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what kind of kid were you when you were a kid?

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i like to think about this question a lot with the people i meet for the first time as an adult. i like thinking about my brother and my bffs and compare their childhoods to today. there are some people who i can never imagine being children ever, like my aunt.

i think i was a little petulant (duh) but easily guilted by my parents. i had something of a temper too. i didn't intentionally start this thread to talk all about myself, but someone has to go first.

  • i had a subscription to the national enquirer and i never missed my x-files
  • i wouldn't do my homework if there was something good on FOX that night
  • i had a recurring dream about my house being on fire. i once tried to see if it was possible to fit my mattress out my window in case i had to jump and land on something.
  • when i got really angry, i used to take a belt and strip the paint off my door as hard as i could.
  • i once threw a silverware holder at a senior counselor at sleepaway camp and lost a shoe in the ensuing chase through the woods
  • i practically was grisabella from cats when i was seven
  • when my brother broke my foot when i was 11 he told me i couldn't cry until i knew it was broken, so i didn't
  • i refused to join boyscouts because the meeting was on friday night and that was the same night as cybill.
  • i spent a lot of time alone in my basement drawing on the floor
  • my favorite book was about these toys that came to life to help these old people keep their home; i read a connecticut yankee in king arthur's court a lot for some reason
  • i sang in the children's choir; i was good with accents
  • i could never bring myself to light bugs on fire.

oh, and if you don't respond to this thread i'm just going to make up what i imagine your bullet points to be at work tomorrow.

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This is kinda fun.

I called by gr. 2 teacher a fast, stupid cee you next tuesday (I was 7), this was followed up by calling the same teacher an ugly b!tch a few months later and telling the gr.7 teacher to fock right off.

I was terrible in school until about gr. 6 (probably why my writing is so special)

Favourite subject was history and geography, the family atlas was the first 'book' I remember reading

Going with point two, I was absolutely terrible in science in grade school, I have a BSc in biology now

Tended to listen to music and watch tv and movies above my age (probably explains why you find me so pretentious krow)

I laughed at the kids who were crying during the lion king

Completely useless at sports

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well, i'm still doing your bullet points tomorrow.


Well remember, those were the Olden Days. Let's see ...

I was an Abba fan.

My Mum was a dressmaker and used to make our clothes till we were old enough to object. Meant a lot of my earlier gear wouldn't have looked garish in an Austin Powers movie.

I got nostalgic watching a British doco on Airfix kits the other night. I used to obsess over them and the Airfix catalogues.

Yeah I was a nerd and a swat at school. Liked English and history. Didn't like maths, but it was my best subject in my HSC.

The girl who sat next to me in German had a huge crush on me. To the point of almost pretty well throwing herself at me. But even then I was clueless. Not that I thought of myself as gay the. The girls got to me before the guys did.

Oh, dinner's ready. Better leave it at that. I guess you'll fill in the blanks.

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Primary school- Awesome

High school- horrible.

Year 8 sucked. From being skinny to anorexic (25kg in year 8, yeah i still remember) I was diagnozed with tourettes (mild) and OCD then my weight went up got bullied for being small and fat was horrible. Found some friends and yeah lol.

So i was a good kid it was tough but isn't it for lots?

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god, these are hard to write. i can't even write a good CAF one.


"no, no, NO NO john pertwee said 'reverse the polarity of the neutron flow' ONLY ONCE during the 1972 season. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. stop it or i'm telling my mom.



dear DC comics,

i purchased the x-ray specs as advertised on p. 42 of wonder woman, volume 33 number 212. i believe my specs r rather defective as i am unable to SEE through clothing, objects or the INFRANGIBLE lynda carter on television. i am shocked and abhorred that you would advertise a SHODDY and DEFECTIVE product in the otherwise infallible pages of your estimable publication. i have written to to the manufacturer and to ms. carter, twice, about a refund but have yet to receive an adequate response. please advise,

mr. M.A. garcia

[ETA: i know baron was not a child in 1975.]


-"so, what did you get on the science test?"

-"an 82."

-"oh, i got a 94. it wasn't a very hard test, was it?"


"yes mylene farmer did too come to my birthday party and you can ask my dad if you don't believe me."

mr. x:

oh, too easy.

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Fair enough attempt, but Dr Who, or at least the theme music, used to creep me out. If it came on I'd switch the station to the reassuring tones of the Brady Bunch jingle. The Planet of the Apes TV spin- off and the Six Million Dollar Man were my first sci-fi faves.

I always wanted to order the miniature submarine from the back of comics ads.

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Fair enough attempt, but Dr Who, or at least the theme music, used to creep me out. If it came on I'd switch the station to the reassuring tones of the Brady Bunch jingle. The Planet of the Apes TV spin- off and the Six Million Dollar Man were my first sci-fi faves.

I always wanted to order the miniature submarine from the back of comics ads.

man, i always pegged you as a dr. who fan. it's a lot harder to imagine people as children than i thought it would be.

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Primary School I was a geek and in High School a sports Jock.

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Spent my childhood in Rio, I was a very quiet kid, loved to play with my small cars for hours and hours without bringing problems to my mother.

She brought me a lot, she was really nuts and her family too. We lived together and I saw lots of fights... But I didn't care much, my imagination was more strong that that.

I lived in an apartment and hadly played in the streets, but loved to go to the beach every single weekend, and more than that I loved to spend any vacations time with my father and my very polite father's family from Sao Paulo. (Yes, I loved every single moment I had when I was a kid in Sao Paulo shores).

Suffered bullying at the school, and punched the bad guys after losing my patience... hahaha

And better, after this when the principal called my mother, she punched the principal too for accusing me of fighting with coleagues!!! hahaha

Funny times.

When I was 3, I supported Argentine National team in 1986 World Cup - well my mother made me do that to make my father furious... Funny times 2.

I have really good memory and I could write a really funny book talking about my childhood, but for sure, I won't be interesting for other people unless me...


Oh, my high school time, I spent in Sao Paulo already. Pretty normal and funny years, nothing really dramatic to share, I was very very happy in my high school times.

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Actually, an interesting post.

I was a good, bright kid--intelligent, articulate, knew a lot of stuff, precocious, often times like to be myself, used an imagination, added sarcasm later. I read and watched TV a lot. Played some toys, board games, and video games. Watched plenty of sports like the NBA (Olympics were huge back then for me), public TV, news, game shows, Saturday morning cartoons, music videos, some movies. But I was mostly cable-deprived. Read newspapers (mostly sports and comics), TV guides, and magazines. My family's home was filled with various kinds of books and magazines. I used encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, and theasaures. Loved my Grandma.

Had a transient childhood. A good number of which was filled with some trauma, which I won't go into

Bounced around to several different kinds of schools. Stared at a Montessori school from K-1st grade, got homeschooled until 3rd grade, attendend two public schools during fourth grade, went to a Catholic school for two years after that, went back to a public middle school for a year, then moved to a suburban middle school for 8th grade before attending its high school in all four years.

The transience here made me ever interactive with diverse backgrounds and got to know other cultures, especially with the Montessori kids, which was multicultural.

Curious to find about being outside the box

High school? I f***ing hated it--still do this day! I call it, among many things, my "ex-wife". Not a very progressive enviroment that turned into a police state. May it barbeques in Hell!!! But I had at least a couple of IB classes every year.

Had a soft spot for just about anything from Australia and Canada back then

Odd for an African-African kid (another revelation here on these boards) like me, but I wasn't really into R&B much, was gradually into rap more. Was more into rock but gradually incorprated world music, reggae, ska, punk, then later R&B

Wasn't perfect--who is. I had my emotional issues with an occasional hissy fit

Unfortunately, I had to endure a disturbing level of mass ignorance and bullying surrounding me from a lot of my black peers. Still disgusts and infuriates me to this day and it's ongoing as I see in a different capacity. I was laughed at for how I speak--I was called "nerd" and homophobic slurs (assumed I was gay, which I'm not). Mocked how I talked saying I "talked funny". Didn't have many friends. They assualted me at times. I was also thought up as weird. Many never embraced me and likely won't in the future because of their poisonous ignorance. One very ignorant young black man during this time I saw in particular was flat out evil (like with many I sadly encountered), and I still view him as a disgrace to black people--will talk more about him and others later if you like. But even then, I knew there was a diversity among us, let alone the rest of the African diaspora, which I was aware of.

Was a loner. Some girls who I don't know thought it was cute to say, "Ay boy, this girl like you,", which is just childish and reveals a lack of sophistication and social graces. These girls that I flat out wasn't all that interested in threw themselves, which made them look like pro sports and rock and rap groupies in training, at me in eight grade like I was God's gift to them. One called me during typing class "Sexy", which I NEVER thought of myself as, as if that's my birth name. I wasn't interested in being a school heartthrob; I was there to get an education, dammit! There's more than enough time for that later. Some kids have this wrong assumption that having a girl/boyfriend will help you, especially in your social life then. It doesn't. They were annoying and couldn't stop it. Some girls even liked to grope me. Had a girlfriend once. In 8th grade. She was white. Liked each other a lot. She was intelligent and attractive. Lasted for five days. Never got a chance to even have a date together. Why? Her mom stopped it when she heard before I even got a chance to meet her mom. After her sophomore year in HS, she left for Colorado. Haven't seen her since. Never had a gf since. Did endure unrequited love before and since. There are more important priorities.

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