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2020 - the New Candidates Poll

Sir Rols

2020 Candidates Poll  

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  1. 1. Which City Do You Expect To Win The Bid For The 2020 Olympic Games?

  2. 2. Which City do you WANT to win the 2020 Olympic Games?

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I really really would be surprised if Madrid got this one...i would be surprised if they werent eliminated in the first round. Besides Spain's economic problems. Im 30 years old and i still remember Barcelona 92. Different city yes...but same country...A country as big as the USA i was only alive for 2 of their olympics..and i only remember 1..Therefore a small country like Spain..(compared to USA)...not too sure about that...even if Tokyo was disadvantaged by the Winter Olympics being in in Asia in 2018..then London 2012 would have to be an equal disadvantage, if not more...therefore if its a Tokyo vs Madrid..Tokyo definitely.. I see Madrid eliminated early..and a very tight finish between Tokyo and Istanbul...very tight...

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