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Team New Zealand at Rio 2016

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Day Ten


Emma Foy/Laura Thompson

Paracycling Women's Road race B

Bringing up NZs twentieth medal at Rio. What an effort by such a small team. Just in time on the last day.

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Paralympics Team New Zealand

Rio 2016 final medal haul:

:D GOLD - 9

:) Silver - 5

^_^ Bronze - 7

Such a small team delivering well above it's size. This is one of the smallest teams, just 31athletes, we have sent. Plenty of fourth and fifth place getters as well. Cheated out of a yachting medal on count back, little bit gutted there. But generally a very good games.

Hopefully 2020 encourages more of our Paralympians to achieve higher. Hopefully Liam Malone stays on to defend his titles and Sophie Pascoe sticks around for one more games, she has only just beginning to peak while up and commer Nikita Howarth hits form as a replacement.

All the best to you all...done your country proud. :rolleyes:B)

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Aftermath...Government Funding for NZ 2020 Olympic cycle released.

And boy oh boy did two Tier One sports take a severe hit.

Cycle and Swimming have been punished for their abysmal efforts taking a near half million dollar per annum cut. Swimming dropped into Tier Two funding mainly for the diving and Water Polo.

Triathlon has been moved into the minor sports funding category.

Rowing had a freeze in regular funding citing the plans to move into the big boat programs now that the ones and twos boats era medalists are retiring out. Rowing is already well corporately funded.

Canoing/Kayaking gets a sizable boost as the program is centralised to Lake Karapiro beside the Rowing...moved to Tier One status after years of political infighting.

ATHLETICS. Moved into Tier One position thanks to a resurge in its medal table...More the fact to boost field sports and enhance mid to long distance running.

Yachting keeps its levels as it is well funded by the private sector.

But the BIGGEST winner out of all of them is Paralympics NZ!

A massive 400% funding boost for its entire program. Now a respectable near $30million for the Olympic cycle. It also secured free to view funding for TVNZ. The High Performance Sports council agreed that the Paralympians thoroughly deserve Tier One status and felt the 2020 team should be doubled in size.

Overall funding is pretty good and yes the poor performance by some programs have been dealt with... NZ is well placed for another great Olympics in 2020.

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