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GamesBids' London 2012 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Liked the cauldron, the meaning, everything!!!

But will the cauldron be placed in the middle of the stadium???

And the competitions?

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Predictable London

Looking at the ticket design; how about many 'spindles' which are lit by dozens of torch bearers all converging on the structure at the same time. Then, once they're all lit, the 'spindles' mechanically all merge into one cauldron as the final torch bearers back away from it. The cauldron structure itself seems to be alive and taking the flames from all the torch bearers and creating one cauldron once it has been "fed".

That's my mad guess anyway. Like a giant set of rain chimes, but with lots more spindles....perhaps the torch bearers could fly in above it, lighting each 'spindle' before they mechanically converge forming one flame....


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Congrats London for nice and beautiful ceremony.

8.5 out of 10

I really enjoyed parts of it (specially Mr Bean, Music part, Industrial Revolution, the rings and Brazilian children in Buckingham - thirlling moment), but not my favorite, sorry!

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