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Barcelona 1992 - Touristic tour...


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I am planning to visit Barcelona soon.

Could someone advise me on former olympic venues, sport museums, and other interesting things to see ???

Will be there for 2 days !


Im planning to visit BCN next year, during the FINA world championships....

You should go to the Olympic Stadium (Estadi Olímpic de Montjuic), FCBarcelona stadium and to the Olympic and Sports Museum Joan Antoni Samaranch at the MOnjuic hill...

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Jealous, I loved Barcelona and hope to return in the next 2 years.

Obviously Montjuic is the place to go, home of the Olympic stadium aswell as a number of other arena.

You can get into the Olympic Stadium arch end free of charge, just make a coin donation. You'll be in the seating around where the main ceremony set was placed, so a great place to get photos with the cauldron in the background.

There are a couple of tourist shops there, aswell as a rather underwhelming cafe which amazingly expensive softdrinks. Still, buy one and sit down to enjoy the atmosphere of being in a fantastic looking stadium.

Take your time to walk all over the park, you really do get the feeling that this was the hub of an Olympic Games, which I must say isn't always present in the Olympic parks I visited - Im talking about the intangible feeling.

Take a walk up to the castle, just chill for an afternoon.

Make sure to get back at night.

You'll be able to get that beautiful classic shot of you sitting at the foot of Montjuic infront of the Palau Nacional with the light strobes shooting into the sky at all angles behind it.

And of course, the magic fountain, try getting to the show that features *Barcelona* by Freddy Mercury, will bring a tear to the eye. :)

There are nearby metro stations, but we were staying in Plaza Tetuan in the Eixample, and it was an easy enough walk to get there (though admitedly quite lengthy.

Walk down to Barcelonetta and along the beach to the Olympic Port, and see the athlete village towers, a few nice places to stop and eat down there.

You'll have a fantastic time that is for sure.

Ps: Also agree with the Olympic Foundation Museum at Montjuic. It's fantastic, especially as a ceremonies fan. You can see props used in the ceremonies such as the Hercules Bike, the Spain Land of Passion Bulls, el mar med sea costumes, and the crazy costumes from the closing ceremony fire festival. You can even see the props from the handover ceremony at the Seoul closing ceremony.

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Try the Badalona Sports Palace, just at least to say you were absorbing in the legacy and memories of the Dream Team there.

Las Ramblas is obvious.

Palau Sant Jordi, home of the gymnastics, handball, and volleyball

The Piscina Municipal de Montjuic nearby the Montjuic Stadium so you can see the iconic view of that great cathedral in the background

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