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Sir Rols

GamesBids Logo Vote Result - The Members' Choice!

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And a pretty clear result in our final round - a clear win, and a Gold Medal as the Peoples' Choice, to Soaring! Congratulations Mate, well done!

And congratulations, and a Silver Medal, to Afiqnadzir. Again, a great submission.

Okay, now that's over, I can comment myself on the submissions.

Personally, yes, I would have voted for Soaring's as well. I agree, by far the most functional of the submissions, and the one where I think the font would work best for a website. My only reservation with it is the use of a cauldron/flame - I'm not sure if GamesBids could get away with using it, the IOC might get heavy on that point. Still, take the flame away, and the coloured swooshes may well work on their own, and even be a bit of an evolution and sharpening up of the existing logo. Or, maybe, a bit of collaboration and mix and match can be done - Afiq's "GB" graphics might work well with Soaring's logotype. The other one I quite liked was Danny's - I liked the fact he had different graphic logos for the forums and the homepage etc.

Oh well, that's for Rob Livingstone to decide. And we may well see one of the other submissions used in the site in future instead.

Thanks for entering everyone!

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The IOC doesn't have a monopoly on torches though. They can control their applicant cities (i.e. Chicago), but why would they have any jurisdiction over Gamesbids?

I don't see this logo working without the flame.

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Thank you everyone! I am so thankful for your support!!

I have entered a few logo contests before, but I have never even made it to the final, let alone win.

All of the other logos were great, especially the shortlist, and who knows, Rob may just want to use something else, or collaborate on a whole different design.

At any rate, I am thrilled to have your support!!

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Congratulations Soaring!!! It was the best logo in the comp, for sure!

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Congratulations Soaring and all the others - your entries are all terrific!!!

my very personal TOP SIX:

1st - L

2nd - C

3rd - A

4th - G

5th - D

6th - B


is it me, or was i support to be a joke entry. anyways congrats soaring

I Suppose*

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First - prizes...

I've awarded both Soaring and Afiqnadzir LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS (Soaring, I know you were already a Premium Member but now it will never expire). They are already active.


I think the members got it right - the top two were the best with the number 1 just edging out number 2. Soaring's logo hit a chord when I first saw it, I like the font and I think the icon is simple yet effective.

Afiqnadzir's is also compelling - there's a nod to our existing logo and the brush-strokes give it an artistic look. But I don't like that font as much

I could see using Soaring's logo right away - no worries about the torch - the IOC doesn't own that image. However, things don't happen that quickly - we'd have to redesign many things to complement a new logo. We'll spend the next few months determining what we will do with a redesign and how we can integrate a new logo.

Congratulation to the top 2!

Soaring, what font did you use? In what file format do you have the have the original image stored?

And finally, many thanks to Sir Rols for running the contest and for all the time and effort it took.

Thanks Rob! This means a lot to me. I created it in Photoshop, and the font is on my home PC, but I will let you know this weekend.


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