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Salt Lake City To Bid For Winter Olympic Games - Report


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I just reread this thread and thought I'd pull out this one quote:

I've always found that when two people disagree facts are useful to the conversation -- not irrelevant.

Quaker, post any opinions you want. I have never asked you to stop posting your opinions. I just voice my disagreement with your opinions and then you get irritated.

Your theory is based on guesswork and deductions that could turn out to be true or false. Far better supported theories (about Durban/Rome 2020, for example) have fallen apart. There is also some evidence to support the position opposite to yours. Under these conditions, you can hardly be surprised when everyone doesn't sing a chorus of "Alleluia! Amen!"

Go on posting your opinions. I'll post mine.

Τhis topic is about SL possible bid for 2026 WOG. Go if you want to summer olympic threads to discuss for 2020, 2024. Ok? bye

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It's a dream scenario. Not only do we get Olympics in Vegas (which would be awesome) but we pissoff the USOC in the process.

I don't think the USOC would be pissed off. The scenario would work exactly as it did last time. The rogue dreamer bypasses the USOC, either purposely or out of ignorance. But he is stopped at the pass anyway by the IOC explaining the correct route to him/them. I think the USOC/IOC know they cannot control everything and like the athletes who participate in the Olympics, those other people have their dreams, too. Without the dreamers like Pierre de Coubertin, Alexander Cushing, Billy Payne, Seb Coe, etc., there would be no great Olympic Games. Water will always seek its own level.

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