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12.04. ist-Tube & ist-Web Tv

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°°° http://www.istweb.tv/

>> http://www.facebook.com/istweb

>> http://twitter.com/istwebTV

All Projects about; logistics, accomodation, infrastructure, sustainable energy using, housing, venues, etc.. monthly videos about metro, bridge, tunnel projects..

°°° http://www.ibbtube.com/

>> http://www.facebook.com/ibbtube

>> http://twitter.com/ibbtube

IBB >> Istanbul Büyüksehir Belediyesi = (litteral translation) = Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (in english it would be IMM-TUBE :) )

mini video about water-using/water-sustainability/water-wasting --> http://www.ibbtube.com/2363-istanbulun-hayat-kaynagi.html

mini video about the newly-opened 40km metro-line video at asian side --> http://www.ibbtube.com/2333-cumhuriyet-tarihinin-en-buyuk-metro-yatirimi.html WORTH TO SEE IT !!

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Congrats on the new Metro line. Didn't realize they were already farther along on that. But the question is, are the stations anywhere NEAR any future venues? That's all that'll matters for Istanbul's Olympic chances. If they aren't, then all the excitement about the subway is nothing for Istanbul's chances. The metro has to be able to move visitors quickly to the venues and back.

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