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On 27/05/2017 at 6:26 PM, baron-pierreIV said:

Just realized that the Rio "cauldron" is, well the decorative Howe-designed part anyway, the first show "orb" for lack of a better word, suspended for an Opening Ceremony rather than being held in place from the ground or wherever, from the bottom.

I suspect that the use of a traditional support underneathj the cauldron itself is a safety requirement- we wouldn't want the flame to burn through its own supports!

On 27/05/2017 at 7:51 PM, baron-pierreIV said:

Altho the one used for the Oscars is of a different design -- it doesn't have the spheres and discs that the Rio one had.  

Probably all Anthony Howe's sculptures have variations from each other- he's an artist, not an artisan.

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