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Baku 2015 European Games

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Who cares about this background information? Important is that Baku will host such a big event as Formula One. I am sure it will work great for further expansion of the city's experience in organisation of global events. In addition, this will be another remarkable add for Baku ;)

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Who cares about this background information? Important is that Baku will host such a big event as Formula One. I am sure it will work great for further expansion of the city's experience in organisation of global events. In addition, this will be another remarkable add for Baku ;)

This Formula One in Baku Azerbaijan and the Euro Games next year will really help Baku to get the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2024 will be still early but 2028 will be great time for an Baku Azerbaijan Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games.

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First quota places confirmed for Baku 2015 European Games 14 May 2014, 15:08 (GMT+05:00)

The first quota places for the European Games in Baku 2015 were confirmed and announced to the relevant National Olympic Committees.

Baku Games has allocated 120 aerobics and trampoline quota places to a total of 22 NOCs, following the European Aerobic Championships in France and the European Trampoline Championships in Portugal.

The first athletes who compete at the first European Games will soon be offered competition places by their NOCs.

The Georgian NOC was the first NOC to confirm their acceptance of the quota places. Azerbaijan, as the host NOC, will be able to compete with a maximum of four trampoline and six aerobic athletes.

"Today marks an important milestone in our journey in delivering the inaugural European Games in Baku with the allocation of the first quota places to the NOCs," Chief Operating Officer of Baku European Games Operation Committee Simon Clegg said.

In the coming months, further announcements and athlete selections will help build the excitement and anticipation of the event both in Azerbaijan and across the Europe, he said.

"Athletes will be at the heart of our Games, and we congratulate those who have achieved quota places for their countries. Those selected can be assured of a generous and warm welcome in Baku next summer," Clegg said.

Director of Athlete Services and Operations James Macleod said, "We have been in contact with a total of 22 National Olympic Committees from across Europe to inform them of the number of quota places allocated to them."

This marks more progress in the countdown to the European Games and will allow NOCs across Europe to begin planning their team's participation in the Games, he said.

Baku Games 2015 will feature the three traditional disciplines of artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline, and two new non-Olympic disciplines of aerobic and acrobatic.

Competitions will be held at the striking National Gymnastics Arena, situated close to the Baku 2015 Athletes Village, which was officially opened recently by Azerbaijan's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva.

Gymnastics competition will be held in six days with a total of 446 male and female gymnasts representing their countries in individual, group, and mixed events.

At the games, gymnastics competitions will offer a total of 34 medals across the five disciplines, the second highest number of medal opportunities in any sport after aquatics.

The 6,800-seat venue will be one of the first to host a test event - the 30th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships- in June.

Europe's first senior multi-sport event will consist of more than 6,000 athletes from the 49 countries affiliated to the European Olympic Committees competing in 19 sports in Baku on June 12-28.

The Baku Games' program includes aquatics, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball 3x3, beach soccer, boxing, canoe sprint, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, judo, karate, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball, and wrestling


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Rome, 15th May 2014 - The Baku 2015 European Games Qualification System is now available on the EOC website, where they can be downloaded sport by sport:

• Archery

• Aquatics

• Badminton

Basketball 3x3


Canoe & Kayak








Table Tennis






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Wow, I'm rally surprise how much Baku has changed since I was there in 2005. 7 years have made evolved the capital city. I hope roads have improved as well, because I left for Georgia on Marshrutka and it was a really pain in the neck following the route Baku-Agdas-Gence-Agstafa-Tbilisi. That trip took me more than 10 hours!

So, hope these Games help to pour money all over the country and not just Baku.

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Sambo set to be added to 2015 European Games after lobbying from Putin

Sambo, the martial art developed for Russia's military and police force in the 1930s, is set to be added to next year's inaugural European Games in Baku following a personal plea from Vladimir Putin for it to be included.

It will mark a significant step in the drive by the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) for recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and, one day, a place in the Olympics.

Putin, a former sambo champion in St Petersburg and a Master of Sports, is Honorary President of FIAS and has long campaigned for its inclusion in major events.

Last year sambo was part of the Summer Universiade in Kazan, an event Putin opened.

It is believed Putin personally asked Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev whether the sport could be included during a meeting of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), which both attended in Shanghai earlier this month.

Discussions have since taken place between Baku 2015 and the sport will now appear on the programme, probably as an exhibition event, insidethegames understands from sources in Russia.

"It is indeed the case that the EOC (European Olympic Committees) and BEGOC [baku 2015] have been looking at including sambo in the inaugural European Games," Patrick Hickey, President of the EOC, told insidethegames.

"It will be BEGOC's responsibility to make any announcements in due course.

"The EOC has always had a clear long-term strategic vision for the European Games in terms of size and affordability and great care has been taken in choosing sports to feature at Baku 2015.

"Our original target was for 15 sports to feature but due to exceptionally high levels of interest coming from both European and International Federations this number has increased, significantly strengthening the European Games brand."

Simon Clegg, chief operating officer of Baku 2015, confirmed they had been in discussions with sambo.

"BEGOC received applications from in excess of 15 International or European Federations seeking demonstration or exhibition status alongside the official sports programme for the Baku 2015 European Games," he told insidethegames.

"I can confirm that sambo is one of these sports and is presently under consideration.

"We will make a further announcement in due course."

Last month FIAS President Vasily Shestakov had told insidethegames he believed his sport was the "most technical arsenal of all the martial arts and if you look over the five continents then you will see how popular sambo has become all over the world".

Sambo, which translates as "self-defence without weapons", is also due to make its debut at this year's Asian Beach Games in Phuket, which is scheduled to take place between November 14 and 23.


And in late breaking news, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced he will run for president of the International Olympic Committee....

Is it just me, or does this "sport" sound a bit racist? At least change the name to something like.... Vladathlon.

Edited by Sir Rols
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Baku, 10th June 2014 - the Chef de Mission Seminar for the inaugural Baku 2015 European Games began this morning with Azeri Minister for Sport and Baku 2015 CEO Azad Rahimov, and EOC Coordination Commission Chair Spyros Capralos giving the delegates a warm welcome, and Baku 2015 COO Simon Clegg providing an overview of preparations for the event.

State representatives Nikki Efendi and Farhad Hajiyev then described the government engagement and volunteering programme, which aims to deliver 10,000 plus highly trained and motivated volunteers and involve the whole population in hosting the event.

Sports Director Pierce O'Callaghan followed with an overview of the sports competitions, at which over 6,000 athletes will compete in the first ever European Games, assisted by over 3,000 team officials.

The Baku 2015 European Games will include 19 sports, 9 of which are part of the Road to Rio 2016 Qualification, for a total of 29 disciplines, 24 of which are Olympic disciplines. During the 17 days the event will last, there will be a total of 239 medal events.

Later today the delegates will be taken for a tour of the truly impressive venues, now well on the way to completion, and will be hosted for lunch at the Village, where they will be able to see the incredibly high standard of accommodation for their athletes.

The Seminar will continue Wednesday and Thursday, covering all of the event's organisational aspects, including broadcasting, NOC Services, accreditation, transport and logistics, the Village, catering, rate cards, security, medical, ticketing and ceremonies, and will conclude with a Gala Dinner on 12th June with celebrations for One Year to Go to the Opening Ceremony.

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Baku 2015 European Games appeals for volunteers

Baku 2015 European Games invites volunteers to make history by playing a key role in the delivery of the Baku 2015 European Games.

The Baku European Games Operation Committee (BEGOC) is now recruiting 10,000 volunteers to play a part in the biggest event that Azerbaijan has ever hosted.

The Games, that will take place on June 12-28 next year, will feature 19 sports, over 320 sport sessions at 20 different venues.

Baku 2015 is looking for energetic and reliable people to create a friendly atmosphere at the Games, and application process is opened since announcement of the One Year To Go celebrations on June 11.

Applications are now being accepted online at www.baku2015.com.



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NOCs of Europe receive invitations to participate in Baku 2015

The Baku 2015 European Games Operation Committee (BEGOC) tonight welcomed guests to the stunning Buta Hall in Baku for a Gala Dinner Celebration to mark one year to go until the inaugural European Games, as Azerbaijan again underlined its commitment to placing sport at the heart of its national development strategy.

The highlight of the evening was the ceremonial hand-out of invitations to the inaugural European Games. All of the European NOCs present in Baku received the official invitation to bring their teams to Baku 2015 from the President of the European Olympic Committees (EOC), Patrick Hickey. The invitations themselves were made from a single piece of antique Azeri carpet handed out at 20:15, which included a video from Patrick Hickey inside: the same combination of rich cultural heritage and innovation that will make Baku 2015 such an unforgettable experience.

The opening speech was given by Azerbaijan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elmar Mammadyarov. The guests included Chefs de Mission and delegates from the National Olympic Committees [NOCs] of Europe; members of the European diplomatic corps; the BEGOC leadership and Baku 2015 sponsors, stakeholders and ambassadors; senior representatives from Azeri National Sports Federations; and international media.



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From the first look Aquatics Centre seems to be located in the middle of nowhere. In fact it will be a part of expanded seaside promenade. Here are some more photos of the surrounding area, including the under construction promenade:






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Hi Again

I really loves this forum, and I have been here a lot and reading a lot in the last weeks. As an sports fan this is absolute fantastic site!. Now i have been reading in to the European games, which i look very much forward to! I have in many years been wondering why all other continents had a game, but not Europe! So this makes me very very happy! But it also seems like many people don´t know much about it yet, and what about the sportsjournalist around Europe?

What I mean, will it at all be transmitted at tv-stations? Will the newspapers send a bunch of journalist and so? Or will it be a game in silent? I have searched the net trying to find out if any tv-stations has bought the rv-rights for European games. But I can´t find any!!! Does anyone know something about that? Will it be a priority? Or does the tv-channels wait to see what kind of athletes that are going to participate in the games? Because that are my next question. Will the best athlete participate? Or will we after the games see a 100 meter Winner that nobody has heard of? And so on in all the sports?

As I can see in the datas on how to qualify it seems to me that swimming is the only sport with Young athletes. (Hopefully that will change for 2019) and the rest of sports is the possibility for the best of Europe to be in the game, but will they do that? In badminton Denmark is big, but im not sure that the best danes will take to this games? If there next year also is 2 tournements in the Super Series i Asia (as there has been the last 2 weeks). But Again i cant find any information about it in any media! Have anyone heard anything in your countries about whome will participate or try to qualify?

And that leeds to the following. What about spectators? Do you think the games will fill all these beatifull venues? Does anyone in here consider going to Baku next year?

Thanks for answers, if anyone has some :)

Kindly regards

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These cities keep calling their new stadia "Olympic so-and-so..." when they haven't hosted an actually OGs. :blink: Presumptuous.

I hate it.

Still a great stadium though, I won't be surprised if it's among the venues selected to host Euro 2020 (plus SOCAR is a UEFA sponsor, i'm sure that will help)

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Baku 2015 European Games signs McDonald’s as Official Supporter


Baku 2015: July 31, 2014 - Baku 2015 European Games Operation Committee is today proud to announce McDonald’s as an Official Supporter of next year’s historic sporting event.

The partnership will see co-branding within McDonald’s restaurants and marketing campaigns tailored to deliver messages about the inaugural European Games throughout Baku and the whole of Azerbaijan.

In addition, McDonald’s will promote the European Games across Azerbaijan through in-store messaging, Games-related competitions, and a specially designed Baku 2015 European Games variety menu.

Mr Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer at Baku 2015, said: “The McDonald’s brand is synonymous with major international sporting events around the world and I am delighted that we have signed them as an Official Supporter of the first ever European Games.

“This agreement will further increase Baku 2015’s visibility across Azerbaijan and I am sure it will generate greater interest in what will be an historic and memorable celebration of sport in Baku next summer.”

The in-store marketing campaigns in all of the McDonald’s restaurants in Azerbaijan will reach out to approximately 750,000 customers per month.

Mr Maqsud Mirzayev, Managing Director of McDonald’s Azerbaijan, said: “It is a real honour for McDonald’s to be supporting such an important event for Azerbaijan.

“We will ensure that we put all our efforts and experience into producing imaginative marketing strategies which will make the Games even more unforgettable and popular among customers visiting our stores.”

Mr Charlie Wijeratna, Commercial Director at Baku 2015, added: “Given the strong reputation which McDonald’s has it is fantastic to be able to rely on their support, which adds further credibility to our Baku 2015 brand.”

McDonald’s has been a TOP Olympic sponsor of every Olympic and Olympic Winter Games since 1976, and extended its sponsorship in 2012 for a further eight years. It also has experience and proven capability of sponsoring other major international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup.


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