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From all that I see via television coverage, PeyongChang has does a masterful job in presenting this Olympic Winter games,  The venues are impressive and even spectacular.  There appear to be no signi

That awkward moment when PyeongChang's venue preparation is barely behind Rio!

I vote for staging them in Sarajevo!! Rob, it's PCOCOGPG - it's PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Don't let Tony catch you slipping up like that!!

On 12/21/2016 at 2:40 PM, ofan said:

Ice arena looks identical to Sochi's from the inside

It's the inside of an ice arena. How much different can it really look? I think we had a similar discussion on the inside of track and field stadiums. They're kind of supposed to look identical/similar due to the requirements the IOC wants in the stadium. It's all about what it looks like on the outside.

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Gangeung looks pretty nice with all the snow, certainly a bit more genuine as a winter setting than Sochi coastal venues. While I fear they might become white elephants after the games at least they were more careful with the excesses compared to the russian town.

Pics from earlier December, this is how the ceremonies stadium look so far012587a4935e681d8f0ebe30b29eeab9.jpg


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23 hours ago, TomRavenscroft said:

Apologies if this has already been asked, but does anyone know who the architects of the venues are?

Are all six of the new venues designed by South Korean architecture, construction and engineering firm Taeyoung?

It's unusually difficult to find out (Korean Wikipedia is quite feeble) but certainly, Taeyoung aren't responsible for everything, even at the Alpensia cluster where they are leading a consortium:


Another Korean firm, Samoo, is claiming responsibility for the Gangneung speed skating stadium:


-and I wouldn't be surprised to find other firms involved at other Gangneung venues.

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I have a feel they will most likely seat the athletes on the lower tier of the seats around the upper corner. Looks like they will build some stairs and a possible small stage a la Sydney or Doha.

Also they will probably stop showing pics for a time when they begin building whatever will be undergound on that tunnel. Seems like it will be used for props. 

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18 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

they will probably stop showing pics for a time when they begin building whatever will be undergound on that tunnel. Seems like it will be used for props.

On Google Earth and Terraserver, they already pretty much have stopped updating their imagery- a notable contrast to Rio, where new satellite photos seemed to arrive every couple of weeks.

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I think its also by the fact Pyeongchang is a much less known location so they're not interested in updating every week.

Last time they updated was when they were just starting to raise some of the stands. 

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Video of venues is available through the link.



Facilities for PyeongChang Games shown to media

South Korean organizers of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics have given members of the Japanese media a look at facilities being constructed for the Games.

The Winter Olympics will open on February 9th next year. It will be the first time for the country to host the Winter Games.

Organizers showed the journalists the stadium in Pyeongchang where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held.

The structure is about 90 percent finished. The seats for 35,000 spectators have almost all been installed. It is scheduled to be ready by the end of September, along with a nearby facility for medal-giving ceremonies.

A high-speed railway linking Incheon Airport with venues in Pyeongchang and Gangneung is scheduled to open in December.

Japanese media outlets were also shown Jinbu Station, which is closest to the venues in Pyeongchang. Organizers expect about 11,000 people per day to use the station during the Games.

Journalists also got to see the athletes' village in Pyeongchang, one of 2 created for the Games.

It can accommodate 3,600 people. Officials plan to sell the units as resort apartments after the Games.

Organizers have been stepping up PR for the Games in hopes of drawing an influx of visitors from Japan.


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So much for the Ceremonies Stadium being a temporary structure. Seems the local government is struggling to find a use for it. All this could've been avoided had Pyeongchang elected to use the ski jump stadium for the ceremonies. Would've saved money. I know there was concerns about clashing with ski jumping practice, but if Lillehammer could make it work, so could Pyeongchang. Another reason why the IOC is struggling to attract contenders for WOGs.


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