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Thank you readers and members for making us number ?-?

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Thank you readers and members for making GamesBids.com an important part of the Olympics! We couldn't do it without you.

GamesBids.com doesn't publish traffic and readership numbers, nor do we talk about it that much - that really isn't part of our Olympic bid news offering. However recently, two Websites close to our industry niche (in this case Olympic business reporting and not specifically Olympic bids where we are absolutely unique) claimed industry leadership in the category over the London 2012 Games period. Yes, two (and we won't name names), and they used different metrics to determine the result.

So we thought it would be only fair to our readers to disclose (albeit without detail) where we think we have been positioned by our loyal readers - many of whom were with us when we launched in 1998 exclusively on the Web, ahead of all others on the platform. It turns out you, our readers, are extremely loyal and the roots we have grown on the Internet provide a strong foundation for further growth.

One of the highly-respected sites declared themselves the leaders based on their traffic statistics that they plainly disclosed.

“For the 2012 Games, the number of unique visitors - one of the most important measure of web traffic - more than doubled from about 125,000 for Beijing 2008, to nearly 300,000 for London. The number of website hits increased about 50% over Beijing, from three million to 4.5 million,”

[The editor] "...says the figures confirm the number-one status of [the website] for coverage of the Olympic industry."

Really? Who did they check with? I can tell you with certainty that your readership across our sites exceeded those numbers above, but I don't remember them asking us about it. Sure, since we're not forefront about our actual numbers, where's the credibility? You don't have to believe me, but we don't disclose any numbers because we are a private organization so we don't need to - and we're not entirely comfortable with releasing unaudited results. And no where is it revealed that those other numbers were independently audited.

Still, they never asked.

Then, another highly valued Olympic site reported its industry leadership based on traffic reporting from Alexa.com. Indeed, the data shows that they have formed an impressive dominating role in the Olympic reporting space. But unscientifically acquired data from Alexa, especially for sites focused on niche readership and regionalized audiences, is notoriously inaccurate if not completely flawed (but don't take my word for it, look it up).

It's clear that the Alexa-leading Website has built a leadership role in the industry based on its high quality and superior journalism - but I don't believe Alexa is the way to measure that. Until these sites are subject to comparable independent audits, I don't think proclamations of "We're number 1" are acceptable.

So where do we stand? Our traffic typically peaks at key milestones of the Olympic bid process - during evaluations, key announcements and the final election. We also see a smaller peak during the Olympic Games themsleves. We definitely exceeded the 300,000 unique visitors reported by one site (in fact, if you believe Alexa, we're ahead of them there too). And the other site - who knows?

We will not declare that GamesBids.com is number one, but we'll admit that our readers are unbeatable!

I'll leave you with this one interesting tidbit. Here are the top-10 countries in terms of site visitors during the Olympic Games, along with some explanation as to their standing.

1. United States (English-speaking)

2. United Kingdom (English-speaking / host city)

3. Canada (English-speaking / recent host)

4. Australia (English-speaking)

5. France

6. Brazil (Future host)

7. Turkey (currently bidding)

8. Japan (currently bidding)

9. Spain (currently bidding)

10. New Zealand (English-speaking)

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