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London 2012 Opening Ceremony - What did you think?


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  1. 1. What are your feelings on the Opening Ceremony?

    • It was fantastic, up there with the best if not the best!
    • It was really good, maybe not one of the best but London did it's self proud!
    • Was good, could have been better.
    • Meh, did not like it.
    • It was poor, was disappointed.
    • Was really bad, one of the worst iv seen.

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Pretty weak opening with the choirs and the weird Rugby cutaways. Would have preferred the Isles of Wonder speech to be the very first thing. That was dissapointing.

But that's really the only thing I didn't like.

The NHS/storytime segment was fun, probably the weakest of the segments overall but the giant Voldermort was brilliant and the girl in her bed was a little star being chased by the monsters.

The music segment was superb and I loved the twitter/text element to it as well.

Bean was funny and great to see two great conductors in our ceremony, one British.

The transformation to the Industrial revolution and the rings reveal were stunning. How clever to make such an abstract symbol so connected to our history by forging them out of steel!

And the cauldron was a triumph, what a beautiful thing Hetherwick has created for these Games!

Macca at the end could've done without but it was a sign-off, a little coda, and he didn't steal the show as some were worried he might.

It might not be on Beijing's scale, but i'm saying it was up there with the best because the tone was spot on.

Well done Boyle and well done Hetherwick, and well done to all the volunteers!

Getting a 9/10 from me, losing a point purely because of the weak opening.

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LOL Danny - didn't take you long to get the Brazilian highlights of the OC in your sig!

Yeah, 8.5/10

hahahaha, Youtube is faster than James Bond!!!

To pay some respect, I waited the end of the ceremony to upload it... rs rs

rs = LOL in English (sorry, it's the habit of typing)

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I would say this, I think this ceremony was made more for the enjoyment of the British people rather than the world which is fine, you guys paid for it but usually they are more centred around showing the world the culture, people, and lifestyle of the host nation. I think this is why to many international viewers it seemed odd and at times unreadable.

The NHS segment for one was a completely purposeless segment for anyone watching outside Britain, and I think that time could have been used far more wisely.

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It was amazing, not a bad word from anyone on Facebook or Twitter.

The opening scene with the industrial era was fantastic!

And the cauldron was the best ever.

Lots of #ProudToBeBritish on Twitter tonight.

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I won't give it a score or a ranking (because I don't think you can). I enjoyed it. It didn't blow my mind, but it was entertaining. It wasn't overly dramatic, but I liked that there was humour - I seriously burst out laughing at the idea of the Queen parachuting into the stadium (you'd never see China's president agree to that!) and Rowan Atkinson's Chariots of Fire bit. It might not be a 'forever' classic like Athens 2004, but it was very 'now' and very '2012' with all its smartphone and social media references. I think it did the job and was the perfect response to the 'how to top Beijing' question...you don't. You just be who you are. And this was Britain.

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If you'd told me 4 years ago , that in London the ceremony would contain a segment based around kids stories, the national health service, and smart phones/texting...... I would have thought you were pulling my cock.

Now, saying all that, I've given it a not the best but you did yourself proud.

THis would have been my ideal closing ceremony (with a few more music acts obviously), so as a piece of stadium theatre, it was great. Still not quite my ideal style of Opening ceremony, but it's still very good.

I think it will grow on people in the coming week.

I think my biggest complaint would have been that I would have liked to see abit more cohesive theming. They had the core theme, but I don't know how it related to everything that happened.

Still, Im watching a replay now, so it must have done something right.

Just downloaded the soundtrack too.

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My highlight was the sense of fun and lots of passion, moments of pure Heart & Soul.

The NHS sections was because DB is a huge fan of the NHS and wanted to say a huge thank you to them.

I truly believe it was a opening for everyone, you felt invited to join in and take part.

Best Bits: The change from rolling hills to satanic mills...lighting of the rings, Mr Bean & the Cauldron...absolutly beautiful...message was recieved loud & clear this was about the youth and to inspire a generation!!

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I really enjoyed the opening ceremony. A couple of the segments were quite long (almost too long) but it was full of British music and humour.

I really enjoyed the James Bond section and Mr Bean's appearance really had me laughing.There was some real humour in it and it had more soul than Beijing four years ago.

The lighting effects inside the stadium were brilliant as well. The use of the shells that each NOC marched into and will take back to their homeland as the cauldron was unique and very cool. I liked the idea of those athletes from the next generation lighting it as well. Ínspire a generation!

The New Zealanders looked really good and Nick Willis flag bearere did us proud.

It wasnt perfect, but what is? It was certainly more geared for the television audience

Overall I enjoyed it and wish I could have been there to fill one of the many empty seats.


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