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Olympic "METAL"


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I cringe when people refer to the Opening Ceremony as "opening ceremonies". They say it as another way of saying "festivities", describing it rather than actually saying what it is called (e.g. "Getting ready for tonight's festivities" / "Getting ready for tonight's opening ceremonies"). Seems to be more of an American thing, I've noticed.

And when some commentators say "at Olympic Stadium" instead of "at the Olympic Stadium", as though "Olympic Stadium" is the stadium's brand. That one really irks me haha... You wouldn't say "Joe Blogs is carrying Olympic Torch," you say "...is carrying THE Olympic Torch"... or "Olympic Cauldron is burning brightly..." no, you say "The Olympic Cauldron is burning brightly...". The stadium should be no different.

Having said that, "Olympic Park" instead of "the Olympic Park" doesn't seem so bad, although I've noticed London primarily uses "the" when referring their Olympic Park. Here in Sydney we've always called ours "Olympic Park" or more formally "Sydney Olympic Park"... then again it's no different to Centennial Park, Hyde Park etc... And I cringed when Bob Costas called London's Olympic Park "the Olympic Green" a few weeks ago - that's soooo 4 years ago mate!!

Anyway, that's it for my rant. Back to sorting out the real problems in my world ;) haha

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Oh well, in English, [t] and [d] share the same articulatory process, one being voiceless and the other voiced. They're distinctive, as 'medals' is obviously different from 'metals' in sound and meaning. But when we talk about the Olympics (NY20?? :lol:), the three metals that make the medals have a meaning as themselves as in "athlete Y wins a gold and a bronze".

Here the media has no idea at all about the difference between Olympic Games and Olympiad and use them interchangeably. Worse: they even say "Olympiads", refering to a single edition of the games. These are the "Olympiads of London 2012". Gross...

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