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Field Hockey Venue

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Rio Olympic organizers and hockey federation try to reach deal for 2016 venue location

The field hockey venue for the 2016 Games wouldn’t fit at the Olympic Park as originally planned, so a solution was being worked on by Rio de Janeiro Olympic officials and the International Hockey Federation.

The 2016 committee said detailed studies that were not needed when the bid book was created eventually showed that the Olympic Hockey Center could not be placed at the park, so it moved it to the Deodoro cluster, away from where most sports will be played and more distant from the Olympic Village.

The federation was upset that organizers couldn’t keep their bid promise and said the relocation could marginalize the sport and make it harder to attract people’s interest and fill the stands.

Now both sides say they are working together to decide on an alternate venue.

The federation initially criticized organizers because the move came without a request for its input. It became aware of the change during an update report by the Rio committee in London.

Organizers said they would present their full explanation and detailed proposals for the new venue, and both sides met this week during a London 2012 debrief by the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“The FIH had a positive meeting with Rio 2016 and we are looking at all of the various options,” federation CEO Kelly Fairweather told The Associated Press in an email. “Right now it is a work in progress.”

The press office of the Rio committee said on Friday that the meeting in Lausanne was productive and that the discussions got both parties closer to a solution that would please everyone.

Local officials wouldn’t reveal details on the proposals made to the FIH.

But both sides had previously said that options could include having a new venue closer to the main games hub or even a smaller arena at the Olympic Park. The federation argued that maybe a smaller venue packed with fans would be more beneficial to the sport than a larger stadium empty.

The organizing committee proposed in its original bid book to construct field hockey stadiums seating 10,000 and 5,000 at the Olympic Park. In its updated report presented in London, the hockey center had moved to Deodoro, which is one of the four clusters where venues will be distributed across Rio de Janeiro.

Rio officials said the change was prompted by issues which came up during a more complete technical study of the area where the Olympic Park will be built. They said the study showed it wouldn’t be possible to fit a venue that met all of the hockey federation’s requirements.

Most of the sports, as well as the main media and broadcast centers, will be at the Olympic Park in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. The Deodoro zone will be home to sports such as equestrian, shooting, fencing, canoe and BMX cycling.

Field hockey was hugely successful at the Olympic Park in London, but that was thanks in part to Britain being a field hockey country and successful.

Rio organizers said that having the venue in Deodoro would be important for the games’ legacy because a new hockey center at a permanent venue would help the sport grow in Brazil after the Olympics. The country has very little tradition in field hockey, a sport which is virtually unknown in the football mad country.

During the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio, field hockey was played in Deodoro.

There was no timetable on when a solution for the 2016 venue will be reached.



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Field hockey isn't popular in Brazil at all, so regardless it wasn't gonna get sell outs most likely. What happened to the 2007 Pan am field hockey venue?

found this at wikipedia


Field hockey at the 2007 Pan American Games took place at the Field Hockey Centre at the Círculo Militar Deodoro. The field was adapted from a football field specially for the Games.



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Hockey to meet with Rio 2016 to try to resolve venue row

February 15 - The International Hockey Federation (FIH) are due to meet with the Rio 2016 Organising Committee next month to discuss issues surrounding the venue for the Olympic Games, which was moved from its originally-planned venues on the Olympic Park to the Deodoro Zone on the outskirts of the city.

The majority of sports, as well as the main media and broadcast centres, will be based at the Olympic Park in the Barra da Tijuca region; a 40-minute drive from Deodoro.

Plans to relocate the hockey venues, which were situated on the Olympic Park in the Rio 2016 Bid Book, were met with disapproval from the FIH, who believed having the venue so far away from where most of the action at the Games would be taking place would have a negative impact on attendances and exposure.

In their Bid Book, Rio earmarked two sites on the Olympic Park for hockey pitches- one with a 10,000-capacity and one with a 5,000-capacity, which would be located approximately four-and-a-half miles from the Olympic Village.

The FIH have scheduled to meet with the Rio Organising Committee during the World League Tournament Round 2, which is due to take place in the city between February 27 and March 10, with hopes of resolving the issue.

Hockey narrowly avoided elimination from the core Olympic sports programme this week, which would have seen the sport dropped from the Olympics following Rio 2016, despite a good reception at London 2012.


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Hockey and rugby given 2016 Games venues at Deodoro

ST PETERSBURG (Reuters) - Hockey and rugby will play their Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics competitions at the more remote Deodoro area of the city after organizers boosted the number of sports there to liven up what they say has now become a second Olympic park.

With hockey, initially set to be at the main Olympic park by the sea, forced to move to the Deodoro cluster, organizers said they were also placing Olympic debutants rugby sevens there, as well as some basketball preliminaries.

"For us it is quite important because we now have eight sports and 12 disciplines there," said Rio Games sports director Agberto Guimaraes. "For the first time there is a second Olympic park."

Guimaraes said as many as 50,000 people were expected to be within the Deodoro Olympic Park.

"We are much happier because it (Rio organizers) has added new team sports there," Kelly Fairweather, the CEO of the International Hockey Federation told Reuters.

Federation officials were initially unhappy about a move to Deodoro after having been told they would be in the main Olympic Park.

Fairweather said the addition of rugby and other sports such as BMX and hugely popular basketball added more value to the area.

"We are comfortable with this legacy. It is now a really good place," he said.

Rugby sevens was not part of Rio's bid file as it became an Olympic sport only in 2009, along with golf.

Deodoro will also host shooting competitions, modern pentathlon, equestrian, canoe slalom and fencing events.



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We will use blue hockey pitches at Rio 2016, says FIH chief executiveJuly 23 - Blue hockey pitches, as seen at the London 2012 Olympics, will also be a feature of the sport's tournament at Rio 2016, according to the International Hockey Federation chief executive Kelly Fairweather.

The Games marked the first time that a blue hockey pitch with pink surrounds and a yellow ball, had been used on the international stage.

Traditionally, the sport has been played on a green pitch, harking back to its roots as a natural grass sport before it made the move to a synthetic turf pitches in the 1970s.

"We decided going forward that blue will be our Olympic colour," Fairweather told insidethegames.

"For Rio it will be a blue pitch and a yellow ball.

"The surrounding colours will be decided with Rio 2016 as this depends on the colour palette they use for the look of the Games."

The move to blue pitches provided high levels of contrast with the ball for players, officials, spectators, photographers and broadcasters alike to bring the game into the 21st century.


Blue is set to be the colour of the pitch for hockey at Rio 2016 after the success of London 2012, International Hockey Federation Kelly Fairweather has revealed

England Hockey chief executive Sally Munday claimed that the innovative pitch was well received at London 2012.

"The aim going into the Olympics was twofold," she told insidethegames.

"Firstly to improve the spec experience.

"And secondly was to demonstrate the dynamism of the sport.

"It is evolving the whole time to keep up to date and the innovation worked.

"We had feedback from thousands of people who had a really positive experience during the Olympic Games.

"Feedback from television audiences also indicated that the bright yellow ball on the blue pitch helped to enhance the viewer experience.

"The same also said of the Investec World League semi-final in Chiswick where the blue Ds from the London 2012 pitch were used.

"It went down really well and audiences found the contrast made it much easier to follow the games."

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International Hockey Federation 'very positive' about Rio 2016 preparations The construction and operation of the Olympic Hockey Centre, along with plans for the training centre and sporting legacy were discussed
Hockey players train in Deodoro, the site for hockey competitions at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Photo: Rio 2016/Alex Ferro)

International Hockey Federation (FIH) said it felt "very positive" about the progress being made towards the staging of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games following a three-day visit to the city this week.

The International Federations (IFs) are crucial partners in the delivery of the Games and the FIH became the 21st to visit Rio 2016 for official meetings so far this year (click here to read the comments of other IFs who have visited Rio).

The FIH delegation, which included CEO Kelly Fairweather, Director of Sport David Luckes and Executive Board member Alberto Budeisky, visited the site of the hockey venue in Deodoro and met with members of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee, the Municipal Olympic Company (EOM) and the federal government.

Among the topics discussed to progress the detailed operational planning were the competition venue, test event, competition schedule, accommodation, training venue and ticketing.

Fairweather said: “Overall the message we are giving is very positive. We have seen a sense of urgency and momentum building here which is quite comforting. I think they've demonstrated a lot of progress so that was really positive from our point of view.

“We had a key meeting around Deodoro, which has obviously been a subject that has been debated quite a lot over the past few months. We received a detailed presentation on the cluster operations from the Head of Venue Management for Deodoro and I must say that was quite comforting because we got a lot more detail which gave us a really good idea of the flows and how the different client management services will operate during Games time.

“We then zoomed in on the hockey venue and spent a lot of time talking about the plans which we had reviewed in detail. We had many questions which we went through one by one and 95% of them were answered, so I think we've made some really good progress."

Fairweather was keen to highlight the important role played by the government partners in cooperation with Rio 2016: “We had a really good meeting with the EOM alongside the federal government and Rio 2016. Joaquim Monteiro, the new president of the EOM, was very open, receptive and supportive. We had the right people in the room together and that was fantastic. The spirit of cooperation was really positive and it´s clear they are all right behind this project and it´s now a question of putting bricks and mortar in place.”

The delegation also visited the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), which will provide the Games training venue, and inspected the accommodation for technical officials. After the Games, the Deodoro hockey venue will provide an important legacy facility to help develop the sport in Brazil, where there is already a culture of hockey, as this video shows.

Fairweather said: “In terms of legacy we are really very pleased because we are going to have a great legacy at Deodoro, which is going to be where the national team is based. And we are also going to have a great legacy at the Federal University which has something like 50,000 students. Hockey traditionally has always had a strong base in universities, so we think it is a very good thing."

Rio 2016 receives regular visits from International Federations to work together to develop the detailed operational planning for each sport during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2013, Rio 2016 received 35 official visits from International Federations.

Rio 2016

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Proximity. It will likely be the first time that it is feasible for many people in Argentina to travel to an Olympics.

No, I mean, why you think the sport will be treated marginally?

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Because Brazil doesn't traditionally have success in those sports.

Oh, I see...

At least we are trying... Take a look

hahaha great ones!

"About South American Championships: in 2003, Brazil finished 5th. Argentina 1st. Last Year, Brazil finished 4th and Argentina 1st.

Brazil is in evolution meanwhile Argentina remains stagnant!"


Love this ad

(curiously, apart of the joke, Brazil finally won Chile one year after the ad)

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