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Brazil at the Olympic Games

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Regarding TAM, what I read here is that they refused the offer from Rio-cog (any idea what is the acronym for the 2016 Organizing Committee?)

And all this talk of who is putting the hand on the flag is a little over in my opinion. Just wash it later, no one will notice :lol:

hehehe, wash and it's clean!!! hehehehe

No acronym, but the official name is "Comitê Organizador Rio 2016", CO-Rio 2016?

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Brazil is investing an additional $1 billion in the home team’s medal prospects ahead of Rio 2016.

President Dilma Rousseff will announce the initiative, including scholarships of up to $15,000 for athletes ranked among the world’s top 20 in their sports, at a Thursday afternoon ceremony in Brasilia.

According to media reports, the funding will be funneled into the sports ministry over the four years leading to Rio. Podium scholarships begin in 2013 with the construction of training centers, the purchase of sports equipment and the signing of agreements with federations for the development of Olympic disciplines to follow.

It’s all part of Brazil’s plan to jump from 22nd on the Olympic medals table at London 2012 to 10th for Rio 2016 and from seventh to fifth in the Paralympics tally.


full article


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Unfortunately, the government will insist on that "more money = more medals".

This is not a direct relation, much better would be if the brazilian sport federations were better organized.

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Does Brazil have a number in mind in terms of the number of medals they hope to win?

The goal is to be a Top 10 at the medal table. Just looking at London´s table you can have an idea how many medals it is expected. In my opinion, something around 10 gold medals, which looks reasonable IF we had a better policy regarding funding to olympic sports

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And less weak-minded high performance athletes...

Yeah, that too... <_<

In the end, that comes with better organization from the sport federations, which should put the athletes under world-class events and hire (good) psychologists to work with the athletes.

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We are achieving part of this already. I'm affraid the problem is really cultural.

Many of our athletes arrived in London as World Champions or #1 of World Rankings.

It seems when they know they will be broadcasted live to Brazil, they freak out.

Brazilian NOC started a huge psychologist programme for high performance athletes after Beijing 2008.

They have been with our athletes since them, but it seems no progress was achieved on making our athletes more "strong minded".

What to talk about Fabiana Murer or our Men's Volleyball team blackout in the final match?

Not to mention other athletes...


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My fear:

This is exactly what we were expecting for London and got only 3 golds... And a lot of weak-minded athletes doing shameful moments...

You will be at your home, with strong supporters. I don't think that 9-11 golds is not achievable. Football teams need some caution, you were the favorite in some games in the past in both men and women but the result wasn't the expecting.

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Well... IMHO, the problem is in part the supporters...

When our "high performance" athletes are playing abroad with few support and no broadcasting they reach trophies, medals, #1 in rankings...

It starts Olympics, and suddenly all of them became "weak-minded" athletes!!!

The list of "shameful" moments of Brazilian athletes in Olympics is as big as the Corcovado Mountain...

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Brazil’s Olympic Prize Ceremony builds excitement for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Tonight Brazil’s Olympic athletes joined together with loyal supporters for a picture perfect awards event called the “Premio Brasil Olympico”. Its success showed that Rio de Janeiro has superb media and special events talent to match its athletic talent as well as state-of-the-art sports facilities. This annual celebration of the achievements of Brazil’s Olympic athletes took place at the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater. It is located in a vibrant media district with so many theaters and elegant private clubs it is called “Theaterland.”

This special event followed the new direction of Team USA’s own Hall of Fame Awards by letting the fans themselves make the selections with online voting. The fan’s selection of best male athlete and best female athlete kept the production staff and camera crews on their toes. Top female athlete Sheilla Castro of Brazil’s gold medal winning volleyball team towers over the fan’s pick for best male athlete, gymnast Arthur Zanetti. He is just 5 feet and 1.5 inches tall, while Sheilla Castro is over one-foot taller. The techs had to quickly step in on stage to adjust the height of Zanetti’s microphone, adding light humor to the eventful evening.

Luiza Scheliga of TV Brasil observed how this special event is also helping Brazil’s athletes to start to compete for world class funding to accelerate their athletic achievements. She noted that, “It’s not easy to be any Olympic athlete in Brazil. Olympic sports in Brazil don’t have a lot of money or sponsors. Usually only the big stars get a sponsor.” Scheliga covers all Olympic sports in Brazil and reports that soccer remains the most popular but that audiences are growing for volleyball, judo and other Olympic sports. Local female judo star, Sarah Menezes is just twenty and expected to cheer the home crowd at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The format of this nationally televised event had some distinctively Brazilian characteristics. Event planners working on concepts for 2104 World Cup and 2016 Olympics will want to take note. The audience took part by invitation only, a combination of athletes, Olympic alumni, coaches, sports staff, family members, sponsors and advertising clients of broadcaster SporTV. The broadcaster is part of a local media conglomerate O Globo that engages in cross-promotions like an athletic contest and has an ability to promote sports events with an even wider reach than ESPN for local audiences. With nearly 600,000 likes on Facebook (more than five times Examiner.com) O Globo has been able to promote sports events strongly with social media.

Brazil and Rio have become such sports powerhouses that participation went noticeably beyond the local audience. Argentine wrestler Claudia Cabrera flew in from Buenos Aires to cheer for her Brazilian archrival Joyce da Silva. Conspicuously absent from this spectacular event was the world of winter sports and previews of Sochi 2014. Most of Brazil is a tropical paradise and its sports community has its sights set on the next Summer Olympics at home.


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Brazil eyes 27 to 30 medals at Rio Olympics

A Brazilian Olympic Committee official set a target of 27 to 30 medals for the host nation at the 2016 Olympics, after Brazil won 17 at the 2012 Olympics, according to The Associated Press.

Marcus Vinicius, executive director of sport for the Brazilian Olympic Committee, also said Brazil is spending about $600 million on training athletes from 2012 to 2016 after spending about $350 million in the previous four-year cycle, the AP reported.

Vinicius’ medal target represents a 59 to 76 percent increase over its London total, which were the most medals Brazil had ever won at a single Games. Brazil has won at least 10 medals at the last five Summer Olympics and never won more than eight before that.

Great Britain won 47 medals in 2008 and then 65 when it hosted in London in 2012, a 38 percent increase. China won 63 medals in 2004 and 100 when it hosted in Beijing in 2008, a 59 percent increase.

In the Winter Olympics, Russia won 15 medals in 2010 and then 33 when it hosted in Sochi in 2014, a 120 percent increase.

Brazil, traditionally strong in volleyball, sailing and judo, is likely to win the fewest medals of a Summer Olympic host nation since Greece won 16 at Athens 2004.


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Eerie to read comments on the previous page and above about Brazilian athletes being unable to perform under pressure...

I hope they can get it together for 2016.

Now add Football World Cup to the list too...

And even the Robot Soccer World Cup...

Germany wins Brazil by 11-1 in Football Robot World Cup

The Robocup have been played in João Pessoa, Brazil



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