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Another bidding competition?

2026 Commonwealth Games  

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  1. 1. Do you want a 2026 Commonwealth Games competition?

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Announcing the bid from Wellington - New Zealand The logo represents the letter W for Wellington and also represents the weaving patterns of the Maori culture and is based on a green colour to em


Both? I'd say we could only do cities who have never bid to make it more interesting

I have managed to get Open Office installed and working on my laptop so i will still be able to enter. Off to South Africa tomorrow and will not be back until next week so my entry may be delayed.

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In other news, Auckland is throwing its hat into the ring!

Details will be announced in due course.

However, the Exploratory Committee for Auckland 2026 is proud to announce the motto of its candidacy:

Auckland - It's the dream!

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^^ Well technically, the deadline for submitting an intention to bid is over, but I will allow this, due to the possible low turnout.

The contest ends at the end of March.

Seeing and if Calgrary and Halifax both submit bids by the deadline, we will see a domestic bid race vote off.

Thanks and get those logos coming in (for those yet to submit theirs).

So we got:

Darwin, Australia - me

Durban, South Africa - George_D
Halifax, Canada - cormiermax

Calgary, Canada - olympicsfan97

Singapore, Singapore - DamC
Nassau, Bahamas - deawebo

Auckland, New Zealand - plusbrilliantsexploits

Wellington, New Zealand - Scotguy

and unofficially:

Las Vegas,United States of America - thatsnotmypuppy

We also need someone who wants to write up the official report and give out scores when the time comes. Feel free to nominate yourself/selves.

Edited by Lord David
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Hi David,

Could you post a summary of the deadlines and requirements for the contest? I'm somewhat confused as to when I'm supposed to submit the bid book and what actually needs to be in it. Also, what are the rules for the domestic run-off?

Thanks in advance!

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Go back a few pages, it's there. Just produce something similar to the old Olympic Applicant bid books, answering those questions (replacing as necessary where it mentions the Olympics, with Commonwealth Games).

The rules for the the domestic run off are simple. Both parties need to submit on time, if one fails, there will be no run off. Then if both do submit, we'll see a separate vote for those 2 only.

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To be perfectly honest, I haven't been doing much. There's the Easter break coming up, I'll leave it until 1 week after Easter.

Deadline will now be either 6 or 7 of April. Hope we can make it and not have it fall apart again!

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I'd say I'm about 60% done with my bid book, the deadline is the end of Monday AEST, with a possible extension if we will get more submissions that way.

For those of you who need to know what to put in, look here: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22367-another-bidding-competition/page-5#entry384374

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Get your entries in!

I haven't updated mine, but might fix a few stuff later (I've noticed the maps don't have a North arrow for example, and perhaps the cover page). Might upload it to deviantart too for easier viewing.

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A slightly updated bid book now available on my deviantart page:


Also available on 4shared:


Edited by Lord David
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Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great pride and pleasure that we release today the Candidature File for the Wellington 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid.


We are also exited to unveil to you all our Wellington 2026 official bid video: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gamesbids members, we give you 'Stronger as One'

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Well to be fair I did use a template, perhaps in a future competition I will upload such templates so it's easier for everyone.

I would have liked to have produced maps for the Marrara, Hidden Valley, University and Downtown, but was constraint for time, so I simply fixed my existing maps.

Edited by Lord David
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