 pages? Where did you get that from? It was 40 pages at most including the imagery. Unless I happened to accidentially post a bid book where it repeated itself (due to my pdf formatting) The deviantart link should be the correct one.

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All 3 are well done.


1) Auckland/Singapore why are some of the venues smaller then the CGF standard?

2) Wellington I didn't see a list of venues and capacities where can I see them?

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Auckland does have a venue/capacity list, however I do question the choice for Football. North Harbour Stadium couldn't possibly host alone so I'd suggest adding Mt Smart and/or Eden Park if Football is going to be hosted solely by Auckland. Oh you mean plusbrilliantsexploits? Well I don't see any bid book link from him, so it's Scotguy's which counts.

As for Singapore, the choice of one of the Exhibition halls for Netball Prelims and Weightlifting is questionable with regards to scheduling, even if the seating arrangement is flexible for each sport.

This is a 3 bid race from now on (sorry non submitted bids) Darwin, Singapore and Wellington.

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