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GamesBids' London 2012 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Ok maybe the signs with each nation on it should be in the London 2012 font but they are only the signs.

The music seems to be making them walk fast which is good.

The flags and petals seem to be gathering on the hill.

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Soooo this has been the Closing Ceremony , when do we get to the Opening????

Loving the show as a show, but this is (and I hate sounding like a teenage girl) soooo random.

I was waiting for an epic end to the *cultural show* - something that screamed *LONDON*, but we got a man sitting at a desk infront of a pc.

Yeah, all the segments are fantastic in their own right, but they have picked stuff from everywhere.

I've loved all the incidental moments, the parts that remind me why I view London as the Greatest City in the World and why I loved my time there so much, but Im not so sure.

You can definitely tell it's a ceremony designed by a film director.

The stadium looks stunning in *blue mode* , the design work is fantastic.

Liking the nice twist they have got for most of the dancing , it's not kitch but quite cool (like the men in top hat movements).

Beautiful depiction of the rings, but quite a low key start to the ceremony,

Nice Athens feel to the athletes march.

Agree Mattygs...Too random, didn't flow...had some funny bits but the parade of nations isn't buzzing...even Manchester 2002 CWGs were better!

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this makes me cant wait for Glasgow 014 - like the handover segments we are so gona trump London

Will you please f-ng quit! This is YOUR country as much as it is mine. Anyone would thing you HATED us. I tell you now - I am gong to give you so much crap during Gasgow opening ceremony. It will be so mcuh fun!

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I bet the English members here will declare it the best opening ceremony ever :P

I dont think anyone would be so blinded by patriotism. This may not even surpass some commonwealth or winter openings for me.

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