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Sochi 2014 pictograms and slogan revealed

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I know that they were already mentioned on the news thread, but it seems that apart from me, many other users don't seem to have noticed it until now: Sochi 2014 has presented its pictograms and its slogan this week.

This is how the pictograms look like:


And in the Games' quilt look:


The press release about them: http://www.sochi2014...dia/news/59628/

And the slogan is: Hot.Cool.Yours.


I think both the pictograms and the slogan convey a very youthful image. The pictograms look like comic figures and the slogan also rather sounds like a slogan for a big party resort for teenagers than for the Olympic Games which are also attended by elderly visitors (and athletes ;)). While London was very serious and politically correct with "Inspire a generation", Sochi rather seems to focus on the fun element of the Games. Not bad, I would say, even if it's a wholly different approach.

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Neither do I....

Well, not quite true actually. The pictograms are ok - they're a bit cute and cuddly for my liking but they are definitely clear and they work (and look nice used as little icons on Sochi's website). If they're only really intended for signage and as icons then they're perfectly fine. Beyond that, I'm not sure...

The slogan is horrible. Sorry. Looking back at past slogans (because I can't recall many before Salt Lake) I don't think there's one I like less. It manages to be both insipid and sounnding as though it should be on the front of an Adult DVD at the same time. Icky, flat and uninspiring. Surely they could've used the hot/cold contrast to come up with something more energetic than this?

With the launch of Sochi's logo (which I think is brave and will work brilliantly as a wordmark across all applications), and Quilted Look (beautiful) I thought Sochi got off to a really great start. The countless forgettable mascots, passable pictograms and icky slogan have dissapointed me since however. Sorry!

Next up the torch I guess? :D

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Pictograms are good slogan is just three words put together tbh.


Their pictograms are so corny; and actually would've fit better with Vancouver's primitive Ilanaaq logo, i.e., child-like images. They go minimalist with their idiotic logo and pictograms but go so vividly rich with their quilt/gift wrapping paper palette?? Feast or famine; nothing in between?

I can't imagine what the medals will be like. I think something really discordant and askew.

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It's ugly on the outfits:


Yuck! Like a Hawaiian shirt on acid.

THAT is HIDEOUS. I can't imagine ANYONE going to bat for this shirt and arguing it has some sort of sartorial merit (I guess that's sort of a dare).

It's very circa 1971 -- the sort of thing even the Salvation Army can't sell that eventually gets cut up for dust rags.

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True, those shirts are sickly, but I think they display the use of the look applied to the extreme. If we look to alot more recent applications of the look, they have toned it down, using it as an accent mixed with white, rather than a complete all out look.

This for instance, is far more in check with past looks when tied in to a shirt design


As I mentioned in the news thead, their logo has grown on me, and I loved the application of the look in the likes of Sochi/Russia house in London. They also have an extra useable element with the whole web address *dot*.

The pictograms don't impress me greatly, but they are not offensive, middle of the road.

The slogan, I don't mind it. I think it's going to be very flexible, with the *hot ,cold* being able to be interchangeable for whatever promotions, events or sponsors - and the *yours* being the constant feature.

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My excitement for Sochi grows from day to day. Everything they released after the logo looked nice and beautiful to me.

Even the logo looks much better with the "pattern-look". It looks much warmer, even if the colour (blue) is usually a "cold" one.

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