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Classification games - any point?

Brekkie Boy

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In the final stages now of the Paralympics and just thinking is there any point in the classification games for those who don't make it to the semi-finals in many of the team sports in both the Olympics and Paralympics.

OK, I guess they give organisers a couple of extra evennts to sell tickets for - but considering in the events they're used the teams have had 3-5 opportunities to play I doubt many fans - or the players themselves - particularly care whether the team finishes officially in 7th or 8th place - it's only the top three that matter after all.

If they do insist in having them wouldn't it be better to do something similar to the repercharge system in Judo so the two losing semi-finalists and then two winning teams from 5th to 8th place play offs get a chance to play for the bronze medal.

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