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2023 Asian Games

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Maybe Taipei and Dubai can try again for 2023? I have the feeling that East or West Asia will get it (I still dont get why Dubai resigned last time...they could had defeated Hanoi)

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Thailand to offer to host 2022 Asian Games

BANGKOK, 4 October 2013 (NNT) - The Ministry of Tourism and Sports plans to propose Thailand as the host of the 19th Asian Games to be held in 2023.

According to Minister of Tourism and Sports Somsak Pureesrisak, the 19th Asian Games will come on the heels of Vietnam hosting the 18th Asian Games in Hanoi in 2019. In the initial stage, he said, the plan must be submitted to the Cabinet for approval.

Mr. Somsak said that good progress has been made during the past six months for the Ministry’s sports mission in line with the Government’s policy on tourism promotion.


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Türkmenistan target Asian Games as hopes to shed "best kept secret" tag

November 29 - Türkmenistan is set to be the latest petro-gas rich country hoping to use sport to put itself on the world map with an ambitious plan to stage a number of major events, including the 2023 Asian Games, which they hope will be a stepping-stone to hosting the Olympics and Paralympics.

Jon Tibbs, chairman of Jon Tibbs Associates, who are working with the Türkmenistan Government, described the country as the "best kept secret in world sport".

A $5 billion (£3.5 billion/€4 billion) Olympic Complex is already being built here in the capital and will be the centre for the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games which will feature 17 sports with more than 5,000 competitors from 62 countries, including Australia after the Oceania region was invited to take part.

"Türkmenistan is a fast growing developing country and the Government pays great attention to sport," said Azat Murdov, secretary general of the National Olympic Committee of Türkmenistan.

"After 2017 we have a vision to host big likes, like the Asian Games and the Youth Olympic Games.

"The final destination for us is the Olympic Games.

"But first we have to gain experience."

Ashgabat's Olympic Complex, which has been designed with the help of London-based consultants Arup and built by Turkish firm Polimeks, is made up of 15 venues, including two indoor arenas, a velodrome, an indoor athletics facility, tennis centre and an aquatic centre.

An athletes' village is also being built, and is set to contain 12,000 beds once completed.

Already 400,000 kilometres of cabling has been laid under the complex and the 800-room luxury media hotel is already 80 per cent complete.

"The Olympic Complex is a purpose built area with modern, state-of-the-art facilities which athletes will look forward to performing in, in 2017," said Osman Karaku, project coordinator for the scheme.

"Rapid developments in construction mean that the area will be completely ready well ahead of Ashgabat hosting the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games."

The ambitions of the country were revealed during the Türkmenistan International Sports Media Forum, an event designed to showcase the facilities to the foreign press.

It was a remarkable occasion as last year, according to Reporters Without Borders' 2012 World Press Freedom Index, Türkmenistan had the second worst press freedom conditions in the world behind North Korea.

But under President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow the country is slowly beginning to throw off its shackles.Türkmenistan made their debut at the Olympics at Atlanta in 1996 following the break-up of the Soviet Union but have yet to win a medal.

They have appeared at every Asian Games since Hiroshima 1994 winning a total of 14 medals, including three gold.

The country's football team, meanwhile, is ranked 137th in the world by FIFA.

But its ambitions appear unlimited, boosted by possessing the world's fourth largest reserves of natural gas resources behind Iran, Russia and Qatar, who have been awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

"This has been a much-anticipated project as everybody looks ahead to the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017," said Batyr Orazov, chairman of the State Committee of Türkmenistan for Sport.

"But this development will serve for much longer than these Games - we hope to host many future international sporting events here.

"The building of Ashgabat's Olympic Complex is just the beginning for hosting international sport in Türkmenistan."

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Time for the Asian Games to go back to Bangkok Thailand in 2023 25 years after the 1998 Games, To build and upgrade the sporting venues in Bangkok Bamgkok hosted it 4 ties in 1966, (1970 and 1978 back up host) and 1998 games was the only bidder, Bangkok Thailand is OCA safe city and the city have progress forward with transport since 1998 so it will be a good time for an upgrade the sporting venues in Bangkok Thailand.

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If Singapore, Singapore Bid, that would be a strong Bid, since their New National Stadium is in the latter stages of Construction. Also, good infrastructure and an Amazing City.

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If Singapore, Singapore Bid, that would be a strong Bid, since their New National Stadium is in the latter stages of Construction. Also, good infrastructure and an Amazing City.

Singapore is aiming to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games so if they get them then the next time I see them going for the Asian Games will be in 2031 or 2035 for the 70th birthday of Singapore.

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Singapore is aiming to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games so if they get them then the next time I see them going for the Asian Games will be in 2031 or 2035 for the 70th birthday of Singapore.

I hope my London, England gets it but apparently Mayor Boris Johnson doesn't want it.

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No plans for Taipei to bid for the 2024 Olympics: officials LOOSE TALK:A US report that the nation’s capital is planning a bid may have come from a speech given by Ma Ying-jeou during a presidential debate on TV

The Sports Administration yesterday denied that it has any intention of bidding for the 2024 Olympic Games, adding that it is helping New Taipei City bid for the 2023 Asian Games.

The US Olympic Committee has been meeting in Boston to discuss possible cities to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. A report from WCVB-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station in Boston, said on Tuesday that Boston is likely to submit a bid for the 2024 Olympics along with Dallas, Los Angeles, Rome and Taipei.

In response, Sports Administration Director-General Ho Jow-fei (何卓飛) said that the administration is assisting New Taipei City with its bid for the 2023 Asian Games and the nation has no plans to bid for the 2024 Olympics because the Games are only a year apart.

Taipei City Department of Sports Commissioner Ho Chin-liang (何金梁) said that the capital’s top priority is to make sure the 2017 Summer Universiade is successful.

“We don’t have any plans nor have we received instructions from the central government [about the 2024 Olympics Games],” Ho Chin-liang said.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee also denied having received such information, adding that a bid for such a large sports event would require inter-departmental coordination and that there would need to be a committee.

Though WCVB-TV failed to mention the source of its information, a bid for the 2024 Olympics was mentioned by President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) during a TV debate on Dec. 17, 2011, ahead of the presidential election.

“The nation has just secured the right to host the Summer Universiade, which is second only to the Olympics. We can now start training teenagers so that they have a chance to fight for gold medals in 2017,” Ma said in the debate. “With the experience of the Summer Universiade as the basis, our next goal would be [to host] the 2024 Olympic Games. Five countries who have held the Summer Universiade in the past have also held the Olympics, including the US and China.”

However, the idea of hosting the Olympics was dismissed by his opponent, People First Party presidential candidate James Soong (宋楚瑜).

“Taiwan has hosted many sports events before and you can’t say that they were not important, but a good manager must prioritize the allocation of resources and pay more attention to the nation’s economy,” Soong said.


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