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London or Britain Olympic bid after 2012

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For obvious reasons, I don't think Britain will get to host again for at least 50 years. However, if the IOC continues the historical pattern of staging the Summer Games in Europe every 8 to 12 years, there really aren't a large number of capable or likely hosts over the next 20+ years.

Given the size and scope of the Summer Games, these are probably the only countries and cities that are truly capable of hosting:

Great Britain--London; maybe Manchester or Glasgow, but it would be a stretch for both


Spain--Madrid, Barcelona

Germany--Berlin, Munich

Italy--Rome, maybe Milan

Russia--Moscow, St. Petersburg


Out of these countries/cities, Russia is not likely to get a Summer Games until at least the 2030s due to Sochi. If Munich gets 2022, that will rule out a German Summer Games until at least the 40s as well. Italy and Spain have significant economic problems that would make it very difficult for them to host. Italy pulled out of 2020, and if Madrid doesn't get 2020, I can't see them bidding again for a while. Same with Istanbul if they don't get 2020.

There are some smaller European countries that might have a shot in the future if their economies improve and the cost of future Games doesn't skyrocket. Among those cities would be Prague and Budapest, and possibly Amsterdam and Stockholm. I think it would be a huge burden for any of those cities and countries to shoulder the cost of the Summer Games, though.

If Britain's economy remains stronger than the rest of Europe's, I could see a scenario in which they get another Games in the late 40s or early 50s. If the Eurocentric IOC insists on returning to Europe every 8-12 years, there may not be many other interested and viable hosts. If Tokyo gets 2020, though, I think it's at least somewhat likely that Europe may not get another Summer Games until 2028.

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Asking when a country can apply next is part of the post Olympic depression. Very usual phenomenon. I think we can find a similar thread for the US or Canada after SLC or Vancouver.

I'd like to see it back in Europe (England, Spain or to a lesser extent, Benelux) before anywhere else. Australia won't be interested for a very long time, even if 2022 to pop up again. I think we'r

It would appear you have never been to Newcastle

It could even be longer than 60 years before the Games logically make a return to the UK. In the 64 years between London 1948 and London 2012, the Olympics were hosted in 6 different European cities and countries. Europe has a lot of cities and a lot of countries and while not all of them are monster global cities, there are a lot of them with great resources and infrastructure. So the next 6 or 7 times the Games come back to Europe might not necessarily favour the UK.

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A British Games ...... well there could be a WINTER Olympics come 2030 in Glasgow / Ben Nevis.

Before people laugh, lets think of the criteria.

1. A mountain with a vertical of over 800m. Well Scotland's oldest ski resort at Glencoe has a vertical of 803m. 11% of the resorts runs are described as advanced. And Scotland share's a characteristic of Norway's mountains in that a number close to the coast have a very high prominence and therefore potential vertical. Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain at 1,341m, has a prominence of 1,341m. There is another smaller vertical of about 600m in the Nevis Range.

2. at around 120km is Glasgow, host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and a number of indoor arenas. Fort William is under 50km up the glen and could serve as a secondary village site. A temporary bob run could be built in the area, or a permanent sliding track, as well as ski jumping facilities. Whilst the UK has no history of ski jumping, if you don't have the facilities, it is difficult to develop the athletes. Possible arenas in Glasgow include:

- the SECC Hall 4 -

- this has 10,065 sqm of space. It can be increased to 19265 sq metres by removing the partitions between Hall 3 and Hall 5. Dimensions for Hall 4 alone are 112m x 81m ..A potential spped skating location?

- The Hydro - 12,000 seats

- The National Indoor Sports Arena - 5,000 seats

- Braehead Arena - 4,000 seats

- Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena

and opening ceremony at Celtic Park (60,000 seats), Hampden Park (52,000 seats) or Ibrox (50,500 seats)

3. As well as having decent rail and air connections from London, Glasgow has an international airport in its own right.

Unlikely, but physically possible.

As much as I really would like that to happen I think Scotland probably needs to get quite a bit colder and a little bit peakier first.

As for the summer games - London's best chance is probably as a last minute replacement for a city that for some reason couldn't do it - or in the aftermath of another World War. I think it's more the fact it would be the 4th time they hosted than the time since they last hosted that would be a factor, and though I'd like to think Manchester or Birmingham could host the games, even back in the 1990s it was pretty much assumed they weren't big enough and unless another smaller city gets the games first I can't see them being allowed to even put a bid forward.

Obviously though London's best chance of getting the games again is to actually bid for them. Now we don't want to be gready and go for them too soon, but I'd like to think we'd be considering bidding again for the 2040 - 2048 games, which certainly is in the next generation and IMO far enough removed from 2012 to at least have a chance of getting the nod. And I hope I have another 50-60 years in me, so would get to see them again.

I guess the big problem is over the next 30-40 years Europe will probably only host 3-4 games, so France, Italy, Spain and Germany all have a bigger claim to get them first - and arguably perhaps along with Russia and Turkey they're the only countries now in Europe which have cities big enough to stage the games.

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As much as I really would like that to happen I think Scotland probably needs to get quite a bit colder and a little bit peakier first.

I don't know about that - I've driven there in snow in mid May :)

Interestingly the biggest vertical in Norway of over 1000m in Norefjell which could be used for an Oslo Olympics but has an overall height of 1600m

Ben Nevis has a height of 1344m, and a prominence of 1344m so there is possible to find the necessary vertical drops required.

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Britain making another successful bid for the Summer or Winter Olympics in the next 25-30 years is a fanciful notion. It's quite simply the turn of the rest of the world, as many countries now want a piece of the Olympic action.

I'd like to see London host for a fourth time one day, but that ain't happening till most of us have grey hairs.

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I guess the big problem is over the next 30-40 years Europe will probably only host 3-4 games, so France, Italy, Spain and Germany all have a bigger claim to get them first - and arguably perhaps along with Russia and Turkey they're the only countries now in Europe which have cities big enough to stage the games.

I agree with your analysis. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that a Spanish bid is not materializing for the foreseeable future, due to the aftershock of the economic crisis. Madrid's 2020 is likely to fail for that reason, if they don't have the wisdom to withdraw now. In this context, I really doubt that the Evaluation Commission would find a lot of enthusiastic support amongst Madrilenos for the Games in these dire circumstances. I doubt Italy hosting for the very same reason, even though Rome is an iconic city. However, Turin proved the rather lacklustre enthusiasm of the Italians for the Olympics.

Germany has not hosted a Summer Games for 40 years and a winter edition for 80 years. Our country is mentally not ready for the Games yet. But by the 2020s, we will hopefully have the strategic acumen, passion and organizational skill to host the Summer Games. But it will have to be a city like Hamburg or Munich that would be cosmopolitan without being megalomaniac. There's resentment in Germany about Berlin as a candidate, for a number of reasons that hark back to the heady days of reunification. Plus, by all accounts, Berlin is broke, while Hamburg and Munich prosper. Public support within Berlin also doesn't exist.

Germans just need to know when to pick "their" time. They have mounted a number of no-chance-in-hell bids (Berchtesgarden 1992, anyone?) or incompetent efforts (Berlin 2000 that rightly lost against Sydney). I just think Germany shouldn't bid before 2028 or 2032. Of course, they could bid earlier and win, should the economic realities in Europe make a French bid impossible for 2024.

Concerning France, well, 2024 is Paris' to lose. It's quite simply time for the Grande Nation.

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Guys, looks - there are some things that just shouldn't be joked about. Newcastle hosting the Summer Olympics is one of them.

Agreed. It makes a mockery of these 'threads' and probably stops the causal guest from bothering to register and offering their opinions

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Jacques Rogge would welcome another London Olympic bid

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge has said London could stage the Olympics again in the next 20 years.

The games of London 2012 were widely regarded as a huge success.

And when asked if the games could return to the English capital Rogge told BBC Radio 5 live: "Whether there is a will to do that is another matter, but definitely, that would be possible.

"The IOC welcome good bids irrespective of the place they originate from."

Rogge added: "There will always be a competition between various candidate cities. This is a contest and definitely it remains to be seen whether London would show an interest to bid again, and if that is the case London will have to face other cities.

"I would welcome good bids emanating from as many countries as possible and this includes the United Kingdom."

Rogge also backed the British government to make a success of the Olympic Stadium.

"My view is that what we really need is to ensure that [the Stadium] can be used by communities and not be left as a white elephant and I'm quite sure that my British friends will find a solution for sustainable legacy," he said.

West Ham United are one of four bidders under consideration to lease the £486m stadium and Rogge would have no problem it being used as a football venue.

Rogge added: "As long as the track can be kept, that is the most important thing in terms of legacy for the athletics, But if a football team would come in the stadium, this would guarantee sustainable development."


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Ever the diplomat, our Jacques. But since he's leaving office next year, I'm not really sure how much credence we can give to any encouragement for London to apply again. It's the turn of other European countries, let alone the Asian and African giants that are waiting in the wings. Oh, and frankly, I'd quite like an Olympics in Germany, Canada, India and Australia/New Zealand sometime in my lifetime...there, I said it!

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