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BBC Host Broadcaster Olympic Coverage 2012

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There is a standard DVD version of it coming too. I use Blu-ray because it's an improved format from standard DVD and can store more footage. But in both they are going to be the same in terms of features with no extensions or exclusives if the set was Blu-Ray. Some sports Blu-ray titles, as well as plenty of movies of course, have some exclusives and extended footage as bonus features.

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After reading the BBC press release promoting its upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic DVD set, it does leave the impression, at least to me, that there could've been more special features along with the LSO's Nimrod, Tim's Projection, and Frank Turner's acoustic set before the Opening Ceremony. Why are they on the fourth disc instead of the first or second discs where the Opening Ceremony are? That's makes more sense to place them in. I can see some other stuff that should've been devised for it: the London 2012 Torch Relay recap, a documentary on the either ceremonies, the planning for the successful bid, and the development of British sports. Disc 4 could've have a special feature on the ambitious BBC Olympic coverage. Benedict Cumberlach's great intro and ending to the BBC coverage would be a treat. The BBC's montages would've great to add as well

I can assume there's an audio option for stadium-only track when you can opt away from the BBC commentary.

Will there be the menu you can click on which nations are marching in the Parade of Nations? I'm thinking with two discs containing the Opening Ceremony, not only does it kinda makes you wonder with that what was omitted from that skimmed hour from 8 to 7 of highlights, I assume the second disc of the ceremony starts with the Olympic protocol (Rogge's and Coe's speeches).

Hey, in any case, it couldn't be any worse than what NBC offers for its 2012 Olympic coverage, can it?

This montage ended the BBC's final Saturday portion of the Olympics. The song is "London" performed by Thea Gilmore that was written by the late Sandy Dennis. Gary Lineker appears at the beginning introducing the video as he signs off.

The BBC covering Team GB entering Olympic Stadium led by Sir Chris Hoy with the Union Jack to David Bowie's "Heroes" and then later the Chemical Brothers' "Galvinize" (it started the parade music with Greece so it's a nice bookend). The Beeb sure must love Tom Daley marching in with those shots of him. Saw the world feed of this moment, and there's not much of a difference between the OBSL's and the BBC's. Huw Edwards and Sue Barker call the joyous home team moment (well, maybe not for the Queen...). Apologies for the video quality.

Let me to amend what I said about the video footage. All of the video in the OC produced in the last clip was not by the Beeb at all but from the OBS London. The BBC did whatever it could in accordance with those images.

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I think the DVD extras are very disappointing but the Danny Boyle commentary throughout the Opening Ceremony is fascinating!

I didn't realise that during the Pandemonium section, there were also workers underground: miner's digging for coal but the OBS director's choose not to include them in the TV coverage.

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The DVD extras could've been a helluva lot better and more extensive in London 2012 subjects. Only a few stuff?!

Did not know that at all too there were coal miners underground during Pandemonium, my favorite segment!

I hope to buy the DVD set in time for Christmas, when I aim to finally buy a Blu-ray DVD player. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

PS: The BBC Olympic DVD promo RobH uploaded is blocked here in the US.

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Looking forward to hearing all that when I get my hands on my copy...

That excitable and entertaining BBC Olympic athletics studio crew was at it again. This time it's over 100m winner Usain Bolt, whom Colin Jackson calls him here as "The Big Man" and "Whatshisname" for he is well taller than many of the world-class sprinters. Isn't Jackson Welsh? Is he of Jamaican heritage too?

Wherever Ryan Seacrest, working for NBC in London, sees a broadcast he likes, he wants to be in it. Regardless of the amount of prominence he'll get. This is one such example when you see him looking over at the BBC Olympic duo of Gary Lineker and Hazel Irvine at the end of the BBC's Olympic broadcast with the Closing Ceremony just ended as the two wished it all didn't had to end. It's called video-bombing.

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An update, the Blu-ray version of the DVD is Region B. Not region-free as previously reported by me.

Enrique Garcia Gonzalez made an entry for the Amazon.co.uk reviews toward the BBC 2012 Olympic DVD set. He timed the duration of sports that get coverage, totalling almost 7 hours and 20 minutes. Of course with this being Team GB-centric and centers on the British medal stories, plenty of sports that Britian was not much of an Olympic contender will get serious short shrift. Some sports no coverage at all. For example, I get that Britain is not a big basketball power. But given that NBA stars are worldwide-known and that basketball is a big worldwide sport, better coverage to that would enhanced it even if both Team GB teams weren;t medal contenders. This is one of the reasons why I liked CTV's Vancouver 2010 DVD sets (I still haven't got them), they grant focus on all of the host Canadian Olympics and interview them regardless of the sport. I wish the BBC would've done that for its. An extra hour would've been nice to fully spread it.

Duration Sport

1:11:34 Running
1:08:11 Cycling
0:38:30 Equestrian
0:37:35 Swimming
0:33:48 Box
0:27:33 Men's Gymnastics Artistic
0:27:11 Rowing
0:26:15 Lost Time without Sports
0:18:53 Tennis
0:15:30 Football
0:11:57 Women's Heptathlon
0:11:43 Sailing
0:09:39 Taekwondo
0:07:27 Turbulence Rowing
0:07:05 Long Jump
0:06:54 Hockey
0:04:36 Triathlon
0:04:17 Diving
0:03:48 Modern Pentathlon
0:03:21 Judo
0:02:31 Women's Gymnastics Artistic Why so little ???
0:01:55 Shooting
0:01:46 Beach Volleyball
0:01:37 High Jump
0:01:10 Basket
0:00:56 Table Tennis
0:00:54 Discus Throw
0:00:46 Handball
0:00:00 Gymnastics Rhytmic Why nothing ???
0:00:00 Pole Vault Why nothing ???
0:00:00 Synchronized Swimming Why nothing ???
0:00:00 Trampoline Why nothing ???
0:00:00 Volleyball Why nothing ???

7:27:22 TOTAL


There exists also some other misses onto this set IMO, like the lack of more bonus material (torch relay review needed its own special feature). But I'll get to that.

As far as the interactive menus, was Elbow's First Steps used as the soundtrack music like here for the BBC Sport Olympic TV channels on Sky?


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Superstars returns for one-off Olympic special

Olympic gold medallists Mo Farah, Nicola Adams, Alistair Brownlee and Katherine Grainger compete in a special edition of Superstars on Saturday.

The 90-minute programme, which will be shown on BBC One at 18:45 GMT, features 16 Olympians, 10 of them gold medallists from London 2012.

Split into two groups, the eight men and eight women will compete in eight different disciplines.

Gabby Logan hosts the relaunch of the classic 1970s show.

The eight disciplines include 100m and 800m on the track, a javelin competition, a 50m race in the swimming pool and an archery event.

The contestants will also tackle a kayak race and use their cycling skills in a hill climb before a grand finale of gruelling gym tests.

Former Olympians Denise Lewis and Iwan Thomas will provide their views as pundits, while London 2012 bronze medallist Rebecca Adlington will act as a mentor to all the athletes in the swimming event.



Classic 1976 clip:

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BBC Sport counts down the 50 most watched Olympic views on its website from 2012. Starting from 50-21. Many I'm sure are on the BBC Olympic DVD set. The top 20 will be made known Sunday. I got an idea which ones they may be...


I just attempted to get into the BBC's Olympic videos since ours at NBC and now even the CTV-led Consortium are now gone. But no dice. :(

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I was under the impression and knowledge here on these boards that the BBC was going to keep them on until the middle of this summer. Territorial restrictions killed my chances anyway even with NBC pulled theirs :(

Outside of the networks in the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium that had their Olympic footage shown online too in their channels--CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, OLN, RDS, RDS2, V, OMNI, and ATN, all of the other events shown exclusively online fell under the IOC's world feed from OBSL.

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I was under the impression and knowledge here on these boards that the BBC was going to keep them on until the middle of this summer.

Roger Mosey, BBC's London2012 producer & main man made it clear last summer that the complete sessions (were available here: would available until January 13. Pretty sure he said this in his blogs. He certainly said it on Twitter feed.

However, for the moment, all their clips, highlights & montages are STILL available, certainly in the UK.

For example, here is the Athletics page http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/sports/athletics/events - click on any of the events links and all the video will play. To navigate to other sports, look at the "Olympic Sports" drop-down on the yellow menu bar in the top-right corner (do NOT choose the black More Sports)

Another example: the finish of the Mens Mountain Bike : http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/19235054#asset

I tweeted BBC's Stuart Rowson how long this stuff would be available for ... no response as yet.

I recently asked (tweeted) the BBC Radio FiveLive people why their commentary clips were unavailable, when they had the rights to host them until end of January. They have kindly re-instated them if anyone is interested. Here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00w6dxr



Twitter @volshy

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Thanks John for that. I had some confusion as to when the BBC Olympic footage would continue for. Or forgetfulness. Too bad the BBC Radio Five Live media can't be listened to here in the USA as well.

How many of you British residents have recorded any of the BBC Olympic stuff from online and TV? I'd be interested if I ever got a shot to see lot of that and possibly make a BBC version.

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I think many people recorded BBC's output during the Games. Certainly the proliferation of hard-drive recorders has now made it much easy to record many many hours worth. I recorded each evening's Olympic Tonight (Gabby Logan) & Olympics 2012 (Jake Humphreys, Gary Lineker, Dan Walker etc). Archiving it, eg to DVD is a different matter.

Recording the online stuff is not trivial but doable. But of course, if you are one of those who knows how to find & download this stuff then getting hold of BBC's output should be quite easy. From my limited understanding of these matters, there's a veritable torrent of this stuff available. Ahem.

As for Five Live's output, I've been able to record a lot of their programmes, montages, clips etc using stuff like Goldwave or AudaCity for example.

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For those who have missed it here is BBC Radio Five Live's wonderful Olympic Soundtrack:


A superb listen. Great memories.

Would like to listen to this, but it doesnt work for me... Maybe those living outside of Britain are unable to access?

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