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London 2012 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

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What do you mean we don't get the Youth Olympic Games after this?..

Serious?!...not more sport!?

-Sadly, come Monday morning many Brits will be sharing this conversation at their breakfast table as they turn on their TVs to find the sport has at last gone.

But fear not, in true Olympic/Paralympic fashion the best is saved till last - if by best you mean worst.

In ceremony rankings of how awesome they are.

1st - Olympic Opening

2nd - Olympic Closing

3rd - Paralympic Opening

4th - Paralympic Closing

But fear not - because this time London will buck that trend. maybe

Coldplay are due to perform along side 2000 performers, and last night, I received exclusive - never before seen photographs or some other elements from the show.

My source simply called himself Ceb Soe - I'm just as clueless.



Well I'm completely clueless to what they are - but they are all on wheels so expect something rather - different.

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Festival of Flame to close Games

The Paralympic Games closing ceremony will take on a festival feel - featuring flames, armed forces personnel and a legion of "travellers", games bosses have revealed.

Organisers partially lifted the veil on the content of the show, dubbed the Festival of Flame, within the Olympic Stadium.

British chart-toppers Coldplay - who were paid £1 for the honour of providing the musical backbone for the ceremony - will play an "unusual setlist" designed to represents the seasons of the year.

But organisers refused to confirm whether American artists Jay-Z and Rihanna would be among those joining Coldplay on stage, as has been widely reported

Director Kim Gavin, who was also behind the Olympic closing ceremony, said: "We pay tribute to the human spirit for this wonderful sport and human achievement of the last two weeks.

"We have put together a unique group of people who storm the stadium, and bring this festival to life. The whole night is the celebration of the flame finally going out."

More than 1,000 volunteers joined Coldplay for a rehearsal of the festivities at a car park in Dagenham earlier this week.

Mr Gavin added: "There is no narrative. It's not just a concert and we're not just looking at Coldplay, we have fantastic visuals and amazing stunts going on. It is a collaboration all round."

Steve Daldry, head of Olympics ceremonies, confirmed other recording artists had wanted to be involved in the closing ceremony but Mr Gavin had a vision for it to "revolve around one act".

"Those requests have been turned down," he said. "We're not telling which special guests will be turning up."


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This does look like it'll be a much more considered playlist rather than a random gathering of acts from throughout the ages playing a random list of songs. I think I'll be able to enjoy this one a bit more too - the thought that the Olympics had come to an end a month ago was just horrible but as fantastic as these Paralympics have been for me tonight's closing ceremony kind of celebrates both the Olympics and Paralympics and makes the question "what next?" a positive one, rather than wondering how on earth we'll fill our days without hours upon end of live sporting excellence.

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It looks like there will be some steampunk content on it. The intro looks promising.

A burning man on a bike :lol: although so far this ceremony is pretty much confusing

Philip Craven and the Earl of Essex arrive on a very grungy car. And Lissa Hermans performs GSTK (the worst version of the anthem on these games IMO)

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For those confused about this ceremony check out http://paralympicclosingceremony.tumblr.com/ . They will be updating shortly as each segment passes and give a full description. (there are also special segments for the other ceremonies)


The mood changes as a storm stirs. The Dreamers are woken by an incessant, expectant rhythm as the sweet silence is shattered by the Wind Gremlins – the dark spirits who bring with them a furious gale that threatens to blow out the fires within us.

As the ferocious wind, horns and chanting whirl dramatically about our ears, the Dreamers battle to prevent the precious Agitos from rising adrift. Then suddenly an extraordinary, heroic motorcade of artists, creators, dancers, musicians and poets arrives to join the fight.


It's all gone a bit Mad Max at the moment.

You read my mind :lol:

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Where did the athletes go? Oh wait...they'r already sitting there. :lol: Seems they were there since the beggining.

Now the Napalm guys are making a recreation of the movie Platoon (???)

Seems David Arnold also composed music for these ceremonies (or at least that's what the commentarists are saying here)

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