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Tokyo 2020 Bid News


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Commemorative Tokyo Olympics coins said in the works


The government has begun preparations to issue a variety of commemorative coins for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, with the first eyed for release just after the end of the 2016 Games in Brazil, a government source said Tuesday.

The Finance Ministry will work out details such as coin specifications and issue timings after consulting with the International Olympic Committee and the organizing committee for Tokyo 2020, according to the source. Coin designs could be solicited from the public, the source added.

Brazil is planning to issue a total of 36 coins for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. For the 2012 London Olympics, “countdown” coins were minted each year beginning in 2009 in the run-up to the Games.

Some Japanese officials are said to be calling for issuing many varieties, like Brazil.

When Japan hosted the 1964 Games in Tokyo, a ¥1,000 silver coin featuring Mount Fuji and a ¥100 silver coin with a design of the Olympic cauldron were issued.

Japan has issued commemorative coins on various occasions, including the World Cup it hosted with South Korea in 2002 and the 50th anniversary of the shinkansen service in 2014.


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Just found this piece of news.

Over 20 sports seeking inclusion in Tokyo Olympics 2020

More than two dozen sports seeking inclusion in the program of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 karate, baseball, softball and football are some of the disciplines that might be present in the international event, as reported Wednesday Japanese media.

Until this day, a total of 23 international sports federations have sent their applications for admission to the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee.

Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Olympics by beating Istanbul in the final vote of the IOC general assembly in Buenos Aires, following the surprise elimination in the first instance in Madrid.

Among the disciplines that until now have made public their applications to participate in the Games of the Japanese capital are softball and baseball were already Olympic sports. Others, such as karate, bowling, squash, skating, football and climbing also aspire to be present at the Olympics.The mascot for the 2020 Tokyo Games is a robotic cat named Doraemon animated, used as image to attract young people from around the world.

The Organizing Committee of Tokyo opened on May 11 the selection of new sports branches. It is estimated that by September 30, 2015, the ratio of those to be proposed to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for approval report.

The deadline for proposals for new sports for the event will be until June 8. a pre-selection will be made on 22 March.

The final decision of the income of the sports in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, will fall to the 129 IOC session, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, as part of the Games of 2016. These representatives, including sports officials, Japanese politicians and business will be those candidates selected sports.


Still not thrilled with the idea of choosing again the sports for 2020... That was already done!

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ANA, JAL become official partners of 2020 Tokyo Olympics 15 June 2015 20:18


All Nippon Airways Co. and Japan Airlines Co. said Monday they have both concluded deals with the organizing committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to become "official partner" sponsors of the Games.

Under the contracts effective through the end of 2020, the two airlines, which are given the rights to use Olympic and Paralympic imagery including emblems and slogans, will promote the events and support Japan's Olympic and Paralympic teams by providing air transport services.

JAL President Yoshiharu Ueki said, "All JAL staff will do our best to create the finest games in the history of the Olympics and Paralympic games."

Osamu Shinobe, president and chief executive officer of ANA, said the company will "exert the utmost efforts to making a significant contribution to the successful delivery of the 2020 Games."

Both airlines were selected to transport the Olympic torch for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.

An "official partner" for the Games is required to pay at least 6 billion yen (about $49 million) to take part through the sponsorship program.

There are three categories of sponsor for the Tokyo Olympic, with the top rank being dubbed "gold partner" and the third rank "official supporter."


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Endo appointed Olympic minister as preparations go into full swingDTMANAGE.000000020150625134604197-1.jpg?

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Toshiaki Endo speaks to reporters after meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday.

8:49 pm, June 25, 2015

The Yomiuri Shimbun Toshiaki Endo was appointed Thursday as the state minister for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a new post created as the special measures law for the Games took effect on the day.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Endo, a former senior vice minister for the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry, on Thursday morning at the Prime Minister’s Office and instructed him to make full preparations for the Games.

“We have staked our national prestige on this event,” Abe said. “I also want you to handle things with reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake in mind. And we will have new challenges that we did not face in our former Olympics [in 1964], such as cybersecurity.”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga made the announcement before Endo was officially appointed at an attestation ceremony at the Imperial Palace later on Thursday.

“He is the most suitable person to take the ministerial post responsible for general coordination among the ministries and agencies concerned, which requires broad knowledge and experience in sports administration and rich political experience,” Suga said at a press conference.

Endo is a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker known for his familiarity with sports administration, having served as an executive board member on the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. He was also secretary general of the Diet Members’ League for the Promotion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Regarding construction of the new National Stadium, Suga said, “The education minister, who has jurisdiction over the issue, and the Olympics minister will cooperate to resolve the problems.” The total construction cost of the new stadium, which will be the main venue for the 2020 event, will greatly exceed the initial estimate.

The new law also allows a promotional headquarters to be established within the Cabinet. The government plans to open the headquarters soon with Abe as its chair, and start full-fledged preparation for the 2020 event.



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Moving on, if you will, Tokyo Gas has been names an Official sponsor alongside ANA and JAL.


This is also an example of the sub-font given in the logo, which I quite like. This is likely the font that will be used for tickets, press/media passes, signage, etc.

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Poll: 80 percent intrerested in Tokyo Olympics
Aug. 8, 2015 - Updated 13:06 UTC-4

A government survey on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics shows about 80 percent of those polled are interested in the games but only around 50 percent intend to go to the venues to watch events.

The Cabinet Office conducted its first survey on the Games in June, covering 3,000 people throughout Japan. 62.4 percent, or 1,873 people, responded.

Results show that 81.9 percent of respondents said they are interested in the Tokyo Olympics while18 percent said they are not.

51.2 percent said they want to go to arenas and other venues to watch events. 48.7 percent said they don't want to go.

As for the Paralympics, the results show 70.3 percent are interested, 36.4 percent hope to go to the venues to watch events and 29.5 percent expressed no interest.

Respondents were asked what aspects of Japan they want to convey to the world. Those polled were allowed to choose more than one item. 62.4 percent said the country's “safety and security" while 62.1 percent said “Japan's traditional values such as hospitality."

An official from the sports ministry says it will work to ensure that many people attend the games and that it will also strive to enhance people's interest in the Paralympics.


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10 Aug. 2015 - Yamato Holdings Becomes a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (Yamato Holdings) has today been appointed as the latest Tokyo 2020 Official Partner. The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee today welcomed the company as its Partner in the category of “Logistics Services.”

Tokyo 2020’s now has a total of 17 Partners, including four Official Partners, the second domestic tier of Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme.


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This Stunning Landmark Is About to Get Demolished-town&country

Farewell to Tokyo's Hotel Okura, a masterpiece of midcentury design.

Tokyo's dense, frenetic pace is hard to avoid, but drive up a small hill in the Toranomon business district and you can, briefly, escape. There you will roll up to the porte-cochere of the modestly scaled Hotel Okura, which was built in 1962, two years before the Olympic Games came to Tokyo. Across the road is the low-slung American embassy complex, including the ambassador's residence now occupied by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. In front of the hotel's driveway is an archive maintained by the Okura family. Because the neighboring buildings are not so tall, there's actually sky to be seen here, and some greenery, too. The jangle and skitter of contemporary Tokyo begins to recede.

Tokyo has no landmarks law. Although ancient temples and the like are rigorously preserved, and even citizens can be declared Living National Treasures, "it's not very common in Japan to have preservation movements," says Toshiko Mori, a Harvard architecture professor who runs her own namesake firm and is, like Maier, an Okura fan. "It's not as if people are standing up and speaking out. Japan is not an activist culture. There's some sense that there's nothing we can do."

In fact, Japan's very ancientness may be a factor. A lot of people will regard a 1960s hotel with indifference when down the street there's a shrine that's 700 years old.

Japan’s Iconic Hotel Okura Checks Out-time

“It is a destruction of culture”

Lights out for Tokyo's modernist masterpiece Hotel Okura-yahoonews

The old national stadium has been demolished and Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market is also set to meet the wrecking ball.

Critics say the frantic pace of development -- most buildings are now designed to last just a few decades -- is driven by a "scrap and build" mentality.


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Tokyo Olympics plans stumble on stadium fiasco, logo fuss

I felt that this article tastefully wraps up the events of the last couple of months. I'm looking foward to a change towards the better, but better put...

“We need to treat the stadium fiasco as a wake-up call and stop this runaway train before it is too late,” said Hideki Kato of the think tank Japan Initiative.
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from article above:

Whatever design is chosen and built, the changes to Tokyo’s skyline will be minor compared with those brought by the 1964 Games, which marked Japan’s reemergence as an industrial power from the ruins of its defeat in World War II.

Rivers and canals were paved over or topped by towering expressways to minimize the cost of land purchases. The city rushed to finish its shinkansen “bullet train,” the world’s first. Tens of thousands of city residents were relocated to make way for dozens of new sports venues and other facilities, but public complaints were muted for the sake of national pride.

ahhhhhh the goo old days!

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