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129th IOC Session: Live Blog

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The voting will take place over a number of rounds, the city with the lowest number of votes in each round will be eliminated. If two cities finish the round last with the same number of votes, both will be eliminated. If a city finishes with more votes than the cities below combined, the city will win.

Due to personal issues, two of the judges from the ten will be unable to attend. One judge has been removed following a wildly publicised scandal. This means 7 judges will take part in the voting process, a result of this means there cannot be a draw at the end.

In the first round, judges will have 3 votes, in rounds two and three, judges will have 2 votes. In rounds four onwards judges will have 1 vote and will continue with 1 vote until a winner has been found.

​All voting has already been completed, the live blog is simply to build drama and to create an enjoyable finale.


19:00: Welcome to the GamesBids.com Live Blog for 129th IOC Session, live from Toronto, Canada. The host city of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games will be announced in just over an hour, but first the judging panel will need to eliminate six of the seven candidate cities in order to find the winner

19:05: The judges have begun voting for the first round. The results are scheduled to be announced at 19:15. The options they have are of course:

(In Alphabetical Order)




Kuala Lumpur




19:10: Twitter and news websites from across the world are a buzzing with gossip and rumours about tonight’s event.

19:12: The results of Round 1 are not due for another three minutes but the rumours on Twitter suggest that two cities have been eliminated in the first round. If true, this will be a big shock for many.

19:15: The results for Round 1 of the voting are here, IOC President Thomas Bach steps up to the stage.

“Firstly, welcome to all those who have travelled from across the globe to be here. Thank you to the city of Toronto for being such welcoming hosts. The 2024 Summer Olympic Games selection process has been one of the most memorable; all cities have submitted fantastic and strong bids. However only one city can win, the votes for Round 1 have taken place, and I can announced that two cities have been eliminated as they have received the equally fewest votes. The cities not progressing into round two, in alphabetical order, are, Brisbane and Putrajaya. The judging panel will now return to vote in Round 2.

19:18: Well the rumours on Twitter turned out to be true as Brisbane and Putrajaya have both been eliminated in Round 1. The results of the Round 2 voting are due at 19:30 in just over ten minutes time. The cities now remaining are:

(In Alphabetical Order)



Kuala Lumpur



19:23: There has been interesting reaction to the Round 1 results from across the world. BBC News has said “This is a massive upset, both cities were predicted to go far in the selection process”.

19:27: Over in Australia The Brisbane Times has said “This is an outrage, mate”. Just three minutes until the results of Round 2 are announced.

19:30: There is no time to mourn the eliminated; the results of Round 2 are in. President Bach steps up to the microphone:

“The judging panel have completed the voting for Round 2. In my eyes, all the cities in this selection process are winners simply because they managed to enter, however the Olympic Games only comes around every four years, not four weeks. Round 2 voting has eliminated one city this time. This city is, regrettably, Delhi. This city’s bid captured the hearts of so many of our judges and we wish the city well in the future. The voting for Round 3 will now commence.”

19:32: Well many thought Delhi could be the dark horse of the competition. The bid team ran a strong publicity campaign but clearly it was not meant to be. The Delhi bid team have released a statement.

“It was a true privilege to take part in the bidding process for the 2024 Olympic Games. Delhi offered a good fight, but tonight our congratulations go to the other fine candidates for the honour of hosting the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad. Delhi 2024 would like to thank the judges for the time and effort in evaluating the Candidate Cities (and voting on them), as well as its competitors for raising the game and providing a fierce competition. Tonight, the citizens of Delhi stand taller for the bid that this city mounted - for it was a quality plan and one marked by passion, technical excellence and the spirit of sportsmanship. Consequently, we shall apply again - but until such time, we wish the winner of this bid nothing but the very best with hosting the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in 2024”

19:36: The judging panel have begun voting for Round 3. Here is a quick recap of the remaining cities:

(In Alphabetical Order)


Kuala Lumpur



19:40: The announcement for Round 3 is due in 5 minutes. Massive crowds are packed into squares in all of the remaining cities, each person hoping that their city will be given the honour.

19:41: Rumours on Twitter suggest that Canadian singer Avril Lavigne will be performing on stage to close the event here in Toronto. The IOC however has been quick to deny this and have said “We deny these sick reports and we hope the person who started these rumours will be brought to justice.”

19:45: Once again, the IOC President takes to the stage:

“The judging panel have completed voting for Round 3. I’m not sure if an Olympic Host selection process has ever been closer. However one more city must be eliminated. This city will be, Santiago. I am sure we will see much more of this fantastic South American city in the future. Round 4 will now commence”.

19:47: Well it was the favourite for many but the South American city has been eliminated from the process. The Santiago bid team have released the following statement:

"As disappointed as the Santiago team is not to be bringing the games to Chile, we thank the judges for considering us fairly and congratulate Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Roma for progressing.”

19:51: Yet another shock here tonight. Like with Delhi, many considered Santiago a dark horse which presented such an exciting bid plan. Some news agencies are suggesting that the voting process may go past 20:00 if it reaches Round 5.

19:53: Tension has filled the arena in Toronto as the judges are voting for Round 4, the remaining three cities are:

(In Alphabetical Order)


Kuala Lumpur


19:56: The New York Times are reporting that an inside source has suggested that the process will go into a 5th round.

19:57: The Guardian in London however is reporting conflicting news that a clear favourite has emerged and Round 4 may be the last.

19:58: Just two minutes to go until President Bach takes to the stage once more.

19:59: The three remaining bid teams are grouped together, arms around one another as Thomas Bach walks up to the microphone.

20:00: President Bach:

“This selection process has been gripping, exciting, educational and most importantly enjoyable. The judging panel have completed their voting for Round 4. This will be the final round of voting, as they have come to a decision. One city has received more votes than the other two combine, making it the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games…"

20:01: The IOC President is having some trouble opening the envelope.

20:02: President Bach:

"The International Olympic Committee has the honour of announcing that the games of the thirty third Olympiad in 2024, are awarded to the city of, Berlin."


20:03: The hall erupts as the Berlin bid team celebrate together. The teams of the other cities are quick to congratulate them on their win.

20:04: A member of the Berlin bid team has just spoken to us:

“This is just amazing. In the last days the signs were showing Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya in front, this is just crazy! I don’t know what to say, just thank you all! It was such a strong competition, thanks to all the bids, it was an honour to be with you in the same race. Now it’s time to work hard to bring you the best games ever in 2024. Berlin rages! Germany rages! You will never forget the Berlin 2024 Games. You are all welcome, danke!"

20:05: This image has come in from German television showing the crowds celebrating in Berlin


20:08: Thank you all for following our live blog of the IOC session. Congratulations to all the bids, they were all fantastic. A bit congratulations to Berlin, host city of the 2024 Olympic Games.

20:15: The IOC has published the figures from tonight's voting.


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All voting has been completed before tonight. This event is simply to build drama and to give the competition an enjoyable finish.

Remember to keep refreshing this page as it will be updated/edited as the night goes on.

Feel free to comment below!

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Any chance of getting the full voting figures?

Also, thanks for running the competition.

Thanks :)

The figures are up on the first post.

The x3 x2 x1 represent how many votes each judge had in each round. The number of votes was like this to make the competition more exciting. If each judge had just 1 vote the whole time there probably would have only been 1 round.

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Oh Lord , where should I begin ...

First I want to thank Paul. Just because of him this Competition has started . Over the last past weeks he managed it very very well and today the Final was just amazing and stunning !!! I could feel the attention in the Arena when Thomas Bach opens the envelope :) For me it was a pleasure to take part , my first time in a GB compettioen as well .

Second I want to applaud to all the Cities and their managers . You all should be NOC Presidents in your country , that the world could see your euphoria , talent and hard work . I am laughing , because the last days I worked on the next Berlin bid because I never thought I can beat Kuala Lumpur ^^

Third , of course , it's time to say thank you to all the voters who giving their free time to rate the bids and made this competionen unique !

I need a few days to understand what happend this evening ... Btw. , wasn't there a price for the winner ??? :D

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I had been one of the judges - it was really a challenge to evaluate the totally different bids...

All bids had their strengths and weaknesses - and it was really a hard job to find a way to give them points...

I made two different excel tables - one for design and one for the bid - I weighted the different categories, which paul gave us and finally I made an overall ranking...

I don't want to go into details - I just want to say that all entries had really they strengths and everybody did a great job!!!

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Firstly thanks for the kind words Cody.

Glad you enjoyed the final. It was actually all planned out before 7pm.

'Scripted' even.

As for your prize. I'll do a thread tomorrow. Don't get your hopes up for an Olympic torch or a gold medal though.

I have told the judges they are free to reveal they were judges and it is up to them if they wish to say who they voted for. Hopefully there will be nobody suggesting there has been any 'fixing' if so. I have a plan in place to show transparency, but that would be a lot of effort and I don't want to have to go down that dark path...

So keep an eye out tomorrow or Saturday for the prize thread!

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