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Rio 2016 Look of the Games

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Rio 2016™ launches a font inspired by the logo and begins to build the visual identity of the Games

The Rio 2016™ Organising Committee for the Olympic ad Paralympic Games launched this Monday, in London, the bespoke font, which will be used for key messages of the Games. Its creation was inspired by the letters and figures of the Rio 2016™ logo and the essence of the Games: passion and transformation, which unites the Olympic and Paralympic brands.

A total of 23 studies were created, over 8 months’ work, until all 5448 characters were perfected. The brand concepts of Rio 2016™ needed to be present in the design of every accent and the shape of every ligature.

The Branding Director of the Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee, Beth Lula, underscores that the creation of the Rio 2016 font is an important legacy of the Games: “The creation of a proprietary font will perpetuate the brands and the essence of the Games, in addition to being a very valuable addition to Brazilian design”, she says.

Get to know the font of the Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games!


The typographic concept was designed by the Brazilian team of Dalton Maag, one of the world's largest font design companies, which worked together with their London studio during the font engineering stage. Brazilian consultant Gustavo Soares, typography expert, was hired to be the a technical interface between the Rio 2016™ Design team and Dalton Maag Brazil.01.jpg

A closer look at the city of Rio de Janeiro also inspired the group. The sidewalk of Copacabana is present in the letters 'm' and 'n', and the letter 'r' resembles the Rock of Gávea. The letters are drawn with a single continuous stroke, in an agile and fluid motion, suggesting the athlete's movements. At the same time, the variety present in the curves of the letterforms evokes the landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

Fabio Haag, Creative Director at Dalton Maag, highlights the legacy aspect for the Brazilian design market: "As a Brazilian typophile, designing the Rio 2016™ font was a dream job. This is a milestone for the design scene in Brazil – it's a great example of how type designers can collaborate with graphic designers, sharing their expertise to strengthen an identity", explains.

The greatest legacy of the this project is the proof that a bespoke font is hugely important for a brand. It is capable of strengthening any design project by amplifying its concept in every written word. For the font development, the Rio 2016™ team invested in Brazilian design through a rich process of collaboration, which can be taken as a blueprint for future projects of this nature in Brazil. With the creation of the font, the personality condensed in the Rio 2016™ logo is now present throughout all visual communication of the Games.


Rio 2016

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London's font looks great in all the venues, I just love how bold it looks. I wish the logo was used more, seems to be in hiding a bit.

The Rio font is nice however I wish it was more ambitious, we'll have to see how the look builds. So excited to see what happens. So far Rio feels very safe.

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I do like London look of the games... But font - never, sorry.

The London logo works amazingly as a brand, I got used to like it, also not my favorite...

Sometimes the play-safe thing works better.

Rio is doing things well, maybe not the best ever, but in the average, which, for me, is great.

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Im really liking the London font I gotta say, it's holding its own really well in the venues, and I think we are now at a stage where part of the look must incorporate something that will work as a wordmark. Sydney and Beijing had it covered, so will London and Rio.

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I'm loving the London font, I hated it at first. It's so sharp and eye-catching. It demands your attention.

Rio's font is nice, but it is safe and risks looking like it's a Games from a different era (ie/ it looks like it could have been the font for Barcelona 1992 or Sydney 2000). But overall I'm impressed with the way Rio is going. Brazil and the Olympic Games are such a good fit for the Olympic movement. Thank god we won't be served Japanese or American pageantry at the London closing.

Looks like Toronto's colours as well for 2015 nice way to associate both events.

Confused, I just had to look up what exactly Toronto 2015 is, and it looks nothing at all like Rio 2016. They are both completely different events, if every sense imaginable. Toronto 2015 font looks like it was chalked up on Microsoft Paintbrush.

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Danny, that's a bit obnoxious.

They are totally different. Both are fine. Personally, I think London's font is a bit more distinctive.

Sorry, my opinion...

As graphics designer I'll never like these rounded "O"s in a squared font... And worse the zeros are squared...

Ok, it's different, it really says "London 2012" to me, but I have the right of thinking this font looks like some children made it in paintbrush...

Look, professional designers have similar opinions...




British being defensive here... Funny, Brazilians were always pointed as the biggest defensive posters here...

I gotta say: I LOVE the gymsnastic arena look. The jarring pink color is really vibrant and different. I hope Rio can do something like that in 2016.

I wouldn't expect much pink in Rio 2016...

Wait for some "greens, blues, cyans, yellows, oranges" - very tropical beach colors...

Brazilians are not huge fans of pinks-magenta-red colours....

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British being defensive here... Funny, Brazilians were always pointed as the biggest defensive posters here...

First, I'm not British. I live in California.

Second, the Brits are advocating for their point of view, which is totally understandable. They are in the midst of the Games and they want to enjoy them. They don't want anything negative to ruin their experience. I can understand that. For those of us who aren't in London, it's easier to offer a more detached evaluation. If the Games were happening here in LA, I wouldn't want to read anything negative about them -- even if it was true. I would want to just enjoy the moment. So I can't really blame the Brits.

Danny, I have to say that you still outdo all the Brits in your excessive eagerness to campaign for Rio's superiority.

By the way, Danny, not a single Brit has disagreed with your statement about Rio's font.

Those of us who took issue were:

me (USA)

mattygs (New Zealand)

greenandblue (Australia)

menegazfelipe (Brazil)

NY20?? (USA)

So your comment about British defensiveness doesn't really make any sense.

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