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Sochi 2014 - Venues Updates Gallery

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Coastal Olympic Village at Night

I'm guessing those shots were taken before the athletes arrived- it looks jolly quiet.

Speaking of quiet- the Sochi Theme Park, which they hoped to open on 8 February, is unlikely now to get going until about May, although visitors do seem to be wandering around:


Sochi Olympic Park from the International Space Station


Interesting that there's very little evidence of street lighting in the older residential areas (e.g. north of the yellow main road). There are two completely different worlds combined in the same community.

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Here's 2005 vs late 2013 (I hope it can be enlarged to its original size!)

Okay, another tip Tony. If you're commenting on pics, no need to hit the quote button and repost all those pics again - especially if it's a long series of hi-res pics. Some people have older tech or

Well, depends. The apline skiers seemed okay with the test event two years ago (some grumbling about the downhill course, but a lot of it was with the setup rather than the hill, and that's out of the

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