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Movies: 2012 Oscar Bait Edition

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Waltz was a huge surprise. From a noboby in Hollywood a few years ago to a two-time Oscar win for playing the same character. A lot of people had him 3rd in the race behind de Niro and TLJ.

There was also some surprises in the lesser awards.

Actually Waltz had been picked by several pundits as the likely winner. He had already gotten the Golden Globe and the BAFTA for "Django." It was not "a huge surprise."

Most critics acknowledged that Supporting Actor was the most competitive category this year with Alan Arkin being the only one who was easy to eliminate.

As for Brave, oddsmakers had it tied with Wreck It Ralph.

What "lesser awards" were surprising? Lincoln for Art Direction if you're really reaching, but otherwise everything was expected. One never foresees ties, but Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall were still the favorites for sound editing.

All I can say is that I wasn't personally surprised by any award other than Best Director.

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Don't be too sure. They wrote an original song for LES MIZ primarily to Oscar-qualify. So, if the night is going LES MIZ's way, the new song from the score could be the one to beat.

Feeling better, ready to raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk!

Yeah...but that's downright cheating. U are depriving the companies and the artists of their legitimate royalties. I am sure if you were in the business,you would feel otherwise.

Finally saw SKYFALL on my Netflix DVD. It was OK; well-paced. And actually liked Daniel Craig in this. I found him believable as a cold-blooded killing machine. Most unbelievable part: how Silva/Tiago/the ugly Javier Bardem (I've never seen him so ugly) resurrected himself and had computer capability that rivaled the CIA and M16 combined; how he had hired goons all over the UK??? WTF??

Time to retire Judi Dench as "M." I found her being M quite a stretch. The Naomi Harris (the black gal) was really quite sexy and alluring. But what happened to the first girl who brought him to Silva? The Severine gal? Just disappeared. And funny, how the old gameskeeper of his old estate, was Albert Finney!!

Adele's song is rubbish...horrible, imperfect rhyming schemes...ridiculous lyrics...and a melody that tried to have a James-Bondish-song-type melody; and came close to it; but still a rather pale copy of the Bond song classics like "Goldfinger," "The Man with the Golden Gun;" etc. Her Oscar for it was undeserved.

Can't believe that whole franchise is 50 years old. Gosh, Barbara Broccoli must be worth zillions!!

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Was it really? It's on my TO SEE list. I like that genre. Why?

Well to me it was. The King and queens mother come to visit the roosevelts and then the mother yells at the kings stuttering. It was a whole different view to the patience we saw in The Kings Speech. And We know Roosevelt had one affair before he became president but the movie shows another two affairs.

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