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Sochi 2014 - Venues Updates Gallery

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Krasnaya Polyana
"Gorki" Gorod
Mountain Olympic Village
The Mountain Olympic Village is situated within easy reach of the Alpine Skiing Center, the Freestyle Center and the Snowboard Park. The competitors will be housed in comfortable rooms, in hotels, apart-hotels and cottages built in the alpine style.
Sliding Center "Sanki"
The course is going to host competitions in bobsleigh, skeleton and luge.
Gorki" Media Center
The "Gorki" Media Center is situated at the very heart of the Mountain Cluster, in the "Gornaya Karusel" complex at a height of 540 m above sea level.
The Endurance Village
The Endurance Olympic Village is situated within easy reach (500-800 meters) of the cross-country ski and biathlon center, which will mean that those competing in these events will be accommodated at the same height as the height at which the events are going to take place.
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In fact, the Olympic Stadium (especially the roof) looks like nothing substantial has happened there in months. Do they know that the Games are only seven months away?

It's really strange - all other venues were finished way ahead of the Games, but the venue that will be the main focus of the world (because the opening ceremony always draws the biggest Olympic TV audience, I guess) seems to go into a last minute finish. And that although the roof design doesn't look that complex and difficult.

And by the way: Where's the cauldron??? :lol:

Just kidding.

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I agree...I'm kinda alarmed they've stopped working on the stadia for quite a long time.

Also after watching the opening of the Universiade today i'm starting to think that maybe adding a temporary roof for the ceremonies wasn't much of a good idea.

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why was that roof added?

i don't get why it needed to be blk?

looking forward to the glass shell thingy to start.

it all looks very nice, if they can fill all the voids with amazing trim and (i hope) a little more plantlife among the stadiums it's gonna be super cool.

months to go.....can't believe it!

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Yeah, not too happy about another indoor ceremony, especially after renderings showed a pretty open stadium.

Never go by renderings. Those, even in any bid, are just initial visuals of the particular artists hired to whip up some pictorials. They have nothing to do with the actual finished product. I think with the spectacular show at Kazan and who knows-what-else at the IAAF show in Moscow, Scott Givens and his Russian team will have to try and top those shows...thus, they are going for a fully enclosed show to avail of a lot of ceiling stuff. Otherwise, Sochi's opening would just be on the scale of Sydney's opening -- not the fullest use of flying stunts altho of course it will supposedly be heavy on figure skating availing of the big arsenal of Russian skaters.

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