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Football at the 2012 Summer Olympics

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Just like the women's tournament yesterday, the men conclude their group matches on August 1. With that, some of teams will qualify for the knock-off stages later on.

Group A:

- Senegal vs. United Arab Emirates (@ Coventry) @ 19:45 BST;

- Great Britain vs. Uruguay (@ Cardiff) @ 19:45 BST.

Group B:

- Mexico vs. Switzerland (@ Cardiff) @ 17:00 BST;

- South Korea vs. Gabon (@ Wembley Stadium) @ 17:00 BST.

Group C:

- Brazil vs. New Zealand (@ Newcastle) @ 14:30 BST;

- Egypt vs. Belarus (@ Glasgow) @ 14:30 BST.

Group D:

- Japan vs. Honduras (@ Coventry) @ 17:00 BST;

- Spain vs. Morocco (@ Manchester) @ 17:00 BST.

Link: http://www.london2012.com/football/schedule-and-results/day=1-august/all-day.html


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So I will see Mexiko again on next saturday.

This will be the 4th time I´ll watch a international football match with Mexiko.

Confed-Cup 2005 against Japan

World Cup 2006 against Angola

Women World Cup against England


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The Team GB men's football quarter final against South Korea in Cardiff on Saturday has sold out.

Around 70,000 will fill the Millennium Stadium for the second Olympic match in a row following GB's 1-0 win over Uruguay on Wednesday.

The football has led to a carnival atmosphere in the city since the GB women's team opened the entire Games last Friday.



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After a day's break, the football tournaments continue. This time, for August 3, the women's tournament is in the quarterfinal stage. Of course, the winners move on to the semifinals.

- Sweden vs. France (@ Glasgow) @ 12:00 BST;

- United States vs. New Zealand (@ Newcastle) @ 14:30 BST;

- Brazil vs. Japan (@ Cardiff) @ 17:00 BST;

- Great Britain vs. Canada (@ Coventry) @ 19:30 BST.

Link: http://www.london2012.com/football/schedule-and-results/day=3-august/all-day.html


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Surprisingly...NZ is holding off USA in the womans semi...although it's tantilisingly close to scoring for the USA.

...Whoops spoke to soon...USA 1 - NZ 0

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Today (August 4) sees that these mens' teams in the quarterfinal stage. Winners move on to the semifinals.

- Japan vs. Egypt (@ Manchester) @ 12:00 BST;

- Mexico vs. Senegal (@ Wembley Stadium) @ 14:30 BST;

- Brazil vs. Honduras (@ Newcastle) @ 17:00 BST; and,

- Great Britain vs. South Korea (@ Cardiff) @ 19:30 BST.

Link: http://www.london2012.com/football/schedule-and-results/day=4-august/all-day.html


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England can never win on penalties. Can Great Britain do it?

Terrible penalty. Looks like GB will lose.

And Great Britain loses in the quarterfinals. On penalties. What else is new?

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