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Vancouver 2010 Bid Annoucement Video?

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Hi All,

I know at one time the IOC had the annoucement video on its website but has since taken it down. There's the CBC video on YouTube but that cuts straight away to GM Place and doesn't stay in the ballroom where the location was announced. Does anyone have the video of just the straight annoucement from the venue in Prague or know where I can find it online?

Thanks Much,


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Kyle, maybe it doesn't exist. Gee, how different is it from other announcements?

I mean Rogge opens the envelope, pauses a second, then announces "Vancouver" unsmilingly. The Canadian delegation then erupts in an orgasm of joy, etc., etc.,

I mean...what else is there to it?? :blink:

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It's not that it's any different in particular, it's that if anyone knows where the video is where I can download it then I'd appreciate it. I know at one time it was on the IOC website, but doesn't appear to be there anymore. I was just asking if anyone knows where it is. thats all.

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I know at one time the IOC did have a video of the 2010 bid announcement on their website, but that appears to have been removed long ago. There is a CBC archival video, but that cuts straight away to the arena and the celebrations which doesn't interest me. It doesn't appear to be on YouTube. Does anyone have this video downloaded or know where I could find it?


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