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Judo at the 2012 Summer Olympics

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Today, 6 Olympic medals are up for grabs, as the men (60 kg) and the women (48 kg) are in the running. Medals will be handed out, in various events, every day until August 3.

Link: http://www.london2012.com/judo/schedule-and-results/day=28-july/all-day.html


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women 48K

Gold - Menezes (Brazil)

Silver - Dumitru (Romania)

Bronze - Van Snick (Belgium) and Sernoviczki (Hungary)

Men 60K

Gold - Galstyan (Russia)

Silver - Hiraoka (Japan)

Bronze - Kitadai (Brazil) and Sobirov (Uzbekistan)

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Congratulations Brazil, I saw the combat and I can see that Brazil's sport is better than before, I can only inagine that in Rio they will be better...

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I wake up just now and got a HUGE SURPRISE!!!

hahahahaha, Brazil is first in medal table (ok, for few hours), but it's funny at all!!!

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No doubts, Felipe!!!

It seems all my highlights will be about Brazil this way... :rolleyes:

I was sure London would make Brazil be not a support role this time... British really enjoy our country... (at least mostly of them).

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Men 66K

Gold - Shavdatuashvili (Georgia)

Silver - Ungvali (Hungary)

Bronzer - Ebinuma (japan) and Cho (South Korea)

Women 52K

Gold - An (North Korea)

Silver - Bermoy Acosta (Cuba)

Bronze - Forcini (Italy) and Gneto (France)

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Women 57K

Gold - Matsumoto (Japan)

Silver - Caprioriu (Romania)

Bronze - Malloy (USA) and Pavia (France)

Men 73K

Gold - Isaev (Russia)

Silver - Nakaya (Japan)

Bronze - Sainjargal (Mongolia) and Legrand (France)

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Female Saudi judo fighter cleared to compete wearing form of headscarf

A female judo fighter from Saudi Arabia will be allowed to compete in the Olympics wearing a form of headscarf after a compromise was reached that respects the “cultural sensitivity” of the Muslim kingdom.

Judo officials had previously said they would not let Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani compete in a headscarf because it was against the principles of the sport and raised safety concerns.

But an agreement was reached after several days of IOC-brokered talks between the International Judo Federation and the Saudi Olympic Committee that clears the way for her to compete Friday in the heavyweight division.



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Women 63K

Gold - Zolnir (Russia)

Silver - Xu (China)

Bronze - Ueno (Japan) and Emane (France)

Men 81K

Gold - Kim (South Korea)

Silver - Bischof (Germany)

Bronze - Valois-Frontier (Canada) and Nifontov (Russia)

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Men 90K

Gold- Song (South Korea)

Silver- Gonzalez (Cuba)

Bronze- Nishiyama (Japan) and Iliadis (Greece)

Women 70K

Gold- Decosse (France)

Silver- Thiele (Germany)

Bronze- Bosch (Netherlands) and Alvear (Colombia)

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Men 100K

Gold- Khaibulae (Russia)

Silver- Naidan (Mongolia)

Bronze- Peters (Germany) and Grol (Netherlands)

Women 76 K

Gold- Harrison (USA)

Silver- Gibbons (Great Britain)

Bronze- Tcheumeo (France) and Aguiar (Brazil)

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August 3 highlights the final day of judo competition. On this day, the men's +100 kg and the women's +78 kg categories conclude the sport's Olympic schedule.

Link: http://www.london2012.com/judo/schedule-and-results/day=3-august/all-day.html


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Saudi Arabia's judoka strikes blow for women's rights at Olympics

Wojdan Shaherkani has become the first Saudi woman to compete at the Games in London


A 16-year-old girl who has never before competed in an international competition has struck a blow for gender equality, becoming the first woman ever to compete for Saudi Arabia at the Olympic Games.

The Saudi judo player Wojdan Shaherkani has been at the centre of an international storm over the inclusion of female athletes from the kingdom in the Games, with the country's ruling authorities seeking to block any women from competing.



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