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Mayor announces major new plans for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park & Stratford

• International design team sought to design 'Olympicopolis' - a world-class new cultural and educational quarter at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
• Victoria and Albert Museum, University College London and Sadler’s Wells will be part of the project
• Stratford to be 're-zoned' to bring its three stations into transport zones 2/3

Full press release: http://www.london.gov.uk/media/mayor-press-releases/2014/07/mayor-announces-major-new-plans-for-queen-elizabeth-olympic-park

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the most secret, and maybe the most diminished by the way it was treated

how did they get the petals back or was it the prototype?

As I understand it, there was basically one cauldron mechanism, with three sets of petals: one for testing (now reused for display), one for the Olympics and one for the Paralympics.

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I hope they eventually move the cauldron to the Olympic park,

As only those with athletics tickets saw it at the Olympic park during the Olympics,

even though I was in the Olympic park on the first Monday of the Olympics I was a bit miffed that I couldn’t see the cauldron.
I had to wait for the Paralympics to see it in the stadium.

I sort of feel the Olympic park is where it belongs.


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scratch that. the caurdon might look like this


this is a fountain outside the oslo national theater

what i envision is that it will 'come together' every hour to mimic the opening ceremony and 'drop down' to mimic the closing. muck like what sydney did to there cauldron

They were lucky to get away with opening and closing the Cauldron twice- trying it every hour is just asking for trouble!

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well i just think the option should be made available

At least one influential person disagrees very strongly:

Typically, the Olympic parks are known for ending up as not as parks but as funny, weird derelict bits of ground five years after the games. And we were imagining whatever we designed sitting there ten years after, in a very sorry state with pigeon poo on it, and calling itself a fountain, spouting water where gas had come through. We just thought, how can the cauldron manifest the ephemerality, this temporary coming together for just two weeks?

However, it occurs to me that it could have worked well indoors, like the Rowland Emmett Water Clock (the digital countdown at bottom right of the video indicates time to the hour chimes):

Oops- only one m in Emett

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2010 called, it wants its news story back....

Could Tottenham Hotspur move in to the Olympic Stadium?
Spurs have been given the green light to approach Olympic stadium bosses about a temporary groundshare with West Ham.

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Malcolm Reading


LAUNCH: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park's Culture and Education Quarter Design Competition now open:



Hawkins\Brown Unveils Legacy Designs for London Olympic Broadcast Centre


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Last month I was back in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the first time since last December. I really enjoyed walking around the park. Magnificent landscape, architecture and a great atmosphere. (I can also recommend anyone to take a swim in the Aquatics Centre!!!)

I have more photos on my blog. But I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the links in here.












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