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Well, it is quite humiliating that North Korea (which Kim Jong-Un is the real winner of the Olympic medals here) has more gold and overall medals than Canada at the moment. Besides, if that is true, get ready for an international sporting Cold War Part 2.

North Korea has more then Australia, Brazil, Japan and other good countries. It'll change though

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I really have no information to cast an opinion about this...

I hope she is not. It's always sad to have drugged athletes, no matter the country.

Yeah i don't know anywhere good on her if she didn't so young and the Lithuanian as well 15!. think of it this way they've only experience 3 summer Olympics in there lifetime and she already has won a medal at the 4th lol. I wonder if she versed anyone that participated before she was born HA HA

Is it already proved?

No they haven't proved it just heaps of articles about it cause an american official or something said it was impossible

heres one article http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/london-olympics/chinese-schoolgirl-shiwen-ye-swimming-faster-than-men/story-fn9dirj0-1226438946789

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Now I read the news about.

One thing I must say: American coach has nothing to do with Chinese athlete...

If she is or she isn't dopped, it's a matter for Anti-Doping Agency...

How deselegant from him...

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