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Rubble and dust mask Games splendour, Sochi on track

Nov 10 (Reuters) - Amid the dust and the rubble, and the rumbling, wheezing construction vehicles, it takes a fair stretch of imagination to picture Sochi's Winter Olympic playground in its pomp.

But ignore the landscape of lorries and cement mixers hauling materials up and down the sometimes unmade roads.

Ignore the gangs of workers in concrete-encrusted boots work on embryonic scaffold-clad buildings.

Ignore too the main stadium which sits mid-construction, its yawning innards bared to the skies. Because most other venues are complete, or near completion, and organisers say they are bang on schedule.

With 15 months to go before the Feb. 7 Opening Ceremony, although the venues nestle in a Black Sea resort mostly resembling a building site, nothing suggests any concern over readiness.

Construction will be completed by August 2013, organisers say. At that stage work will be halted on some commercial properties to begin the much-needed beautification of the area. The commercial buildings will then be finished once the Olympic party has left town.

"We have to postpone finishing the commercial properties in the city because we want the city to look good," Sochi native and organising committee president Dmitry Chernyshenko told reporters in Sochi this week.

"Those who won't be able to finish by August will have to wait not to harm the environment because we will clean and purify the city to prepare for the Games, and then it will continue after the Games."

Certainly scruffy buildings will have no place on the canvas for a Russia hoping to use the Sochi Winter Olympics to showcase itself much the same way China used the 2008 Beijing Games.

"Beijing was presenting to the world the Chinese can-do," International Olympic Committee member Kevan Gosper said.

"Russia, as Russia, is now making a new presentation of itself to the world, following the long history of the Tsarist and Soviet times," the Australian added.

"You can see at first hand the can-do attitude which is now known as the new Russia, 23 years after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The 2014 Games will mark the new Russia's 25th anniversary."

The 2014 Winter Games will take place in two centres, the Coastal Cluster along the Black Sea shore in the Imeretinskaya Valley and the Mountain Cluster in Krasnaya Polyana.

Between those two Olympic clusters, 98 events in 15 winter sports will be held during the Feb 7-23 extravaganza. (Editing by Amlan Chakraborty)


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Does anyone have any updates or images of the curling venue?

this was the last pics ( April 2012 ) which has been posted here before



unfortunately nothing newer in Sochi 2014 official websites

curling center will host world Junior championship next year and should be ready by now

maybe it will be some updates next month or early next year

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Sochi 2014 construction nearly complete

ith just over 14 months to go before the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics, the organizers say they are on track to deliver all the venues, with some works concluded ahead of schedule.

The venues of the coastal cluster of the Sochi Winter Games will soon be put to the ultimate test.

Built from scratch, along with the supporting infrastructure, the Olympic park is now looking more like the final product than ever.

The Iceberg Skating Palace is the next Olympic setting to go on trial when it welcomes the Figure Skating Grand Prix Finale on December 6-9.

The Bolshoi Ice Dome and adjacent Shaiba Arena will host Olympic ice-hockey matches, with the final touches underway at both spots as they also prepare for major international test events in early 2013.

“This three-year construction will soon be over,” Murat Ahmadiev, Olimstry's section supervoser, told RT. “Right now, we are in the process of laying down the asphalt and applying the finishing touches. We’ve already got the grass surface here. Inside, we're doing decoration and furnishings. And soon we’ll start comprehensive testing, in other words, testing all the equipment and facilities in the building.”

While the Bolshoi Ice Dome is a permanent structure, the neighboring “Shayba” Arena is a moveable venue and could even be dismantled and transported to another Russian city after the Games.

Meanwhile, it awaits the Under 18 Ice Hockey World Championship in April next year.

“The arena is 100 per cent ready to receive hockey players and guests – and host future victories,” Sergey Tutushkin, contractor's representative, said. “All we have to do is turn on all the utilities. So now we're cleaning up and furnishing the place, and then we’ll be ready to open our doors.”

The officials are now putting the final sheen on the Adler Arena as well, which will become home to the speed skaters.

Its first competition is also scheduled for early 2013. However, in its post-Olympic life, it will transform into a trade and exhibition center – something, which is in great demand at the Black Sea resort due to its comfortable year-round climate.

The upcoming test events are hoped to become yet another milestone on Sochi’s path to become the most successful Winter Games ever.


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So: my first post in the Sochi board after finally tearing myself away from the London page :P...

I have to say I'm very impressed with how the venues are looking. What stands out to me is the way they all seem to have a cohesive design, the colours and shapes etc all go together with the design for the games. I can't really remember seeing another Olympics where this has happened?

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Why is this one SO much like Beijing's Opera House? Its all I can think of every time I see it.

I looked at both and they are different but the similarities are so prominent.


Because I think they are the only 2 prominent, egg-shaped structures in the world that Zaha Hadid or that Kapoor guy (of the Orbital) did not get their hands on. :lol:

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