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Rio 2016 Look of the Games

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Is that museum a Calatrava creation? It certainly looks like it - very impressive if it is, that you managed to get it built in time. Calatrava buildings nearly always go drastically over time or budget, or most often, both.






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Final designs for medal presenters' uniforms revealed

By Rio 2016 31/07/2016 16H41

The uniforms by carioca designer Andrea Marques were tested under indoor and outdoor lighting conditions

Final designs for medal presenters' uniforms revealed

Carioca style: the uniforms reflect the Rio 2016 aesthetic, inspired by the host city's natural beauty (Photo: Rio 2016/Tiago Petrik)

Following extensive testing under diverse lighting situations, Rio 2016 has revealed the final version of the medal presenters' uniforms. As the 37 different venues all have slightly different lighting conditions across more than 300 medal ceremonies, adjustments to the original designs have been part of an ongoing process. 

Designed by Andrea Marques, the suits, shirts and dresses feature a discrete, light palette of colours, ensuring that all eyes remain focused on the stars of the medal ceremonies: the Rio 2016 athletes. In contrast to an earlier version of the uniforms, the final designs emphasise white and yellow, moving away from the orange and green previously used.

Traditional, popular or cool... Rio 2016 to have three styles of medal ceremonies


(Photo: Rio 2016/Tiago Petrik)

The medal presenters' shirts and dresses feature a floral motif, a reference to a concept of tropical elegance. 

Cotton, a traditional Brazilian clothing material, was used to provide the wearers with a light feel, perfectly suited to the carioca climate.


(Photo: Rio 2016/Tiago Petrik)




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